Sony announces "God of War: Raising Kratos", a documentary on the success of God of War

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This game has become a cultural phenomenon. Did not think it would be as popular as it is. It's like we're in 2005 or something. Your thoughts, SW? Are you on the God of War train? I guess you could say I am.

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I am, quite a character development especially with the latest installment. You can see him trying to be better. I would watch this doco not hyped for it though.

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It's like even Sony is surprised that they made a movie game that's actually good.

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so basically a video of Sony jerking themselves off

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@with_teeth26 said:

so basically a video of Sony jerking themselves off

Sounds about right.

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1:39 - 1:54!

Oh my... that really shouldn't be so funny.