PS Vita Owners, What Do You Think of the System?

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With the PS4 and Xbox One both releasing within the next week and a half, it's easy to forget that the next generation of handheld gaming began quite a while back, and especially Sony's foray into that with the PlayStation Vita.

On the whole, the PS Vita has struggled, with marketing, sales, third party developer and publisher support, and consumer perception. This year, however, things have begun to look better for it, with the system's sales stabilizing at a somewhat respectable, if not great, level, and with its connectivity with the PS4 poised to give it a second wind.

This thread is for PS Vita owners only. No, people who have played the console but don't own it, please try to refrain from answering. But for those of you who bought Sony's newest handheld, what do you think about the system? What are your expectations from it? What do you expect going forwards?

Also, if you would like to, please answer the following questions:

  • What model of the system do you have?
  • How many games do you have for it?
  • What is your favorite game on the system?
  • What accessories do you own for it?
  • What game are you looking forward to the most?

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My answers to the questions:

  1. I own a 3G PlayStation Vita
  2. I own seven games for the PlayStation Vita, with roughly another 8-10 coming from PS+
  3. Persona 4 Golden. Obviously.
  4. Absolutely nothing, though I should get it a carrying case soon.
  5. Final Fantasy X HD and Ys.
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I just want more games, more diversity. In the end, the PSP was one of my least favorite consoles and I'm hoping the Vita doesn't become that.

  • Wifi model
  • I only bought Persona 4 Golden, though I have numerous other games from PS+
  • Persona 4 Golden
  • Nada
  • Uh... I suppose Final Fantasy X HD. There are some released games that I'm hoping to pick up though. Dragon's Crown and Killzone: Mercenary (this is going to be $20 at Walmart on Black Friday FYI)
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Love the OLED screen and the feel of the system. I also love being able to buy PSP games on it since I never owned one of those. It needs more quality exclusives and support from Sony.

  • What model of the system do you have? White OLED wi-fi.
  • How many games do you have for it? Five Vita games.
  • What is your favorite game on the system? Persona 4 Golden--the reason I bought the system.
  • What accessories do you own for it? Docking charger.
  • What game are you looking forward to the most? Memories of Celceta and Tearaway.
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Also, if you would like to, please answer the following questions:

  • What model of the system do you have? Wifi
  • How many games do you have for it?
  • Uncharted golden abyss

    Final Fantasy 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories

    Jak And Daxter Trilogy

    Gravity Rush

    Legend of heroes : trials in the sky

    Lunar Silver Star Story

    Persona 4

    Playstation all stars

    ys seven

    Legacy of kain

    Spyro 3

    Resident evil 3

    Monster Hunter

    Crash Bandicoot 3

    Wild Arms

    Hotline Miami


    Tomb Raider 2

    Socom 3

    Star Wars Battlefriend

    Sega megadrive collection

    Persona 2

    Parasite Eve 2

    The warriors

    Sid Miers : Pirates

    Spectral Vs Generation


    Harvest moon

    Innocent life


  • What is your favorite game on the system? Persona 4
  • What accessories do you own for it? None
  • What game are you looking forward to the most? Ys

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  • White one (edit: wi-fi) from AC: Liberation Bundle
  • 13. A ton more if you count indies, PSP, and classic games. Several times more
  • Persona 4 Golden, no question.
  • Charger? lol
  • Gravity Rush 2, Freedom Wars, Danganronpa, Borderlands 2, Minecraft, Tearaway, Walking Dead Season 2 (hopefully they make decisions transferable from PS3). The most would probably be Gravity Rush 2.

The system is an excellent system. The support for it is okay, but nothing to be preaching to the choir. The fact that there was a lot I missed out on for PSP makes it a lot better, mind you.

I'd absolutely love it if Persona 5 and Zero Escape Volume 3 found their way onto the system in the near future. Would be sequels to some of my favorite games of recent years. Both felt so right on the system, especially Persona.

As for what I want out of it... Just more support. Hell, even if localization percentages go up it'd be considerably better.

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I have the white wifi model

I have: project diva F, shinobido, persona 4, assassins creed, disgaea 3, hot shots golf, gravity rush, ps all stars, dragons crown.
I do have a lot of other games, but they aren't vita games. They are psp/ps1 games.

dragons crown is my fav

My accessories :P

Looking forward to Ys: Memories of Celceta

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I own a 3g/wifi launch model

I purchased 3 games Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ragnarok Odyssey, and PlayStation all-stars battle royal. The rest of my games are from PlayStation Plus.

Ragnarok Odyssey is probably my favorite game, definitely the one I've spent the most time playing.

I have a Nyko Power grip for the vita, the Official Ps vita carrying case, and a 32gb memory card (upgraded from the 8gb that came with the system)

My most anticipated game is Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, and getting Soul Sacrifice from PSN Plus.

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What model of the system do you have?

Wifi model Vita type-1

How many games do you have for it?

