R.I.P. as Sony discontinues one of the best systems ever.

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#52 Posted by AcidTango (1399 posts) -

Too bad the Vita will never be as successful as the PSP ever was.

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Got it at launch with Wayne Gretzky hockey and MGA. Played Acid multiplayer with a buddy at work, endlessly. Great handheld, great times with it.

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@Bread_or_Decide said:

Geez. I remember all the hate the PSP got on release. Now its beloved. What a world.

Also Metal Gear Acid ruled. I said it. Deal with it.

idk what you guys are talking about. The PSP had a really strong start with a ton of fan support and was actually starting to catch up to the DS but then Nintendo released the DS Lite and Mario Kart bundles and it was over.

Man, the PSP had like one of the best launch line ups ever. Wipeout Pure, Twisted Metal: Head-On, Metal Gear Ac!d and Lumines(amazing game) being highlights. The PSP was like the exact opposite of the DS. It had a strong start and fizzled out and the DS had one of the worst launches I'ver seen with a horrible drought following for like a whole year then really picking up after that.

That said I found the PSP to be incredibly disappointing after that. By 2009 you'd just see the occasionaly decent release every few months.

Have admit though, the first time I got my PSP and played it, that was one of the few moments in game that I was blown away. Playing near console quality games(at that time) on a little handheld. It was absolutely amazing, aside from playing my 360 for the first time I have not been impressed like that since. Graphics have just been improving comparatively more incrementally and I've been gaming longer so it's harder to be impressed

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@MonsieurX said:

RIP you magnificent portable emulator machine

Heh, that's my first thought, too.

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Ugh it still pisses me off that Crisis Core is not on PSN and Type-0 won't be released west. I hate you Square Enix of America.

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I thought they discontinued it shortly after the Vita came out?