Routine vs. Alien: Isolation vs. The Evil Within vs. SOMA

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Which survival horror do you think will do the best at both impressing and scaring the bejeezus out of us?

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I didn't see any weapons in Alien so that there is enough to scare me in the dark. The evil within looks like it will be one sick, wild ride.

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I'd go with evil within because its exactly like RE4 but with monsters that are actually scary.

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I reckon Frictional Games will delivers something amazing, they've had plenty of time to do so.

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I've been waiting for Routine to come out for the past 2 years. It looks so freaking cool.

I'm skeptical about Alien: Isolation, but the Evil Within looks awesome. S.O.M.A. had some really cool live action trailers, but I haven't really seen much gameplay, outside of one small trailer.

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The Evil Within has more gameplay to it. Easy win. Plus not to mention it's bringing back combat based survival horror. There's a lot riding on it for devs to finally realise what made survival horrors good before they cashed in with the COD crowd and butchered too many good survival horror franchises.

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The One with Co-Op, obviously. Naturally that rules out the 1st 3.

I've never heard of S.O.M.A. If its got co-op then theres your winner ! :D

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The best looking game from what I have seen so far is Routine. The game I expect to be best and what I am excited for more though is Alien: Isolation. I am looking forward to trying both those two and The Forest with the Oculus Rift.

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I doubt The Evil Within will be very scary, but it's gonna be the best for sure.

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I actually don't know. Each looks like it does something the others don't, they all also have bad spots that I don't really like about them so far

I'm most excited by The Evil Within just because of the pedigree behind it but I have a sinking feeling it will let me down.

I'm really looking forward to all of them though as well as "The Forest"

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Wow. Don't know. But I'm old as far as these boards go, and I remember the first Alien coming out in theaters. Even as a kid I was scared, but wanted to see it. I had to wait a number of years but did. If isolation captures what that film did, I will make poo poo in my pants.

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I think Routine will be the most Scary out of the bunch.

Alien : Isolation will likely be very tense but since most know what the Alien looks like then it'll loose a little on the scare factor.

The Evil Within looks to be tense and likely to have some moments that are scary and moments that aren't.

SOMA, Well it's done by the people that made Amnesia so it'll probably be very horrifying this time too.

So all in all, Looking forward to every one of them

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Anything except The Evil Within, looks like shit to be honest.

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Why is it whenever a horror game is brought up, people think backwards, not fowards ?

Seriously, its always about what they've played before and hope they get more of that. Creepy.

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The Evil Within seems to have mechanics from Shadows of the Damned which was slightly better than mediocre at best.

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Don't mess with SOMAs... they're addictive

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Routine seems to be the most interesting of the bunch,looks like something really special.

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If done right, Alien Isolation has potential if the AI is unpredictable and playing through it multiple times can still feel fresh. SOMA looks good visually and is creepy. I hope both games have good stories and set pieces that make them unique and worth revisiting.

Evil Within I imagine will probably get hated for having action, refined mechanics and weapons, and be criticized as not being survival horror if there's guns without high scarcity of ammo... I'm sure I'll like it regardless.

Still, I expect the same old hater or "I'm a purist" rhetoric, like "it wasn't scary" or "there's too much ammo and health supplies".

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@ lamprey263

From you'l get: "Wheres the co-op ?"

I should make that my Sig.

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both looks scary i buy both of them

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Both? There are 4 games in question here.

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@blangenakker said:

I reckon Frictional Games will delivers something amazing, they've had plenty of time to do so.

Agreed. I can't wait to hear more about Frictional's title.

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The Evil Within is the spiritual successor to the greatest game ever made. Its not even going to be close.

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The Evil Within is the one I'm most looking forward to. It's the spiritual successor to Resident Evil 1-4, after all.

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I love horror games and love what Amnesia has done for the horror sect, I just hope devs don't chase the 'amnesia clone' pot of gold. The three on the list besides Evil Within are pretty much the same game if you step back and look at them. Just reskinned with different plots, themes and a few personal quirks but all have the basic 'hide'&'seek' gameplay, and that gets old fast. That's why for The Evil Within to be successful is so important.