5 Games, more on PS+ but my PS+ expired

What is your favorite game on the system?

Persona 4 Golden, Virtue Last Reward

What accessories do you own for it?


What game are you looking forward to the most?

Dangan Ronpa

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I bought my Vita a few weeks after launch I believe. I always loved the PSP so it was a no brainer to trade all that in and get a vita.

I got the first model

6 games. Uncharted; MGS collection; Resistance burning skies; Ninja Gaiden Sigma +; KZ mercenary; Arkham origins Blackgate

KZ mercenary


Not sure, is Injustice gods among us out for vita yet?

Edit. I have another memory card (effin hate those Sony) with like five PSP games and a few PS1 classics on it

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the original model.

too many to count. (a lot of indies)

rayman origins with persona 4 golden a close second and machinarium a close third

got a case and cover free with my muramasa

nothing really interests me.. i might end up getting final fantasy X but i have already completed the game

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  1. What model of the system do you have?
  2. How many games do you have for it?
  3. What is your favorite game on the system?
  4. What accessories do you own for it?
  5. What game are you looking forward to the most?

  1. 3G Vita
  2. Geez, 6, I think...I didn't bother counting the digital games I have on Vita.
  3. Gravity Rush/Daze.
  4. 8GB and 16GB memory card.
  5. Soul Sacrifice, maybe Tearaway.

I'm not much of a handheld gamer, I'd much rather play using my HDTVs and 7.1/5.1 surround sound. I like these machines for Traveling/Dentist office wait. A lot of great games come to handhelds, but for me it's just a preference and time. I have the technology, I want to see what I consider the creme de la creme.

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1. Wifi first edition bundle version. Was early to the Vita party.

2. 20-ish physical and download Vita software. Missing a few PS+ games like Gravity Rush from my memory card, and not counting PSP format software. I've got rid of a few like Little Deviants along the way.

3.Choosing between P4G and VLR is impossible.

4. 32gb memory card that i would love to bring up to 64gb, charger, cradle, hard case, Muramasa screen protector and system shell, and I'll grab my tablet stylus occasionally for the extra precision.

5. Dunno....might pick up Batman and I suppose Tearaway.

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I love it and don't understand the "But it haz no gamez!!1" thing. Bought the Wifi Vita like 7-8 months ago for 170 Euro with a carrying case and have never regretted it. The only thing they really could improve is the price for memory cards. Anyway, games. I own...

Virtue's Last Reward, Rayman Origins, Mortal Kombat, Hot Shots Golf, Unit 13, Sonic Allstars Racing, Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Lumines as retail and Hotline Miami, MGS 1, Loot the Land and Rocketbirds in digital form and probably something else I can't remember right now. I realize that I could get most of those games on other systems but I wanted them for the Vita and they fit perfectly. Hotline Miami for example is far more enjoyable than the PC version.

I still want stuff like Dragon's Crown, Tearaway, Muramasa, Uncharted, Kllzone, Persona 4 Golden, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, Batman, Marvel vs. Capcom, Shinobido 2, MGS Collection, Ragnarok Odyssey, Guacamelee and more, so I'm not worried about running out of things to play. Game I'm looking forward to the most at the moment would be Terraria.

A few more interesting exclusives wouldn't hurt but like I said, I don't regret the purchase. It's a great addition to my other systems.

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This is the last one of these I do. I don't feel like doing the wii u one so..

1. wifi Og model

2. 27 (retail only)

3. Souls Sacrifice or killzone

4. carrying case, trigger grip, and soon to be a portable battery charger

5.Ys! Tearaway! Danganronpa!

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1. Crystal White from AC3L Bundle. Wifi only.

2. 3 games only. Rest are Plus.

3. P4G/KZM/SS equally but it really depends on my mood.

4. Screen protector, condom and a 16 GB card.

5. Freedom Wars and Project Diva f/F2nd.


It will remain a niche product until the product gets discontinued. Sell the least w/ the widest gap among PS3/360/WiiU/3DS/X1/PS4.

The only region it has the chance to break into more of a commercial success is in Japan (handheld land).

There's only going to be 2 KZM/UCGA-tier exclusive titles and that's it for Western support. The rest are ports (including bigger titles like BL2) or Japanese games.

I expect Sony to sell a twoRemote Play Editions after the inevitable PCH-30003/K, 3-4 years from now. Near future feedback on the PS4 and VITA's relationship will affect this.

Both will have the missing sets of physical buttons (L2/L3/R2/R3) and have Full HD screens or 720p, have Rumble and have a better Wireless Chip. No more downsampling 720p to 544p to the previous VITA's screen.

Both will be a slightly larger device with 5.5-6 inch screens. Larger sticks and buttons will help ergonomics. 2-4mm thicker than the OG VITA (PCH-1000).

One of them is basically just a controller with a screen sold at $ 89.99 or $ 99.99. Still has a mic and stereo speakers.

