Ressurrection: Controller War!

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@ best buy is having a week deal of buy xbone controller and get a 20 gift card. in store and online. check it out. you prollly remember me saying a lot of crap about the controller in pasts days. but im here to confirm its beautiful match with dark souls 2. even other games man. its just so tight. so much better then any other controller out there. hafun and enjoy that 20 gift card. I knows I wills lmfao! peace and may the force be reckoned on you lol!

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Wtf is this?

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This is amazing. It has a mix of stupidity and ignorance. Well done TC.

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I like the X1 controller but the 360 is still my favorite.

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that's some nice advertising you doin there, but they gonna lock this thread. you need 500 posts

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The OP of this thread is weird and this thread does not promote any discussion at all.You also have ot have 500 posts to create a thread on SW. Read the SW survival guide for more info on this rule.