Smaller games you are looking forward to, or great ones you've played from 2019

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#1 Posted by Sushiglutton (7264 posts) -

Always looking for new cool games. Have been a bit fatigued of the open world grind lately. Anyhow curious to hear if there are any smaller games you are looking forward to, or if you have played anyone recently you thought was great!

For me Blasphemous looks like everything I like in games: Great aesthetics, action, over the top violence and just a very cool vibe:

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#2 Posted by avenger85 (247 posts) -

Streets of rage 4 I’m really looking forward too!

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#3 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6850 posts) -

Blasphmous, eitr etc. But still no release date in sight.

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#4 Edited by R4gn4r0k (31449 posts) -

Best smaller game I played this year were Shakedown Hawaii and Void Bastards.

Both games are very unique, while also being throwbacks to older, long gone, genres.

Shakedown Hawaii is a throwback to the old 2D GTA top down style. But it also feels very modern.

Void Bastards is really reminiscent of System Shock, and though I'm not a huge fan of these randomized kind of games, I easily consider it one of my favourite games of the year. Just love its style.

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#5 Posted by sealionact (4081 posts) -

Ori 2 above anything really. Loved the aesthetics of the original, which also had probably my favourite soundtrack of all time.

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#6 Posted by robert_sparkes (3234 posts) -

Streets of rage 4 and shakedown Hawaii on my raider. Played a bit of shakedown on my mates switch definitely worth looking at.

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#7 Posted by warmblur (2798 posts) -

I'm looking forward to Man of Medan.

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#8 Posted by Sushiglutton (7264 posts) -

Great stuff so far lads, will look into!

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#9 Posted by AJStyles (1023 posts) -


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#10 Posted by DaVillain- (37531 posts) -

Pokemon Sword (Shield) for the most parts.

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#11 Posted by appariti0n (2796 posts) -

Pantheon: Rise of the fallen.

Old school mmo which will be very niche, but right up my alley.

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#12 Posted by watercrack445 (1730 posts) -


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#13 Posted by DaVillain- (37531 posts) -

@watercrack445: When is Greedfall coming out?

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#14 Posted by BassMan (10569 posts) -

Hollow Knight 2, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps, Supraland 2, Biomutant

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#15 Posted by dagubot (1370 posts) -

Looking forward to

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And a great small game I just finished beating yesterday; love the soundtrack in this game as well as the gameplay; interesting story as well

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#16 Posted by BassMan (10569 posts) -

@dagubot: I am not big on retro pixel art games, but Valfaris looks insanely epic.

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#17 Posted by DaVillain- (37531 posts) -

@BassMan said:

@dagubot: I am not big on retro pixel art games, but Valfaris looks insanely epic.

I don't know why but Valfaris has that 80's vibe with Heavy metal to it. Gotta agree that Valfaris looks fantastic, I actually forgot about it until now. Gonna put this on my wishlist so I won't forget this time lol.

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#18 Posted by watercrack445 (1730 posts) -

@davillain- said:

@watercrack445: When is Greedfall coming out?

They haven't specified the release date but its coming out during September 2019.

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#20 Posted by lundy86_4 (53634 posts) -

I just grabbed Octopath Traveller on PC for $60CAD on sale, so that's gonna be my next grind. Other than that, I wanna grab Katana Zero.

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#21 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3351 posts) -

Windjammers 2

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#22 Posted by DaVillain- (37531 posts) -

@watercrack445 said:
@davillain- said:

@watercrack445: When is Greedfall coming out?

They haven't specified the release date but its coming out during September 2019.

September you say, that's sooner then I thought, thanks!

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#23 Edited by enzyme36 (4260 posts) -

not sure how small this is considered... but Bloodstained is awesome! 95% map so far

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#24 Posted by mandzilla (4154 posts) -

Eagerly anticipating Panzer Dragoon, and just got into Pinball Fx3. It's a free game, so I'd definitely recommend giving it a go.

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#25 Edited by KungfuKitten (26741 posts) -

Smaller games I'm looking forward to! ^_______^

I can give you a list of about 40. But it would take some time to put together.

@enzyme36 said:

not sure how small this is considered... but Bloodstained is awesome! 95% map so far

I'm waiting to play it until they patch the Switch version a little.

