PS3 or 360 for singleplayer?

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#1 Posted by CaptainAhab13 (5121 posts) -

I am a generation behind as far as gaming is concerned due to costs of new vs. used systems, new vs. used games, current vs. previous generation, etc.

I am only really interested in singleplayer experiences, seeing as I do my multiplayer gaming on Steam.

Which console, the 360 or the PS3 Slim, would you recommend, and why?

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#2 Posted by Vatusus (8421 posts) -

PS3 definitely. The best SP experiences of the current gen are there imo.

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#3 Edited by ImBatman- (1279 posts) -

PS3 easily.

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#4 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (18733 posts) -

360 hands down.

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#5 Posted by Blabadon (33030 posts) -

PS3. Better sales and more single player worthy exclusives.

Though if you're a fan of Gears and Halo above all else, their campaigns are awesome on the 360. It's also cheaper.

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#6 Posted by mjf249 (3000 posts) -

PS3 has better SP games in my opinion, Xbox caters more to multiplayer games. I rarely play SP games on Xbox.

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PS3 by a fair margin.

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#8 Posted by sukraj (27508 posts) -

360 for all my single player games.

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#9 Posted by Malta_1980 (11890 posts) -

PS3 !!

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#10 Posted by rjdofu (9171 posts) -

Sony consoles.

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#12 Posted by MirkoS77 (12920 posts) -

I used to say 360 as I find it to have a much better controller, but of recent the fan's been almost (literally) as loud as my DustBuster.

I play mostly all my games now on my PS3. Plus I'm a bit pissed at MS for what they tried to pull at E3.

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#13 Posted by _Matt_ (10447 posts) -

PS3 no doubt.

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#14 Posted by XxR3m1xInHDn3D (2365 posts) -

PS3 for single player which is why I always purchase each Playstation at the end of the gen.

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#15 Posted by GhoX (6267 posts) -

Buy second hand PS3.

Rent all the exclusives.

Sell second hand PS3 after 2 weeks.

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PS3 has the best exclusives, and is best for single player. Xbox 360 is better for multiplayer and online.

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@CaptainAhab13 said:

I am a generation behind as far as gaming is concerned due to costs of new vs. used systems, new vs. used games, current vs. previous generation, etc.

Easy choice PS3. Almost everything about PS3 is worse than 360 but you won't know the difference if you never played a 360. More important, you haven't play jack s**t modern games. Buy a PS3 and get PS+. You won't be in the camp that's like, "I play every game the day it comes out so PS+ is a waste." You'll be immediately inundated with more games than you could possibly play and beat in a month and each month you get more and more.

And these aren't like a*s crack quality games. They're good AAA caliber stuff. Everything better about 360 is ruthlessly crushed by PS+ for people that don't buy a ton of new games or haven't played most of what PS+ offers.

Plus, unless you like shooters, PS has a better exclusive library.