PS4 Japan Launch success.....(gravure idol stream)

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So PS4 launched in Japan today. Lots of sold PS4s and excitement.

PS4 instantly number 1 in Amazon Japan....

:D Then this happens....

Thank me later SW, this is why USTREAM was created....

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They're not that good looking

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ITT: Asian squirting.

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Well she gave that controller happy ending

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@IamAdorable said:

ITT: Asian squirting.

LMAO. You win the internet good sir.

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When does she test out the vibrate function?

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More sales for the QUAD. :D

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That's means more Asians on cam eh.........I guess my hand is going to be raw

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They need adult stream section because sexually frustrate twitch mod always ban.

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There is a thread with this stuff already potsed, in fact YOU posted that stream there yourself TC. For shame.