So Sony has won this gen right?

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Strong likelihood, but not predetermined. The generation is not even a year old yet, but a las, cows have turned into sheep last generation by frothing at the mouth over any sort of sales news.

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PC already won by walkover.

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You are so stupid Dude really. I don't think you actually read these post you just look for arguing points and keywords.

First of all M$ has no choice but to put out games or they will definitely get left further and further behind the PS4 that's just common sense. Like I said before PS3 exclusives were so varied that people bought the system anyway regardless of the fact that it had inferior multiplats.

Why would M$ buy Ea or Activision that would be dumb, when they can save money just buying exclusive DLC rights.

I’m not saying money is the only thing, but looking at M$ finances and Sony finances who do you think will take more chances. Xbox is a business and like they say “it takes money to make money”. If games are a toss-up like you say then Sony definitely can't afford to take any chances this gen. And of course PS2 mopped the floor with Xbox it had such a variety of games that it was more appealing to a wider variety of consumers there was nothing M$ could do to change that, they had lost before they even released the Xbox.

As for the xbox using ddr3 I told you I'm guessing M$ bet that with Haswell chips with embedded ram coming soon that they could save money being cheap because edram would start to be more widely used, which also points to what I keep saying M$ is a money hungry company.

I don't know if Titanfall 2 will be on PS4 but the fact that you claim it will so badly shows how appealing games can be, admit it you want Titanfall on PS.

Find me a review where gamers say GT was better than Forza. Forza is the best racing franchise out period everyone knows that and user reviews reflect that. Gears Judgement I honestly can't defend that, it left a sour taste in my mouth, but the series is still a solid series. But let’s not forget about the “Bring Gears to PS petitions” from last gen. Halo is Halo, I didn't care for the online either but the campaign was good 343 just tried to do too much to differentiate from Bungie and all of us Halo fans let them have it for that.

That Rachet and Clank was already being worked on but I don't think they liked the fact that Sony tried to bully them into owning the rights to SSO. Actually any Sony studio that wants to make their own ip will have to leave Sony because they can't make any games without Sony owning the ip. See you get it M$ is not so much the bad guy this time around because they are only publishing the games which makes them more money and gets them exclusive rights. Publishers make all of the money dummy.

And lets not forget the other platform for playing Titanfall is still an M$ platform.

And lol at the Last of Us metacritic because it scored a 95 on ps3 also, although I loved playing that game.

Actually PS4 owners are saying its collecting dust, those games that PS4 have are mostly indies and while some are cool not everyone wants to play indies.

Forza is an open world game with truly uncontrollable dynamic weather and better racing physics than DC, which from what I’ve seen is just all graphics and pick your weather. The Order is still one of my most anticipated games of 2015 regardless of what people say.

Ryse, SSO, Titanfall, Scalebound, Project Spark all new xbox exclusives, see that’s why I say you only look for keywords because nowhere did I claim these to be owned by M$ my exact words wereseven new ip's announced in it's first year”. That’s where having money comes in handy because you can do stuff like that.

Trust me I know PS4 has indies by the ton that’s why lems call it the indiestation.

I’m lucky every gen because I can own all platforms, the difference between me and you is I can look at each company and see the good and the bad and not be biased. I don’t call someone a cow just because they may or may not agree with what M$ is doing, you seem to forget that these boards are completely subjective.

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There is nothing to argue here, the Xbone is getting destroyed and for good reason. It's inferior to the PS4 and has less games whether exclusive or multiplat. It also has lower rated games on metacritic than PS4, only people debating these facts are hardcore lems. The rest of the world accepts these facts hence the PS4's runaway success.

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@I_can_haz: So the 360 won last gen in 2006 then?