PS4&Vita bundles <£500 + PS4s available without pre-order.

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Sony has confirmed PlayStation 4 and Vita bundles, to go on sale at select shops from this evening for a little under £500.

Sony UK has worked with retailers to encourage what it calls a "soft bundle" that includes both consoles. Some shops won't be able to offer the deal because of PS4 stock availability, but the expectation is most will from tonight alongside the launch of the PS4 in Europe.

Gara said the PS4, which goes for £349 on its own, and the Vita, which you can pick up for around £150 depending on the model type, will be bundled together for a little under £500 - so we're looking at a saving of around £10.


Not pre-ordered a PlayStation 4 and still want one at midnight?150 Tesco Extra stores will stock Sony's next-gen console across the UK tonight.

You can use Tesco's handy PS4 midnight launch store checker to find your nearest branches which will stock the console.

No pre-order is necessary, which means that you might want to get there in good time - you probably won't be the only one.

The retailer is going head-to-head with Asda,which will also sell the PlayStation 4 from tonight in 155 of its stores (although not all are open at midnight).

We listed all the relevant Asda branches earlier this week. Be aware that consoles will be sold on a first come, first served basis and be limited to one per customer.

Best of luck!


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@danabo: Wow just look at dem savings. Not really the bargain I was hoping for. HMV have vitas for £120 so not really worthwhile.

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£70 more than a XBO, £20 more than XB with a game. I'd personally rather have two consoles for that money; though it's all down to individual taste and ideologies on value.

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so it's basically the price of buying a PS4 and Vita separately