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#26 Posted by johnd13 (9773 posts) -

Recently finished Firewatch and I really enjoyed it. It's 4-5 hours long so it's as small as you can get. At the moment I'm playing Observer, which is quite intriguing for the most part. Love the cyberpunk setting.

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#27 Posted by Heirren (2226 posts) -

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening.

I dont spend a lot of money on games but i may pre order that one.

Maybe the two capcom titles are in the works.

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#28 Edited by PAL360 (29604 posts) -

Indies and 'smaller games' are 80% of my gaming time these days, and thanks to them, i have played masterpiece after masterpiece.

Finished Hollow Knight recently, and i'm now playing Thimbleweed Park, The Messenger and They are Billions.

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#29 Posted by phbz (4586 posts) -

This year I've played some Indies that I really enjoyed.

Ashen, kind of a Dark Souls lite. Not too long, not too difficult. Still challenging and a joy to explore.

Observation, cool sci-fi game with a clear 2001 a Space Odyssey vibe.

Void Bastards, looter/shorter in space. Great gameplay loop, cool art and music, plus the humour made me laugh several times.

Outer Wilds, one of the best adventure games I've played in years. Shows its low budget technically, but it's a really well designed. To anyone thinking on playing this I'll advise to know as little as possible before jumping in, since it relies on exploration and revelation. It's a 1st person game with no combat, you'll start on your home planet and have a solar system to explore. Although is an open world game, planets are quite small.

Moonlighter, it has some Stardew Valley influences. You explore dungeons, sell the loot on your shop and with the profits develop your town, shop and character. Contrary to Stardew Valley this is not a time sinker and quick to beat.

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#30 Posted by jg4xchamp (61728 posts) -

Baba is You.

Stupid people need not apply.

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#31 Posted by PC_Rocks (2556 posts) -

Greedfall and Desperados 2 comes to mind.

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#32 Edited by KungfuKitten (26741 posts) -

How do I paste an excel sheet into a table on GS? or is there no easy way to do so?

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#33 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31449 posts) -

@pc_rocks said:

Greedfall and Desperados 2 comes to mind.

Desperados III :D

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#34 Posted by PC_Rocks (2556 posts) -

@R4gn4r0k said:
@pc_rocks said:

Greedfall and Desperados 2 comes to mind.

Desperados III :D

Yeah that. :)

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#35 Edited by KungfuKitten (26741 posts) -

