Should split-screen be exclusive to PS4 Pro/X1X/PC?

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Considering the relatively lackluster processing power of the PS4 and Xbox One's base models, it makes quite a bit of sense that we don't really see split-screen in modern gaming anymore, much to the point where it seems more commonplace in PC gaming. Would it perhaps be worth it to use the extra processing power of the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and higher end PCs to add split-screen to games that would otherwise be forced to not have it? (with clear labels of split-screen requiring the PS4 Pro/X1X)

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What recent game did use split screen?

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AAA Devs don't develop games specified for mid-gen systems or PC .

keep your shirt on there's no need, next gen is coming.

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PC have couch coop? Are we back in the 90s?

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Devs should do what they want to.

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That's really up to the developer, with so many people being online these days it seems less pressing to have it.

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What about the switch?

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@MonsieurX said:

What recent game did use split screen?

Only Gears 4 and State of Decay 2 from my recollection.

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Splitscreen on pc is super underrated because you can use Nvidia surround to trick your pc into thinking you have one giant screen with multiple monitors , then you can have multiple people with their own screen running off the same pc.

Works great with rocket league and gears 4

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I better question would be: "How would pc gamer fanboys play splitscreen games if it halves the resolution to that of a console, the very resolutio s they cant bare to look at and deem unplayable."

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Hm, and yet it's a blast on my Switch...

Perhaps it's a bit overboard to suggest a game mode is reserved for those who paid for a certain console.

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@heirren: dude, you gotta lay off the trolling - it's not fanwars.

Also, FYI resolution is not reduced by spilt screen... it's only reduced if the system needs to to maintain stable performance.

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Eh people need to lighten up, it was a joke.

Also each area of the screen would be console res. Thats whats funny.

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Some console games that come to mind where I think split screen would have worked include the PS4's Gundam Versus, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Rainbow Six: Quarantine. GVS since the Gundam Extreme VS series has had split-screen since the PS2's Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon DX and the other two games because co-op first-person shooter.

Thinking the extra processing power might be worth making split-screen a premium tbh.

@heirren said:


Eh people need to lighten up, it was a joke.

Also each area of the screen would be console res. Thats whats funny.

I think the popular gaming solution is still "mid range GPU with a 1080p monitor". If anything, split-screen games would be played at 960x1080 for 2 player, 960x540 for 3 or 4 players. More objects are still being rendered than what current-gen consoles can handle, however.

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Couch co-op was left in the dust due to online gaming becoming more prominent. Not because of processing power. Hell, look at Switch. Many of its games are couch co-op. It's a primary reason why I bought one for the family. It's not very powerful but that doesn't matter.

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Lol this forum had me fooled, then.

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@heirren: but it's the same rendering resolution, image quality, PPI, etc the left half will look no worse than full screen (unless actually changed by the programmers for performance of course, which is indeed often done) - the fact that two people are controlling the action instead of one doesn't change that

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Last I checked the Switch was the only system really still giving us split screen games and it has the weakest hardware.

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Im not following.

Splitting the image in 4 will alter the quality, no?

Keep in mind i really was joking.

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@heirren: I get that. I guess we shouldn't get hung up on it - a lot of times split screen cuts it down the middle, restricting your FOV, but that doesn't really do anything to the image quality in that segment (unless of course they need to drop it). But yeah, I guess with 4 it has be shrunk as well, so in the very least the viewer can't see as much

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@flashn00b: The Atari 2600 could do split screen why the he'll do you think the ps4/X1 cant?!? What a derp worthy thread.

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If lack of processing power is the reason behind PS4 and Xbox One not having splitscreen, why does Switch? Or most older consoles?

And what does your topic title have to do with your post? Such a weird thread.

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Xbox still does splitscreen. At least with the games that could make use of it.

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