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#51 Posted by Yoshi9000 (479 posts) -

@Blabadon said:

Zero Escape 3.

Don't even know how I'll react once it's announced. Probably go out and treat random hobos to drinks.

Exactly my thoughts. It bothers me to no end the series sold better in the west than it did in Japan.

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#52 Posted by Perfect_Blue (30283 posts) -

Beyond Good and Evil 2. Really, nothing comes close to this for me.

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#53 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (18733 posts) -

Hmm, let's see.

Megaman Legends 3, a proper next gen game. That'll never happen.

Capcom either resurrects the ghouls n ghosts franchise or they focus on Demons Crest. Holy crap a game taking advantage of the technology we have today where you play as a seriously powerful demon that absorbs powers as he goes along on his journey to become the king of demon's could be so bad ass.

Koji Igarashi somehow gets the rights to use the castlevania name once again and rescues it from mediocrity.

Half-Life 3.

The Last Guardian.

Too many more to list.

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#54 Posted by Pffrbt (6612 posts) -

Bayonetta 2
Mega Man Legends 3
Devil May Cry 5
The Wonderful 101 2
Zone of the Enders 3
A new Siren game

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Don't even have to say it, but this:

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#56 Posted by m3dude1 (2256 posts) -

a reboot of sanfrancisco rush would be awesome

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#57 Edited by lawlessx (48753 posts) -

@seanmcloughlin said:

Not dying for it but I'd like Dragon's Dogma 2

with online play

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#58 Posted by xCocoTheMonkeyx (425 posts) -

Banjo Threeie

New Crash Bandicoot

Mass Effect 4 (or whatever they are gonna call it)

New Resident Evil

Gears of War Sequel

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#59 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (15199 posts) -

I'm only mentioning ones that haven't been announced:

  • Half-Life 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • new Red Dead
  • KOTOR 3

These are the main ones anyway.

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#60 Posted by GunSmith1_basic (10543 posts) -

Pretty much a sequel to Majora's Mask, one that would call itself Majora's Mask and not "Zelda", and would move in a different direction than the Zelda series.

There are other more realistic sequels that I would also like (but am not dying for). I will say I want a new GTA game already, as well as Fallout 4, and I have to agree with the poster who said that it would be ideally made by the people who made New Vegas. I don't mind the engine though.

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#61 Posted by comptonst88 (348 posts) -

Dante's Inferno 2

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#62 Posted by AdobeArtist (24760 posts) -

KOTOR 3 - NOT an MMO bastardization, a REAL sequel to the original series
Perfect Dark - or I'll even take a reboot
Crimson Skies - again I'll even consider a reboot
Full Spectrum Warrior
Too Human - first game was flawed but still FUN, if they could address all the issues could improve next chapter

* and yes I know Too Human sequel will never happen, and I loved it's techno-mythology on the Norse lore :(

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#63 Posted by Ballroompirate (25930 posts) -

@Bigboi500 said:

Don't even have to say it, but this:

One can dream

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#64 Edited by heguain (1414 posts) -

New Deus Ex (Human revolution sequel please)

New PoP (Warrior Within reboot or a new fresh game)

Beyond good and evil 2

Mafia 3

New Bioshock

Dishonored 2

Half-Life 3

A true RE and DMC games

L.A. Noire 2

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#65 Posted by bbkkristian (14971 posts) -


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Danganronpa 2

Super Smash Bros Wii U

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC


Metroid Prime

Dissidia Vita

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Last Story 2

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#66 Posted by funsohng (29910 posts) -

Dragon Age Inquisition

Not confirmed:
Valkyria Chronicles sequel

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#67 Posted by Mr_Huggles_dog (7805 posts) -

I want another Smugglers Run from Rockstar.

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#68 Posted by Litchie (21029 posts) -

Smash Bros.
Batman: Arkham Knight
Eternal Darkness 2 (come on!)
Half-Life 3
Left 4 Dead 3
Team Fortress 3
Unreal Tournament
TimeSplitters 4
Beyond Good & Evil 2
Dead Space (a good one this time)

And probably a shitload more..

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#69 Posted by ConanTheStoner (17365 posts) -

I'm still holding out for FFXIII-4.

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#70 Posted by MirkoS77 (12830 posts) -

I'll put them into three categories:

Never gonna happen:

  • Panzer Dragoon Saga
  • Shenmue
  • Full Spectrum Warrior
  • Silent Hunter VI
  • Gradius
  • Homeworld

Maybe will happen:

  • Freedom Fighters
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Pikmin/Metroid
  • Prince of Persia

Pretty safe bet will happen:

  • TLoU 2
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#71 Edited by blamix99 (2685 posts) -

Red Dead 3

Kingdom Hearts 3

Arkham Knight

The Last of Us 2

Uncharted 4

Half Life 3

Mafia 3



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#72 Posted by Malta_1980 (11890 posts) -

Heavenly Sword, SOTC, Red Dead Redemption, Half Life, Total Annihilation, Command & Conquer, Rainbow Six, KOTOR, Zone of the Enders, Syphon Filter, Team Fortress, Destruction Derby, Marvel vs Capcom etc etc

These are just a few examples...

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#73 Edited by PAL360 (28898 posts) -

The Elder Scrolls 6

SW Battlefront 3

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Witcher 3

Mass Effect 4

Uncharted 4

Left 4 Dead 3

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#74 Posted by getyeryayasout (11536 posts) -

I'm also really looking forward to Titanfall 2, whenever that's going to be released. You just know that any issue with TF1 will be fixed, including the fact that I can't play it on my PS4.

