Should Nintendo sell the Wii U without Gamepad?

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#51 Posted by HalcyonScarlet (8287 posts) -

what proof do you have that third party are avoiding it ,not publishing last gen ports for it isnt the same as avoiding it,


i  got quite a few third party to list as it is ,

for starters

need for speed mw 

resident evil revelations 

bayonetta 2

ninja gaiden 



batman ac



cabelas 2013

sniper 2

 wheel of fortune



rabbits land

rayman legends

lego city undercover

-and you say third party are avoiding it just because a few games-some of which i dont really care for ]


tombraider- who wants that i have never enjoyed tombraider since ps1 era

gtav-this one may come as rockstar said it wasnt out of the cards

metrolast light-thq bankrupt

so ya what multiplats are we talking about that wiiu isnt getting that is not a current gen title that was already in development! 


That's not a big list and EA is holding back until it takes off as well.

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#52 Posted by themajormayor (25728 posts) -
It shouldn't sell the WiiU in the first place