So does anyone give a Dayam about the ps4 or xbox 720?

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I give a damn, just not ready to circlejerk michael bay shooter # 4293 I'm waiting for something a bit more dynamic and customizable in terms of gameplay for this gen as well as a bit of free roaming

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You've played all 772 PS3 games?



Or all 950+ Xbox 360 games? I don't care until I get all the information on BOTH console and solid launch list of games. At this moment in time, I do not care. Give me more info Sony & Microsoft.

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Does anyone really care? I mean, there are...I believe...over 5000 games for the ps2 and only 772 ps3 games. Why do we need a new system? It feels like the ps3 has barely even been out that long and they want to tempt us to buy the ps4 when there really arn't that many ps3 games? Oh, and I shipped my pants

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oh shut up you
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Xbot troll?


PS3 has tons of games and new exclusives still coming out. PS3 is a old system, for me I think its time for an upgrade. 2013 was perfect year for this.

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oh shut up youNengo_Flow
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Obviously people do care, there are multiple threads everyday about them

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I care. Ps4, day fvcking 1.
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You've played all 772 PS3 games?

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I'll care once they announce a game that looks interesting.
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first thread I go in, and if this is how its going to go for the rest of the day, then I'm done with this forum, thanks a lot..... :x

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i'm more than happy with my ps3 and 360 for at least another 2 years.

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oh shut up youNengo_Flow

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I'll probably get one after they make a ps4 slim

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Yep. After 5 years, any console is just holding down PC gaming. It has been time for the upgrade since 2010/2011.

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i'm more than happy with my ps3 and 360 for at least another 2 years.


That's the longest sentence I've ever seen you write.

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I was ready for next gen consoles 2 years ago so yes. With a new PC build, system linked 720's, Wii U and PS4(aka xbox 360 v1.1) fun times will be had :cool:

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No...they are old already....a machine with 2010 specs :/

pc will rule again.

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:lol: thx for the laugh TC

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da fuq?  Of course people care, that's all we talk about.

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Preach, pimpin'

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If you compare it to the ps2's life cycle and the 5000+ games it has, the ps3 should be in it's prime until 2016. I know they can do alot more with the system. HINT: MMO for the console.
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I have money to give, no damns though.

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PS4?  Yes.  720?  No.  I'll be playing my PS3 for quite a while before I consider getting a PS4 though.

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That's it guys, stop making new movies and music, there's already millions of them, don't need any more.