DecemberAncestors3rd person open world survival, about the first hominids. Explore, Expand, Evolve...
Q4 2019Atomic HeartAn absolutely stunning looking FPS in a Soviet setting filled with bizarre paranormal oddities and freaky bloodied mechanical enemies. It will feature a Dying Light style weapon crafting. The interesting musical support in the trailers give it a Bioshock-y vibe. I’m intrigued.
out now!Baba is YouTough 2D puzzle game where you interact with the rules of the puzzle, including the very win condition. Very creative.
when doneBlockinBy the new development studio Thekla under the wings of the brilliant Jonathan Blow. It looks to be a puzzle game involving blocks, and by the sound of it they are pretty far in development.
when doneBreathedgeThis is a very cool space survival game. It is brilliant but also very short and in early access. The devs were being salty so the updates were very slow. But that seems to be changing. One to watch!
2020CarrionA reverse horror 2D action platformer in which you are basically The Thing murdering anything in sight.
2019CastleStorm 2This time this popular 2D castle defense clicky game will have an actual story and more strategy added. I think this could become an excellent vacation game.
2020Circuit SuperstarsDeceptively deep racing sim that looks like one of those old isometric racing games. If it controls well, this is going to rock.
2019Creature in the wellThe action sword/pinball game everyone keeps forgetting the name of. While not quite as cute as Yoku’s Island Express, I think this will be a blast to play. It’s a little more Zelda-ish.
2020CristalesCristales is a turn based RPG but it has a very interesting art style and time mechanic that actually seems intriguingly implemented into combat… I have a good feeling about this game.
out now!CrosscodeChrono Trigger slash twinstick RPG. This one sounds so amazing and I still haven’t played it… What am I doing?
November 6thDeracinePSVR exclusive. I like fairies, and this game looks like a semi-peaceful mystery/exploration game in VR. I dig the vibes, but I don’t have a PSVR.
December 31stDescent: UndergroundDescent is a well known singleplayer shooter in old Doom-style levels, in which gravity is not a factor because you’re in a little spaceship. When you buy this game you actually get Descent 3 for free.
2019Desperados 3If you ever played a Desperados game you are probably equally eager as you are hesitant to play this. The previous Desperados games were brutally difficult to the point that I think not even 10% saw the end. It’s a wild-west tactical isometric squad-based single-player game, and it oozes with theme. I want to like this.
2020Destroy All Humans RemakeSo I never played the original but this game sounds like good stupid fun. It has a lot of humor and varied mission based gameplay. A bit of stealth, a bit of tactics, a lot of blowing things up and sticking probes up people’s butts. I’m into it.
2019Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete EditionSo… there are some people insisting that this Digimon game is pretty good. I still haven’t played it, but it has some interesting monster raising aspects to it and a visual novel style storytelling if you are into that.
when doneDisco ElysiumAn ambitious detective CRPG where the personality of your character will change with how you pick your skills, often with funny and disastrous effects. Many consequences. Creative!
2020Evil Genius 2A lair-building game a-la StarTopia, including funny traps to keep nosy superheroes out of your evil lair.
when doneFade to SilenceA single player and co-op survival game where you play as a scout for a group of followers who will do things for you. It’s in early access… apparently it is very challenging and still a hot mess. Love it or hate it.
2020Fall Guys - Ultimate KnockoutA Battle Royale Racer with a WipeOut/Takeshi’s Castle twist in happy pinata colors. It looks so happy OMG I want it.
out now!FlashbackA retouched version of a 1990’s game that reminds me of Another World and early Prince of Persia. It is still an OLD game so keep that in mind. Love it or hate it.
out now!ForagerChock-full of secrets, this is a lovely 2D game to play in the background in which you mine resources and craft some things, and… oh, you dead. Very well received game, check it out.
Summer 2019Freedom Planet 22D Sonic game with interesting different characters and better combat? This one looks promising!
when doneGhosts of the Precursors (temporary title)A sequel to Star Control II. I don’t know these games too well but they are pretty beloved.
out now!GrisArtful 2D game. No challenge. But considered a masterpiece for its presentation and emotional story. Many who played it would consider this game essential. I haven’t played it yet but I definitely will.
out now!Hexologic2$ puzzlegame that is lightly Sudoku. Oddly satisfying to me. I recommend it.
2020Journey to the Savage PlanetPlatform puzzle shooter FPS on an alien planet. Colorful.
SeptemberKiller Queen BlackThis is the first version of Killer Queen that will be available outside of events. It’s a team vs team 2D combat platformer with mutliple roles and the people who played it loved it to bits. Be sure to try this one!
September 3rdLast OasisNomadic survival mmo in which you can build walking mobile wooden/cloth bases and vehicles. You’ll need to plunder and scavenge for resources to stay alive. The combat looks a little rudimentary, but it also looks like it’ll be crazy fun.
August 30thMan of MedanCinematic (online) co-op horror game a-la Until Dawn. Very interesting… probably too scary for me tho.
2019ManeaterAn underwater RPG in which you play as a baby shark who gets hurt by a man and is out for revenge. Looks smooth.
out now!Mechstermination ForceA little bossrush game in the style of Bionic Commando or Contra. Be warned, very tough.
August 6thMetal Wolf Chaos XDTeam ‘Murrica, the game. As interpreted by Japan. Completely over the top mech game.
when doneMidnight Ghost HuntBe a ghost hunter or a ghost that can possess objects in this 4v4 prop hunt game. At midnight the ghosts become powerful, so the hunters better hurry!
