PS4 or Gaming PC neeed helps !

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-Dont ever buy laptops for gaming. Its never worth it. They will always overheat and be too expensive

-If your budget for a pc is the same for your console. Then go with the console... PC has a higher upfront cost,but cheaper games/no pay for online etc. If your budget for a pc is like 500 or 600.. Go console... I would say $1000 is the sweet spot for a very good gaming pc

-games...... nuff said. go for whatever platform has the majority of games you want to play. Dont look at it in the short term.. Its obvious Xbox one has the better launch line up over the Ps4, But Xbone is going to be terrible in all multiplats and only get worst and worst as the years go by. And in my opinion most of the top scoring games are multiplats.

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Well knowing that the Ps4 is 400 $ + 50 $ per year for a total of 650 $ in total i had a budget of 1000 $ with a monitor since i don't have one. If i buy a PC i will be able to pay my next laptop real cheap like 300-400 $ max only for school while if i buy a ps4 i will have to buy a better laptop since it will be for my everyday like PC.

If i buy a ps4 i won't be able to play online game on PC like bless or black desert and i won't be able to play last gen game like dark soul 2 or metro last light

If i buy a PC i can't play Destiny !!! And god that seems like my dream game.

Ps4 break and i am dead loosing lot of $ if Pc break i can replace piece by piece, but i don't intend to put money to upgrade my PC otherwise in the next 5 years.

See my point, sooo hard to choose !! what you think of it ?

Question : Do having a better fps give you better advantage in multplayer game for PC (would be another positive point for ps4 since everybody is equal)

Won't buy a warranty it's only add more on the cost would make PC much more positive

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PC now, PS4 later after price drop?

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Go for the PS4 now, you will at least get a service from SONY if it breaks under warranty.

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no an alternative for me i won't put money on 2 gaming Platform :P

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@rogun12 said:


no an alternative for me i won't put money on 2 gaming Platform :P

if you get a PS4, why do you need a more expensive laptop?

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basically i listen to a lot emission, movie or video on my laptop, + i don't want some shity slow PC for work and what i have to do on internet like research or just loosing time and i doubt a 300 $ laptop will be fast and not buggy.

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Gaming PC,better and more games,better controller,better graphics and performance,can go over last gen 1080p,you can do more with a great PC...if you're intelligent you go with it.. no need to describe what kind of person would pick a ps4 over the superior PC gaming experience.

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@rogun12: So dude. Your budget is total $1000 including the PS+ subscription?

What is your budget for games over this time?

Console games cost more, but if you look after them you can sell them used.

PC Games cost less, but in almost all cases they cannot be on sold. One way street with money.

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only dumb people buy macs to play games on, and for that reason I wouldn't really call it a PC either When someone says PC you never think about macs even though technically they are, and so are laptops technically, and you can even go further and say tablets, and smart phones are also "PC". The marketting term for PC is what we are going by, so a PC is a desktop with windows running on it. Anyways, to the OP, go grab a PC, one that runs windows and forget the ps4, the games are pretty much junk anyway.

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Gaming PC, if you're hardcore enough.

Not everyone is.

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ITT: AMD655 mentally masturbating

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@wis3boi said:

ITT: AMD655 mentally masturbating

Learns new word, fails to use it appropriately.


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If you don´t want to build your PC by yourself (or with some outside help), then you are better off with PS4, but there is a very high risk that it will break in a couple of years and you will have to buy a new one.

Gaming desktop PCs mostly don´t break. I still have a working PC from 2001.

Consoles break often, gaming desktop PCs don´t.

Another option would be to wait for Steam Machines, which are PC-console hybrids.

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@AMD655 said:

@wis3boi said:

ITT: AMD655 mentally masturbating

Learns new word, fails to use it appropriately.


I rest my case

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  • Mac
  • Laptop
  • mini-ITX
  • E-ATX desktop
  • Steam machine running Steam OS

They're all PCs. Things like the "PC CDROM Software" badge on software boxes are simply to differentiate between machines that run an operating system other than Windows without directly saying it's Windows. I think they changed it though a while back and it now tends to just say "Windows." At the back of the old boxes you would see in the system requirements something that says you need Windows OS to run that version of the software.

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@rogun12: You can save alot of money on that pc by doing those simple thinks.

Drop the power supply to a good quality 550-600W instead the 750W you chose ( 550W more than enough for any single GPU out there ). Thats $30-40 savings

Drop the SSD if you want to save money ( though is nice the general performance it brings and the improvement in loading times it plays no role at all in game performance ). Thats another $100 and you can easily add an SSD later if you want

Drop to an FX 6xxx series if you want to save even more. Thats another $30-40

You can probably save another $10-20 by getting a bit cheaper case

You can also save $40-50 by getting a 7950 instead the 7970. 7950 is not that far off 7970 and has a slightly better price/performance ratio ( By comparison Ps4 has a cut down 7870 like gpu ). For 1080p 7950 is perfect

Look around for a cheaper motherboard. You can find alot of good and reliable motherboards with $100. Thats $20 more

Dont get a water cooler unless you do extreme overclocking. A coolermaster hyper 212+ for half the price is an amazing cooler and will be near silent and will allow you to do some decent overclocking. Thats another $25-30 savings

You can always use your HDTV for gaming with a pc if you dont wanna buy a monitor

Do that and you will save $250-300