The other can be considered a VITA 1.5. (PCH-4000/ PRP-1000). A system capable of being standalone as well as the best VITA for Remote Play. This will cost $ 229.99 and only 4GB built in storage.

Memory cards will become cheaper every 2 years.

VITA TV may evolve into a better set-top box by working with Google for some Android functionality.

If Sony decides to not have a full fledged next generation VITA, the platform is likely to be absorbed into their mobile division; The Transforming Xperia VITA will materialize. This ain't your Xperia Play, this will have full access to PSV/PSP PSN libraries and more unlike the former.

It will have detachable controllers similar to Moga Ace but a lot more sleeker and premium looking:

Loading Video...

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the hardware is fantastic. i always thought the PSP was a sort of half finished prototype but the vita is looks and feels like the finished article. lovely screen, excellent build quality, nice controls and the back touch surface is a nice idea. just a couple of annoyances like getting carts into and out of the vita is fiddely and its very easy to block the speakers when using the sticks. even if ti was just as powerful as a PSP it would still be a massive improvement.

it also has a pretty darn solid bunch of games now and, with the recent price drop, its certainly worth a look.

the only catch is the memory cards. still an absolute rip off. i would advise getting as big a memory card as you can as getting more than 1 can be annoying. even with the new model (which has 1GB built in i think) i would still say a memory card of at least 16GB is needed for the long haul. if you intend to buy mostly from PSN (or use PSN+) then go even bigger if possible.

the future is not so good though at the moment games wise. tearaway next week. Ys next year (in europe)......then its back to the backlog. at the moment it looks like sony are going to shift the focus to treating the vita as a PS4 accessory which is a real shame as its still a brilliant gaming machine in its own right.

hopefully sony will have some very nice surprises next year but at the mo not confident.

i have said it before...i really wish nintendo made the vita.

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I want to want the Vita, I really do, but so far I can't. It is the lack of games that is holding me back. Even that persona game didn't look to interesting to me and I can also get it on my PS3. But to be far, there are games like Ys coming to it that interest me. But as it stands, it will be a secondary purchase after the 3DS XL. I will admit that I would want it a LOT more if I didn't have a PS3. As I look at the Vita's library, I see a lot of watered down PS3 games that turn me off to the system because I have no interest in those games. Well once you remove those games, there isn't much left that interest me. This same rule might apply to the 3DS XL if I had a Wii U, but I don't. So right off the bat, I have like 10 3DS games to buy. The biggest thing that even keeps the Vita in play for me against the 3DS XL is all the games I have on PS+ that I would have instant access to like Gravity Rush for example.

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Wonder Woman exclaims.

" Greatest handheld I ever owne with the greatest library of games. Looking forward to using it with the ps4."

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  • 1000 PCH WI-FI launch model
  • 13 physical games, and about 3-4 digital games.
  • Killzone: Mercenary. I play it the most, but I also like Disgaea 3 and LBP.
  • The official Sony case that came with the starter pack, along with a card case.
  • I'm pretty hyped for Tearaway, it comes out this Friday, can't wait. I also look forward to, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush 2 and Hyperdimension: Neptuia.
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  • Black OG Wifi
  • 11 something: Uncharted, P4G, MHFU, Ninja Gaiden S+, Dynasty Warrior+, Muramasa, LBP and a bunch of indies
  • P4G
  • A case, 8Gb memory card,
  • None
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I have the wifi white AC bundle

I have 15 games and thats not counting cross buy stuff

If I had to pick a favorite Gravity rush would be on top with shinobido 2 second. Shinobido got alot of hate in reviews but idk I just really enjoyed it. I also beat P4G and that game is awesome no doubt about it but idk if its my favorite vita game.

Only accessory I own is the muramasa case witch is awesome by the way. Its durable and its quick easy acess to my vita.

Im dieing for YS to come out. I already got my SE pre order paid.Wouldint be shocked if that turned into my favorite vita game. I also have my eye on trigger happy havoc and maybe demon gaze.

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Mine is basically my Persona machine.

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Amazing system......with many good games.

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I have about a dozen retail games and another 12-15 downloadable games.

Vita is starting to get even more usage from me because of Remote Play with PS4

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  • What model of the system do you have?
  • How many games do you have for it?
  • What is your favorite game on the system?
  • What accessories do you own for it?
  • What game are you looking forward to the most?
  • New 2000 white
  • 0 now, buying Wipeout, LBP and Tearaway
  • don't know yet
  • none but earphones and case are coming
  • Tearaway
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Wifi model

P4G, Gravity Rush, VLR, BlazBlue, LBPVITA, Atelier Totori, PSABR

P4G without doubt and competition

A cheap case with a 16gb memory stick

Y's, Hatsune miku 2, and Delayed Final Fantasy X/X-2

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It had arguably one of the best launch lineups in history, it's just sad I have no interest in handhelds. Sony will abandon this market if they know what's good for them.