So are you getting Call of Duty this year?

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare unlike any other CoD game has been in development for 3 years and the game is said to set a new era for this franchise.

Advanced warfare is taking things further with the company putting major focus in new generation of consoles and going far into the future.

Developer Sledgehammer noted that they are taking inspiration from Naughty Dog and The Last of Us to create a good story for Call of Duty.

its hard to watch this and say this is Call of Duty as it sure dosent look like a CoD game

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No, I think I will wait for next year's version and that's if I decide to get that one. Not big on CoD. I only bought one last gen (Blops 2) and only plan on getting one this gen as well.

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Your probably going buy it anyways but you probably not even going to play the SP

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Never did and never will

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I'll wait... Ghost was an absolute trainwreck that nearly turned me off to the series completely

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Last COD game that was any good was COD4.

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yes. I want to use the smart granade thing to troll MP

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nope... will wait for Treyarchs efforts at the current gen consoles. I have always liked their COD games.

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I never bought a Call of Duty in my life... I'm not starting here. I just can't get into shooters. Their gameplay mechanics are just excessively unenjoyable to me. Cowardice is seemingly inherent to most shooters' design thanks to regen health and snipers.

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I'm playing Ghosts right now on the PS4 and they're just pandering to fans at this point. It feels so wholly unoriginal in certain chapters, so by the numbers, that the spectacle that made me enjoy past CoD games (MW 1 and 2, and to an extent, Black Ops), isn't there. Riley is a stupid addition, and so far the only changes I've liked are the sniper lens (which is admittedly awesome) and the shotguns being sweet.

The easy difficulty, even on Veteran, is ridiculous, especially after Black Ops' treacherous corridors. Still having the same old CoD tradition of having to cross an invisible line is idiotic; didn't a previous CoD already do away with this? The multiplayer maps are way too huge even on PS4 with 18 players. I wouldn't dare to imagine how the PS3/360 version would be like with 12. They're not that well designed and have dark spots all around for easy camping. That's not fun yo.

Advanced Warfare's initial trailer piqued my interest quite a bit, but the E3 gameplay was awful. No amount of "MITCHELL" memes can make up for that shit being the boring reveal it was. I'll wait and see, but for now, no.

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Never bought cod before and I'm not about to start

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Dude, it's God of Duty.

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@GTSaiyanjin2 said:

nope... will wait for Treyarchs efforts at the current gen consoles. I have always liked their COD games.

I'm with you. Treyarch has been my fav COD dev since World At War. Infiinity Ward COD's just didn't do it for me. However, I'm willing to give Sledgehammer a shot. I'll not be buying it during the first week though just to see how the balancing of their version is and what features it has. If I see that I like the gameplay, then I'll pick it up.

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I think I'll be skipping both COD and BF this year.

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No, i am sick tired of it now like Assasins creed

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I might give this one a go. I passed on Ghosts. I can see this one having a lot of arena shooter mechanics in MP and that has me pretty excited.

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I hope not.

Last year I swore I wouldn't buy COD: Ghosts but I ended up picking it up for the PS4 anyway to play with friends.

The campaign was unspeakably awful and the multiplayer was incredibly stale at this point.

Titanfall (on the Xbox 360) blew COD away. I'm not even going to pretend that I'm not looking forward to Titanfall 2 on the PS4. Probably in 2016, though.

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Yea, this looks much much better than Ghosts. Finally glad to see them changing direction a bit with the COD series, this is actually the first time I'm excited to get a COD game since COD4 back in the day. I hope this one is good, the graphics certainly look impressive for a COD game.

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i would say no, but I i might just to play the SP and sell it because i want nothing to do with the Mp. Also only reason i be doing that is i basically be paying $40 for it and i knew damn well i be selling it few days later for $45-50

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I'm actually looking forward to it. Haven't really wanted a CoD game since MW2 but this looks fresh. This and the master chief collection should keep me busy this year, not really digging the new battlefield.

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Destiny and Battlefield: Hardline will occupy my online shooter time. Far Cry 4 for SP. I never buy CoD and haven't rented one since MW2.

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Depends on me getting a console.

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im in the minority here but i hate how cod is pushing all their games to future settings. i love modern military settings and i am not enjoying wall hacking reticles and smart bombs.

i havent enjoyed a cod mp since mw3. i liked the ghost campaign but i hated treyarchs.

ill still probably get it

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never owned a call of duty and never will

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No, siege coop looked too good.

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@amazonangry said:

never owned a call of duty and never will

But you like casual shooters, you should try it

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Blops1 was my last cod... I actually still enjoy the formula albeit without the hype for anything "new" to the core gameplay. I stopped buying the game because I don't play it online and the single player is worth about 10-20 dollars of the total package. Cods take forever to get to that price so I just don't buy em anymore.

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meh, i might rent it for the campaign but thats it. cod multiplayer is so boring now. idk how people can play that year after year.

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Maybe rent to play the SP.

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If it comes to Wii U, yes. They tend to announce CoD late for that platform, so I'm not writing off the possibility just yet. I get my shooters on Wii U for pointer control. The last shooter I got for PC was, I think, Crysis 2 and didn't care for it. Mouse and keyboard is certainly more precise, but I find the Wiimote and nunchuck more fun to use.

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No. Having Kevin Spacey in your trailer isn't going to fool me.

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I might just rent it for the Campaign, but I wont play online on it after the experience I had in Ghost's online.

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It'll probably be my first since Black Ops.

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I'll probably give it a try. I dont support yearly releases (the last CoD i got was MW2), but Advanced Warfare looks improved enough.

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I would say about 15-20 million people give or take.

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The only shooter I'm interested in for the fall/Xmas season is Far Cry 4.

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I probably will. Just don't know if One or PS4 version.

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Probably not,going to get Battlefield:Hardline.Getting sick of Call of Duty games.Ghosts was a disaster.

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Yes definitely, but not at full price. Considering I barely play the MP portion, I've NEVER bought a CoD game at full price. Even CoD1 for the PC.

$40 or less is good enough for me to focus on just the SP portion.

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Hell yeah!

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No more COD games for me, I gave that milked overrated series up in 2009

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Uh yeah I'm a bro gamer the 2 games I buy every year are Madden and COD!!