out now!My Friend PedroIt’s like Trials or a 2D Skate game but focused around murdering: You score points by quickly and elegantly shooting baddies in a level. Making use of physics and props like skateboards.
when doneNoitaA 2D action platformer with per-pixel physics simulation. This allows for some interesting combat. I'm interested, don't know how good it will be.
out now!ObservationSci-Fi Thriller in which you play as the A.I. on a Space Station where things went wrong. You are in control of the Station’s systems and camera’s, and you will have to find out why people are vanishing…
out now!Octahedron: Transfixed EditionAbstract neon platformer, very tight. Try the Demo. You’ll like it.
August 22ndOninakiIsometric JRPG with fluid realtime combat, and an interesting setup: You play as a Watcher, whose job it is to ensure that the dead can pass on to reincarnate, and not get stuck turning into monsters. It looks like it’s not embarrassed to be a game and that interests me.
when doneOobletsViva Pinata with card based dance battles and character customization and super jolly musix. Jolly.
2020Outer WildsExtremely cool and creative space exploration/puzzle game full of little wonders. If you are someone who can enjoy a game in which you don’t kill to solve your problems, get this game.
out now!OverloadBy the creators of Descent, basically a new Descent game. See Descent: Underground in this list if you don’t know Descent.
when donePhantom BrigadeMostly turn based mech game with in-depth customization where you can foresee the enemy’s moves each ‘turn.’
2020Ready or NotUnofficial SWAT 5. Tactical FPS dead? No it isn’t. It’s in development, baby. And it’s looking hot. One finger on the trigger, one finger on the radio.
DecemberRebel Galaxy OutlawNot to be confused with Rebel Galaxy, this game offers insane ship customization. It’s a solo experience, for those who want to be a lone space cowboy collecting bounties. Arcade-y combat but in-depth everything else.
September 5thRiver City GirlsAwesome looking Beat ‘m Up by WayForward (Shantae) and a comic artist.
when doneRolled Out!A Monkeyball game done right. In the works by the biggest Monkeyball 1 and 2 fans who seem to understand what made them fun. I bet this is going to be an awesome game but it will need some more time to develop. Don’t let it slip by.
2020SableAwesome artstyle in this ‘deeply personal journey across an alien planet.’ Seems like a trend almost. Looks cool though.
2019Sakuna: Of Rice and RuinAs a child of the god of war and the harvest goddess, you are summoned by people to come to their aid. Cultivating rice properly is hard work, but it will make you more powerful for the 2D combat sections. This game is looking much better over time, to the point that I cannot wait to play this.
out now!SnakeybusThis is a really dumb game about driving a bus in Paris and I love it. If you enjoyed playing Snake back in the day, buy this game.
2020SpiritFarerCozy management game about dying. Looks wholesome and sad.
2019StarMancerYou are an A.I. instructed to set up and manage a space station to sustain human life and defend it against space cannibals and natural disaster. But will you obey protocol, or go rogue? (Go rogue.) By Chucklefish.
2019Stormland VRGood looking traversal/combat FPS for virtual reality. You can climb, use shields, grenades, use binoculars, even fly and gain buddies? One of the more polished looking VR titles at the moment.
out now!Streets of RogueAn unimpressive looking game until you play it for yourself… or with friends. This is a 2D top down sandboxy level-based game with varied character classes. The game is great at making you mess up your strategy and chaos ensues.
SeptemberSubnautica - Below ZeroThis is a super-cool underwater survival game like everyone told you already. Especially if you are scared of underwater stuff. And it’s getting a whole expansion!
2020SubverseSexually charged game with some-budget and some-gameplay. I am very interested in it because if successful, it may lead to a new type of game finding a place in the industry.
2020Tales of AriseI know that you know the Tales series. And you probably didn't play many of them. This one will be different. If you ever feel like (re)visiting this series of action RPG’s, I believe that this entry will be the one to play because of the changes they make.
2019Telling LiesI consider Her Story to be one of the better (and shorter) FMV games ever made. It was like a nice little puzzle. You have to listen carefully to find contradictions or interesting details to continue your investigation. Her Story was good fun. This one looks to be better in quality and story.
out now!The Messenger ExpansionIt’s free! 2D action ninja platformer that let’s you double jump when hitting something in the air. It’s good, just get it.
2019UFO 5050 single and multiplayer games from the creators of Spelunky, Downwell, Time Barons, Skorpulac and Madhouse.
2019UltrabugsHigh-score arcade shmup. Shooting tons of little ‘space invader’ style bugs with your ship, plus ship progression. By Vlambeer, so you know it will be good.
2019Untitled Goose GamePlay as a goose that causes mayhem for peaceful villagers.
2020Way to the Woods a.k.a. the deer gameThird person soothing exploration adventure game in which you are a deer finding your way, to the woods. Kawaii.
2020What the GolfDescribed as a golf game for people who hate golf, I’m into this. It’s a light puzzle-skill game where every course holds a little surprise for you. It seems like a real funny game.
2019Windjammers 2Pure joy, pure sunny beach contest vibes. Rapid fire disc throwing matches with simplicity and pixel perfect controls. Think Pong, done well. This. Is. A. Game. To. Buy.
2020WitchfireMade by creators of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Painkiller and Bulletstorm, this FPS is bound to be something special. Aside from that though, we don’t know much about it and neither do the devs apparently.
Summer 2019Wrath: Aeon of RuinRetro FPS (old Doom) and this time it looks like it is done 100% right!
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#36 Posted by ButDuuude (1394 posts) -

