Sony has already won...

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#151 Posted by kuraimen (28078 posts) -
Why does the fact that Sony already won pisses lems so much? You win some and you lose some or, if you're a Lem, you just lose but they should be used to it by now.
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#152 Posted by UnnDunn (3518 posts) -

Microsoft will win next-gen.

Why? Because it has a beter ecosystem than Sony. And Microsoft makes better strategic moves.

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#153 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (28915 posts) -

Microshaft aint got anything left. Their number 1 system selling franchise Halo that they have been using as a crutch since 2001 is losing popularity. It simply isn't the household name that it used to be. Micropuff has to try something new or pretty much accept defeat because there is no way they're going to be able to continue competing with Sony's first party studios.

That's what happens when you give one of the most important franchises in the industry to a second-rate developer.

dont be pissy that you suck at halo 4.
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#154 Posted by APiranhaAteMyVa (3747 posts) -
I wouldn't count out the WiiU, but this gen Microsoft had the best chance they will ever get and still couldn't outsell PS3. 1 year head start, much cheaper price tag (compared to PS3), great third party support and excellent online platform from the start were all in the favour of the 360. It won't be the case this gen, so there isn't all that much it can offer to beat Playstation. Windows 8 phone and Windows 8 itself isn't being received all that well by the public, so even going down some cross platform Windows 8 route might not win them many fans. Halo is hardly going to do it by itself, and without Epic, Lionhead and Rare who is making exclusive games?
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#155 Posted by delta3074 (19933 posts) -



Agreed, PS4 seems will be much better


1. better hardware Proof or it didn't happen

2. better multipltforms Never happened with PS3 what makes you think that?

3. better indie development support (by miles) Xbox had more indie support than PS3.

4. better JRPGs Lost Odyssey>>>>>>>>>>>all

5. free online maybe

6. real exclusives that wont be on PC in a few weeks after xbox release what?

. Overall: You've been a fakeboy the entire time. Get rid of your lemming sash and leave the land of lemmings.

Seems like every single thing that was an advantage to xbox this generation, will be a huge advantage to PS4 next gen


PS4 will have better multiplats because it easy to develop games for and will be a bit more powerful than 720. Also it will likely sell more and 3rd party developers will dump M$ quick

Baseless assumptions and speculation from both of you, Nobody knows what the final harware specs for either console are, the 360 was supposed to be less powerful than the Ps3 yet multiplats where better which blows your massive assumption that better hardware equals better multiplats, you forget that Microsoft has better API's than SONY for running hardware and are better at operating systems.
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#156 Posted by Shinobi120 (5597 posts) -

  • Built in Kinect
  • More marketing $
  • People will go from 360 --> 720 for XBL alone
  • They're making not losing money this time

Saying that, Sony would outsell them in a same price/same launch time scenario. PS is still a bigger name than Xbox.


Very true, especially in Europe (in which it's largely "Playstation land") & probably Japan (where the Xbox brand is irrelevant, anyway).

If for any reason that MS ever loses the UK & especially the U.S., then they're in deep trouble.

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#157 Posted by Jankarcop (11056 posts) -


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#158 Posted by Rahnyc4 (6657 posts) -
i see third place sony sony is garbage. ps4 is going to be in the same position as vita.
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#159 Posted by BPoole96 (22817 posts) -

[QUOTE="Heil68"]The only console I'm truly excited about. blue_hazy_basic

The only console I really care about is when i press the "~" button :P

(wonder how many peeps understand that?)

player.additem 010005467 "+1" :P