Sega to reveal a new AAA game at Gamescom

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What do you think it is, SW? I'm thinking a new Yakuza game featuring a new protagonist. A new Yakuza game has been rumored quite a bit this year.

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#2 Posted by Heirren (2322 posts) -

Virtua Fighter.

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I don't think it's Yakuza, as new games are fully unveiled at TGS, plus there's a dedicated conference for the next game on the 28th.

Since it's at gamescom, my bet is that it's going to be a western focused title, so probably something from Relic since Creative Assembly has already said it's not them.

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Shenmue 3 and Streets of Rage 4 are already happening soooooo best guesses/hopes are...

Ecco the Dolphin


Jet Grind Radio

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Since its Sega its safe to say it will be shit regardless.

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Hoping for either proper Phantasy Star, Skies of Arcadia 2 or Panzer Dragoon. Either way I'm expecting something garbage coming from Sega unless they can prove me wrong. Prove me wrong Sega and I'll apologies.

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#7 Posted by xantufrog (11676 posts) -

Sonic Boom Unleashed!

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Skies of Arcadia Remake!!!

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What is Yakuza like CoD these days? I hope it's something new... highly unlikely, but I can think of many games I hope it will be (some already mentioned)... which it inevitably won't be.

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Phantasy Star, baby!

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Not Sega again!

If I see any Sega games being released to Playstation 5 and Xbox Scarlett then I will boycott them all!

The reason why I dislike Sega because they killed off Sega Rally!

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Will be creative assembly immersive FPS they are working on. i really hope. and no multiplayer please.

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Not that I follow Sega but, should be interesting.

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Personally hoping a Majima led Yakuza game with cabaret minigame expanded of course, oh and the minigame have Yakuza 0 music too. Kiwami 2 music for the cabaret minigames was terrible.

I do hope they fix Yakuza 6 ending a bit while at it cause man, it was TRASH!

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Hope it's Company of Heroes 3

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Would like a new knights but doubt it's that probably a new yazuka which I'm fine with.

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F-Zero GX 2. A man can dream..

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#19 Posted by Heirren (2322 posts) -


Id rather Nintendo do it, even though that is a great game.

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#20 Posted by IvanGrozny (924 posts) -

Warhammer Total War 3 lol

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Shining Force 4!!!!!!

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Since it's Gamescom and not TGS I will assume it's something from a western studio. Maybe Relic's next game?

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please let it be a Skies of Arcadia sequel/prequel with a surprise announcement of an HD remake/remaster for Skies of Arcadia!!

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If it's not Condemned 3 I don't give a SHIT!

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@freedom01: I'd soil my pants a little

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Not holding my breath... but a legit Phantasy Star 5 or Shining in the Darkness 2 would be amazing

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I would like a Aliens game that doesn't suck and isn't focus on stealth or MP just a great SP action FPS.

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#28 Posted by SolidGame_basic (24455 posts) -
@xantufrog said:

@freedom01: I'd soil my pants a little

Why a little? Why not all the way?

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@sakaixx: The whole story in YaKuza 6 was really bad and felt rushed. I could not believe how predictable the last quarter of the game was.

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@sleepnsurf: Condemned one was absolutely terrifying for it's time. It is a shame the second game flopped (even though I did not mind it)