Ps4 Exclusive Deep Down Trademark Got Renewed Again From Capcom.

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Source: Dual Shockers

“Capcom PS4 exclusive Deep Down is one of the biggest mysteries of this console generation, and it just gave a small sign of life once again. The publisher filed a request to extend the time to file a statement of use with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which was approved today.

The game was introduced with great fanfare at the presentation that unveiled the PS4 to the world, together with its advanced current-generation engine Panta Rhei. A steady stream of news followed between 2013 and 2014, including a playable appearance at Tokyo Game Show. Yet, on Christmas day 2014 we got the last batch of official screenshots, and in February 2015, we saw the last glimpse of footage in a recruitment video, while Producer Yoshinori Ono promised that the project was still alive, mentioning that the game’s concept was completely changed and would become much bigger than before.” More at Dual Shockers.

Deep Down trademark has been extended again meaning that the development Could be still ongoing. This game hasn't been seen since 2015, and the only news surrounding it has been trademark extensions, so maybe it'll come out eventually?

So what do you guys think SW, will this game be shown at Tokyo game Show or will they wait again.

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Never knew it was exclusive.

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@Ant_17 said:

Never knew it was exclusive.

F2P exclusive

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@Ant_17: @Ant_17: It was annouced to be a Ps4 exclusive for Sony.

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no one cares about it

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Maybe they're transforming it into SP Capcom's Souls.

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Hopefully, they took it back to the drawing board to remove the Games as a Service F2P nonsense, and made it a full, normal game.

Hopefully, they DIDNT take it back to the drawing board, and shoehorn a "battle royale" mode into it, or similar such nonsense.

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Did they ever use the panti raid engine for anything?

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was this suppose to be their version of dark souls

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@resevl4rlz: Essentially, I think. Then it just became a running joke.

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I'd rather a Dino Crisis reboot.

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Just in time for the PS5 gci trailer reboot.

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this game is vaporware for now, maybe it'll pop up again in a few years, but a trademark renewal is just them doing a trademark "dibs" to save it for another day, sure even Rockstar renews Agent trademarks even though that idea is dead as ever

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@Syn_Valence said:


Seriously! I really think that Capcom just hates money or something because that game sold so fast -- especially on PC.

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It's nice to see that DMC5 got a domain name registered by Capcom.

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Wake me up when it's done, lmao!

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@k--m--k: It seems Sony and Sony has a ton of titles that's in production for like 4 years, between this bloodborne 2 and Devil May Cry 5, this is why I like Playstation. Honestly I wish Microsoft or Nintendo would have an exclusive like this.