Blasphemous and Valfaris for PS4

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#37 Posted by Renegade_Fury (20633 posts) -

The new Azure Striker Gunvolt and SoR4, but I don't think the latter is coming out this year.

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#38 Posted by WitIsWisdom (5315 posts) -

Roller Champions is the biggest one I am looking forward to.

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#39 Posted by KungfuKitten (26741 posts) -

Oh yeah I forgot some.

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#40 Posted by Litchie (24134 posts) -

Lulz. I put Blasphemous on my Steam wish list the same date you made this thread. So yeah, that one.

Played Hollow Knight this year, which was fucking amazing, so I can't wait for Hollow Knight: Silksong. Looks awesome so far.

You guys made me look forward to Valfaris. Looks much better than their earlier game Slain.

Streets of Rage 4 looks pretty cool. Doubt it'll be better than SoR2 (my fave), but we'll see.

Some more that seem cool:
Slasher's Keep
Lonely Mountains: Downhill
The Last Night
Unto the End

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#41 Posted by Nirgal (31 posts) -

Pillars of eternity deadfire and the shadow run series. Very good isometric rpg. Not a very popular genre, but one I enjoy quite a lot.

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#42 Edited by uninspiredcup (34363 posts) -

Desperados 3, Western and the developer of Shogun Tactics.

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#43 Posted by pyro1245 (5154 posts) -

Well Hollow Knight is probably my favorite metroidvania.

I'm really looking forward to the sequel.

Factorio and Rimworld are stellar management/sim games.

Really can't praise those 3 games enough.

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#44 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31449 posts) -

@uninspiredcup: It's every bit as good as Shadow Tactics was. I can't wait for Desperados!

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#45 Edited by hrt_rulz01 (19164 posts) -
@dagubot said:

Looking forward to

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And a great small game I just finished beating yesterday; love the soundtrack in this game as well as the gameplay; interesting story as well

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Yeah Katana Zero is amazing! It's probably my GOTY (as you can probably tell, lol). I'm starting my second play-through soon... highly recommend it.

The main "smaller" game (which I take to mean Indies?) I'm looking forward too for the rest of the year is Afterparty.

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#46 Posted by lamprey263 (36180 posts) -

Fired up Dandara, saw it was leaving GamePass soon so checked it out, loving it do far, hope I get through it in time. Pondering purchasing it if I can't finish it in time. Like a 2D Metroidvania with interesting lore, gameplay is challenging but not too much so, pushes exploration as one aquire new skills and abilities.

Also fired up Blazing Chrome, or whatever it is called, the new Contra-like retro arcade shooter. Badass but pretty challenging. Plan on dabbling in that but Dandara takes priority.

Just got done with Dex too, like a 2D Deus Ex but simpler and more enjoyable. Had it in my backlist forever but finally got to it.

I'm on more of a smaller game roll lately, games are more enjoyable and require less commitment. Bigger AAA games are just starting to feel overly padded and designed to drag out.

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#47 Posted by lamprey263 (36180 posts) -

@mandzilla: oh wow, didn't know Panzer Dragoon was coming, Google'd it and it said remakes of both in development, very cool, the 4K BC treatment Orta got is beautiful so looking forward to what a modern remake of first to games will look like

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#48 Edited by mandzilla (4154 posts) -

@lamprey263: I know right? Was a pleasant surprise for me too! Can't wait to play it when it comes out. :D

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#49 Edited by MirkoS77 (14361 posts) -

Mostly awaiting this mother trucker:

Loading Video...

Amazing this is only being created by three people. Hard to believe. I was hoping this was near release but it's being rumored it's still a year away. :( Gotta throw one up for Ori Will of the Wisps too of course.

These are easily my two most anticipated games right now, even above TLoU 2 which says a lot.

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#50 Posted by voljin1987 (1069 posts) -

Only games I am looking forward to are Silksong by Team Cherry and Baldurs gate sequel by Larian