Shenmue 3 to be best third person Action game this year?

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Hello friends,

So i have been following this game since i played HD remastered last year and was surprised how much i end up like first 2. since then i started following shenmue 3.

shenmue is more unique than any of third person action games (ala tomb raider/uncharted). and the reason is

  • Its too ambitious for its time where it show the exact time shops open and close.
  • The only game where QTE doesnot ruined it. infact only game where QTE is kinda challenging.
  • Incredible story about journy of Ryo to get his avenge of his father death
  • Combat is like martial arts or fighing games. you have to learn moves in order to fight against enemies. other action games have one button combat like batman/assasins creed where you just click click click then block then click. this game has far more variety in combat.
  • Unique minigames

If Shenmue 3 is anything but improved shenmue 1 and 2. Im pretty sure it will be one of the finest third person action game that will release this gen. Im really looking forward to it.

what about you my friend? lets discuss

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Since Shen 1 & 2 hit GamePass and after playing a bit and relishing in the oozing nostalgia I'm now more inclined to play 3 but me thinks it's not going to compare well with something like RDR2. Just sayin. :P

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Nah, that title will go to Astral Chain. Besides, Shenmue 3 is not really an action game.

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I'm looking forward to it but I'm not overhyping it. It is a niche series.

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You overestimate this game. And the "qte makes sense in this game" is the shit re4 apologists line up.

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Fun for a couple of days? Hopefully - but nostalgia gets as old as the game, just quicker.

Best of it's gen?


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Just picked up the hd collection really need to get back into the series. Been a long time since I played on dreamcast. I'm hoping 3 doesn't go away from the charm of the series.

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In the same year as DMCV, Sekiro and Astral Chain. Sure buddy.

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I backed the game on Kickstarter and am pretty excited about its progress. From what I've been seeing on people that got to try it recently is that it still feels like Shenmue. I think that's what all the fans have been hoping for.

Hoping it actually releases in November.

Also hoping YsNet gets the go ahead to immediately start developing Shenmue 4 simply using the same engine for PS4/5 and PC users.

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@freedomfreak: I hate QTEs and RE4 was no exception. I liked the game but QTEs were unnecessary in it. Have not played Shenmue games yet, so dont know if they somehow managed to do it well.

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@doomnukem3d: Same as any other game. It's a cutscene with button prompts plastered over it.

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@freedomfreak: Meh. I still wanna give the games a try just because they are classics and ambitious ones. Hows the actual combat though?

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@freedomfreak said:

@doomnukem3d: Same as any other game. It's a cutscene with button prompts plastered over it.

Original Shenmue made it fun and enjoyable, somehow every other game outside of God of War manage to make it completely unbearable.

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@boxrekt: Do you mean ps2 God of war? I haven't played the new one but qtes were very unbearable in the original God of war, and the regular combat was crap as well.

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People like that sort of thing. The medium as a whole has changed quite drastically. Of course theres traditional games pretty much all the AAA budget titles are casual affairs and they are designed to be this way, finished in a weekend, and then on to the next release, or dlc. Cod mastered it last gen to a t. Same engine, same game, same release dates for the games and dlc, AND it was two games a year(unless im mistaken). Thats $120+$40(for dlc?)....+that silly service called COD Pro, or something to that effect. They hooked the audience big time.

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I seriously doubt it. If you want to classify Resident Evil 2 Remake as a third person action game then I would say that’s probably the best this year so far. If not then I would say it’s Devil May Cry 5. I don’t see Shenmue 3 being better then either one of those two. I’ve also played plenty of games where QTEs didn’t ruin them so that seems like a non point to make.

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I think it's going to flop.

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I heard Devil May Cry 5 wasnt as good as DMC 3. Considering how popular the Shenmue games are I'm surprised how much people in this thread are looking down on this new one.

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Only if there is more intense forklift driving and action packed conversations with old folks at the park.

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If it still had Virtua Fighter combat, then sure. Of what they've shown of the fighting though, it looks rough. Atmosphere wise, it feels like Shenmue I & II, so that it's in its favor at least.

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This game looks like a hot mess. I thought Cows would learn their lesson after NMS (funny how they no longer defend that one?) but this has disaster written all over it.

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Now I know what game to avoid.

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Yakuza exists, so no.

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Death Stranding comes out this year too.

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I backed it on Kickstarter day one. I am excited for it and can’t wait to play it. But I am not blinded by nostalgia either.

I know this game is going to be like a 7/10 “good” game at best. That’s all I want.

I know what to expect. I am not hyping some 10/10 masterpiece. It is a niche series for people like me.

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I guess if you count forklift driving as "action"

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Devil May Cry 5 came out this year.

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dude the footage weve seen so far looks like crap

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I hyped and excited about shenmue 3 i love the shenmue saga

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It might be good, but I'll need to wait until November 2020.

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@Ant_17 said:

Yakuza exists, so no.

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I wouldn't exactly call Shenmue action games.