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#1 Posted by thrones (12178 posts) -

Which controller of the current gen games do you prefer?

Simple question really, just trying to get a little poll going as to what different people enjoy for using as an input. Personally, Keyboard and Mouse is the best for me. Followed by Xbox360 and Dual Analog roughly equal and then the Wiimote. I didn't include DS touch screen..why? Because I'm 'Meh' towards handhelds.

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#2 Posted by Can-o-Mark (3844 posts) -
Depends on the game. Though if I were forced to choose one, I'd go for keyboard and mouse.
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#3 Posted by Meu2k7 (11809 posts) -
Keyboard and Mouse. Then 360 controller, then Wii Mote, then DS2
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#4 Posted by EntwineX (5858 posts) -
KB/M, it's the most versatile and intuitive for me. But I do like the 360 controller also and use it for many games, so it also depends on the game type.
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#5 Posted by thrones (12178 posts) -
Seems alot of people like the KB/M, anyone prefer the controllers here?
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#6 Posted by NamelessPlayer (7729 posts) -
Forcing myself to one method of input can be downright asinine at times. Try playing somelike like Falcon 4.0 or IL-2 Sturmovik with just a keyboard and mouse-the results won't be pretty. A dual-analog gamepad won't help much, either-what you need is full-blown Hands-On Throttle And Stick with a set of rudder pedals and a TrackIR in that case. (Okay, you don't really NEED those things, but they'll give you that much-needed edge in a dogfight...) As for the FPSs, KB+M wins by a mile. Most people just can't aim with a twiddlystick like they can with a mouse, myself included. (However, I must say that the Wiimote+Nunchuk combo does lend a nice touch of immersion to FPSs, what with the actually pointing and shooting and all.) Platformers and fighting games are where the dual-analog gamepads shine. (On the other hand, if it's a platformer that would play better with a digital D-Pad rather than an analog stick for rapid direction changes-say, that frustration fest known as I Wanna Be The Guy-I'd want to make sure that the pad in question is NOT my wireless X360 gamepad. I don't know what MS was thinking with that horrible D-Pad.) Racing games either play best with dual-analog gamepads(arcadey titles like Burnout)or full-fledged racing wheels(sims like GTR2), and in the latter's case, you'll probably want to throw in a TrackIR as well.
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#7 Posted by EuroMafia (7026 posts) -
Controller (360) for most games.
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#8 Posted by anshul89 (5704 posts) -
Depends on the game really. Its a good thing the PC has the largest selection of input devices :)
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#9 Posted by hayato_ (5146 posts) -

Dreamcast controller.

I liked it for fighting games for some reason .

Other than that, I'd have to say DS3. The controller just fits the hand, like its molded to it.

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#10 Posted by rimnet00 (11003 posts) -
*looks at poll* seems like PC gaming is dying.
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#11 Posted by NFS102 (27011 posts) -

I'm just not into the keyboard and mouse. I love the analog stick though. i'll choose the 360 controller.

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#12 Posted by Udsen (3389 posts) -

*looks at poll* seems like PC gaming is dying.rimnet00

Jump in to inferior games!

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#13 Posted by rimnet00 (11003 posts) -

[QUOTE="rimnet00"]*looks at poll* seems like PC gaming is dying.Udsen

Jump in to inferior games!


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#14 Posted by murat8 (10362 posts) -
it all depends on the game for basketball games I like the 360 controller of the PS3 controller their basically the same for RTS game the mouse & keyboard and for puzzles the wii-mote
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#15 Posted by haris12121212 (7560 posts) -

Depends, Keyboard + Mouse on PC for FPS/WRPG/Strategy Games, Xbox 360 (by far the most confortable imo) for console FPS games, and I mostly use it on PC for sports games. And the Dual Shock for the rest (JRPG for exemple)

Can't comment on the Wiimote, hope I get a wii soon...

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#16 Posted by johnny27 (4400 posts) -
depends on the game altough for any fps or rts defintly a KB/M and for stuff like fighting games i wouldnt think of playing without a controller.
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#17 Posted by Marth6781 (2564 posts) -
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#18 Posted by Jynxzor (9313 posts) -
I like the fell of the PS controlers, then next I would rate KBM.