Should modding have DRM?

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Poll: Should modding have DRM? (4 votes)

Yes 75%
No 25%

My friends, one of the biggest attractions to pc gaming over console gaming is modding. For Bethesda titles, they are prolific.

Sadly, one of the problems with this open nature, if piracy. Since steam has supported inherent modding for some time now... would it be logical and ethical for a publisher to attempt to lock out third party sources like "Nexus" and make it so you must use steam in order to use mods?

I think this would be a wise business move personally. Websites like Nexus specifically attract pirates who do not use steam or buy games legitimately.

Tightly controlling mods quality, size and infringement rights as well could help move them over to consoles.

Ever since using the internet in 1996, the console peoples have said "I wish we had mods". Only by tightly controlling them could this be possible, yes? Yes.

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So basically your idea is to arbitrarily restrict a feature that depends entirely upon user creation just to stop pirates? LOL

There is no stopping pirates, m8. How haven't people learned this yet? Trying to put DRM in just fucks with paying customers and honest folks.

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Should Uninspiredcup be banned? Yes...I think we've all grown.

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no, don't see that working, some mods violate trademark issues, there's no certification from the console company to it to make sure it doesn't cause system performance issues or that there's anything malicious about it

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Not only does this question not make much sense, it has nothing to do with System Wars.