Resident Evil 7 is mostly Xbox One exclusive.

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Well at least console exclusive.

Console gamers can play only on Xbox One, or master race PC. No PLAYSTATION 4 AT ALL.

Microsoft paid crytek money, now we have Ryse

Microsoft paid Crystal Dynamics money, now we have Tomb Raider

Microsoft paid Capcom money, now we have Dead Rising 3

Well, because Capcom owns Dead Rising and Resident Evil, it´s simple that Resident Evil is also Xbox One exclusives.

You play this on Microsoft console, or on PC. PS4 owners are only PS4 owners, so no Dead Rising, Tomb Raider or Resident Evil for Sony owners.

We even had source that told that Dead Rising will be Xbox One console exclusive, and they were right. Same source said same thing about Resident Evil.

If you watch closely, those companies has low profit, so Microsoft easily pays them money, they earn profit and make PC and Xbox One game.

Tomb Raider, Dead Rising, Resident Evil are gone. What next? Final Fantasy?

Timed exclusive means its coming on PC, not PS4

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Mostly exclusive? Is that your way of saying it's not exclusive?

So you're basically just making shit up

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Link, or it didn't happen.