Sony expects to sell 5 million units by April 2014.

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Sony believes it will ship 5 million units of the PlayStation 4 by the end of its 2013 fiscal year — March 31, 2014 — and the company explained its reasoning during an investor call this morning, as transcribed by Seeking Alpha.

Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, initially stated that forecast during the Tokyo Game Show last month. When asked to elaborate on that number during today’s investor call, which focused on the fiscal report for the second quarter of Sony’s 2013 fiscal year, a Sony executive listed two main factors in the company’s expectation.

“One measure of our confidence is in the pre-orders that we have received from the consumers,” said Masaru Kato, Sony’s chief financial officer. “Compared to past platforms, the pre-orders that we have received for this new platform is much, much, much higher.” Earlier this year, during Gamescom in August, House said that PS4 pre-orders had hit 1 million consoles worldwide. Now are preorders are fucking huge mother fucker.

Kato also touted the PS4′s third-party support at launch and beyond, while acknowledging that it hasn’t been there in the past. "Microsoft can eat a fucking dick"

“Sometimes, when we launch a new platform, the software catalog is not sufficient, or after the launch, sometimes, you don’t have good titles following the launch,” said Kato. “But this year, on a comparative basis, I think we have a much more stronger lineup of software coming. Naughty Gods will save us."

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It's possible. The pre-order demand seems to be rather high, and they'll want to restock stores quickly.

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Uhm, no. Maybe by the summer.

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Yeahh it will.. They are doing really great

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It's possible, but I doubt it will happen. Two or three million seems a little more reasonable.

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@majesticshea: The PS4 would sell more in 5 months that the wii ewww in 2

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@TheKingIAm said:

@majesticshea: The PS4 would sell more in 5 months that the wii ewww in 10

fixed for accuracy.

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I can see it happening. Not saying it will, but it is very possible.

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@majesticshea said:

@TheKingIAm said:

@majesticshea: The PS4 would sell more in 5 months that the wii ewww in 10

fixed for accuracy.

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@majesticshea said:

@TheKingIAm said:

@majesticshea: The PS4 would sell more in 5 months that the wii ewww in 10

fixed for accuracy.


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Definitely plausible. If anything is certain though, it's that Wii U will be shunned and forgotten once actual next gen consoles are out

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very reasonable

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@majesticshea said:
"Microsoft is eating a fucking infinite dick"


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I highly doubt it'll happen, I expect the new consoles to follow the WII U example sell well initially then falter and under perform compared to last GEN.

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I expect 5-6 million PS4s. 2-3 million for Xone. People saying they'll sell the same seem to forget that PS3 had a hard time selling at 500 bucks coming off the success of the mighty PS2. It wasn't until they hit 400 bucks that PS3 started to outsell 360 worldwide.

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Seems reasonable. With over a million pre-orders already they will easily pass the 3 mill mark before the end of the year so 5 mill is alright