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#75 Edited by bulby_g (1854 posts) -

Skate 4

Age Of Empires 4

Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 (I know it's coming but they will fudge it no doubt)

Skies of Arcadia 2

Metroid Prime 4

Suikoden 6

Fallout 4

Baten Kaitos 3 (or even just a HD release of Origins as we never got it in the EU)

Zelda U (this is coming of course, can't wait)

Half Life 3

ZombiU 2 (With a bit more thought this could be amazing, not going to happen though)

Mario 128 (I love Galaxy and 3D World but I'm still waiting for this :'()

Unreal Tournament (Can't wait for the new one)

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#76 Posted by nintendoboy16 (34150 posts) -

@bobbetybob said:

Guitar Hero 6 (not even kidding)

Won't lie. I'd like that too after replaying GH: Metallica.

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#77 Posted by Sword-Demon (7007 posts) -
  • Metroid
  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Dishonored
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#79 Posted by LostProphetFLCL (18526 posts) -

Dino Crisis 4 (I would give my left testicle for a proper DC4 that continues the story from DC2)

Resident Evil Outbreak 3 (I would even settle for an HD collection of the first 2 games)

Left 4 Dead 3 (The best multi-player game ever needs a sequel or there is no God!)

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#80 Posted by NoirLamia777 (3177 posts) -

Demons Souls 2.

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#81 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (9116 posts) -
@coedgaming said:

I just want Banjo Threeie

Is that too much to ask?!

I've been waiting for that since finishing Tooie.

Apparently, it's too much to ask. Microsoft would rather crank out crappy spinoffs, like Nuts and Balls.

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#82 Posted by DJ-Lafleur (35549 posts) -
  • Golden Sun 4 (Don't see this ever happening, but that's how I felt before the third game was announced, so who knows)
  • Metroid (Seems to be happening and Nintendo is in planning with it
  • Dishonored 2 (Might happen)
  • An old-school castlevania experience, especially with Super Castlevania's controls (sadly don;t see this happening)
  • Megaman (LOL capcom)
  • Paper Mario similar to the first two games (Maybe will happen. Would certainly be nice after Sticker Star's lameness)

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#83 Posted by faizan_faizan (7869 posts) -


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#84 Posted by StrifeDelivery (1901 posts) -

Warcraft 4

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#85 Posted by Ten_Pints (3084 posts) -

1. The Settlers (not the crap they made after that they called The Settlers)
2. UFO: Enemy Unknown (not a remake)
3. Freelancer (Perhaps Star Citizen will fill the gap)
4. Syndicate (not the FPS remake POS)
5. Captive II: Liberation (I kinda liked controlling robots to break into peoples houses to steal their credit cards and murder drug dealers).

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#87 Posted by deactivated-5851fca92f6f5 (100 posts) -
  1. Lost Odyssey 2
  2. Vanquish 2
  3. Dino Crisis 4
  4. Shadows of the Damned 2
  5. Dishonored 2
  6. Jade Empire 2

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#88 Posted by Big_Pecks (5973 posts) -

Metroid Prime 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

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#89 Edited by jsmoke03 (13696 posts) -
  • kotor 3
  • shining force 3
  • kingdom hearts 3
  • final fantasy xv
  • mass effect 4
  • dragon age inquisitions (just a couple more months)
  • skate 4
  • the last of us 2
  • jade empire 2
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#90 Edited by chernoalpha527 (169 posts) -

Fallout 4

New Mass Effect

New Deus

Brother in Arms 4

Republic Commando 2

New Starfox that is actually a worthy sequel to the 64 game

Darksiders 3

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#91 Edited by IgGy621985 (5454 posts) -

- Command & Conquer
- Half-Life
- isometric Fallout
- Mass Effect
- NFS Underground
- Age of Empires
- Warcraft
- Max Payne made by Remedy

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#92 Edited by Demonjoe93 (9869 posts) -

F-Zero and Crash Bandicoot.

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#93 Posted by 360ru13r (1777 posts) -


Yeah that game lol

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#94 Posted by immortality20 (8543 posts) -

I'd love to see any of the following, but fully expect to not see them

Banjo 3
Conker 2
Perfect Dark 2
Rock n Roll Racing 2/reboot
DmC 2 (Ninja theory sequel)
Condemned 3
Max Payne 4 (3 only sold 5 million+ copies, not enough for R*...sigh)
Darksiders 3
Ryse 2
Blur 2
Alan Wake 2
Alice Madness Returns 2

And I'm sure there's lots more I'm forgetting.

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#95 Posted by Kenny789 (10434 posts) -

Aside from a lot already mentioned, I'm just going to say "Rock Band 4", "Elite Beat Agents 2 (with DLC)", and "The Worlds Ends With You 2".

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#96 Edited by DocSanchez (4457 posts) -

Fez! Please wont somebody make a sequel please! I'm begging you!

Haha, No. But seriously I think I'd like a Shining Force traditional CRPG. I want to see the next Red Dead game. I want a proper new Ultima. I understand Richard Garriot is working on a spiritual successor which would at least be better than the dogshit IOS game we got a while back.

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#97 Posted by ironcreed (14192 posts) -

I want Dragon's Dogma 2 on Capcom's new Panta Rhei engine. One of my favorite new IPs from last gen.

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#98 Posted by Zelda187 (1047 posts) -

Oh yeah...and how the hell could I forget Freedom Fighters 2 and Shenmue 3?

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