rank the gens

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In terms of overall enjoyment - not just how good it was for its time.

which gen has the games you'd want to go back and replay.

1. Six (PS2/GCN/XBX)

2. Five (N64/PS1)

3. Four (SNES/GEN)

4. Seven (360/PS3/Wii)

5. One-Two (Atari/Arcade)

6. Three (NES)

Generation 8 could be in 2nd place at high estimate and 4th place at low estimate.

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Probably Six. I had the original Xbox but never bought a PS2, (hey I was a young lad back then and had to depend on my parents to buy me things) Maybe I missed out on a lot of great games (not having a PS2) but I thoroughly enjoyed my Xbox. It brings back so many great memories, one of them being Knights of the Old Republic. I remember packing up my Xbox and going over to my grandparents house for a sleep over, setting up the Xbox on their spare TV and just gaming with my little bro all night. Gosh I loved that game.