Pachter: "PlayStation 5 Will Be Dead on Arrival..."

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#1 Posted by loco145 (12128 posts) -

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter recently painted a wild price tag on Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 5 console. He said that the Japanese giant could price the successor to the PlayStation 4 at a whopping $800.

Such crazy pricing could kill Sony’s next PlayStation. But the company has dropped a hint that it could be heading that way.


Sony had a mediocre run.

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#2 Posted by pyro1245 (5051 posts) -

PCIe gen 4 is 'spensive.

I don't think Sony is stupid enough to do that though. No doubt they remember the PS3 launch.

They will cut corners somewhere and get the price down to $500 or then it will really be DOA.

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#3 Posted by R-Gamer (211 posts) -

I think it will sell for $500 and cost them about $600.

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#4 Posted by Ten_Pints (3830 posts) -


Another win for Sony then.

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#5 Edited by Ghosts4ever (9987 posts) -

Once upon a time michael patcher believe that no one had PC that is as good as PS3.

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#6 Posted by Ant_17 (12535 posts) -

Pachter always wrong, so PS5 will be GOTY.

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#7 Posted by Archangel3371 (28120 posts) -

Well if they did price it at $800 then yeah it would be DOA but I’m sure that it isn’t going to be $800. I really can’t see either Microsoft or Sony pricing their next gen systems at anything over $500.

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#8 Posted by Random_Matt (4244 posts) -

Even making a thread about this clown makes you an even bigger clown, neither MS or Sony are releasing a $800 machine.

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#9 Posted by R4gn4r0k (31188 posts) -

Pachter thread xD

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#10 Posted by djoffer (1371 posts) -

Lol would be hilarious if true, but doubt even Sony would be this stupid!

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#11 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2432 posts) -

@Random_Matt said:

Even making a thread about this clown makes you an even bigger clown, neither MS or Sony are releasing a $800 machine.

If PS5 releases at $800 I just won't buy one, even when it gets down to $200-250. I simply won't support it.

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#12 Posted by DocSanchez (5307 posts) -

PS5 confirmed winnar.

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#13 Posted by lamprey263 (36140 posts) -

Have they even announced a release date or final specs? I think all that would be relevant to it releasing at a cost that doesn't strain them financially. Given their place in current gen they're less pressed to release a new console at same time Microsoft does, they'd just have to weigh not doing so with giving MS a head start, but even PS3 managed to close the gap even after later launch and a rocky start. They also do much better worldwide, MS might still not have very good regional marketing outside North America which will also work in Sony's favor.

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#14 Posted by KillzoneSnake (2462 posts) -

Patcher? His predictions are good jokes.

Let's say it was $800... monster consoles with 12+tf gpu, full PS backwards comp, big exclusives. It would still sell. But no worries, it wont go over 600.

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#15 Posted by rmpumper (651 posts) -
  1. Pachter is an idiot
  2. Xbox will be as expensive as PS5
  3. Exclusives will determine, which console will sell more, just like this gen
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#16 Posted by Subspecies (556 posts) -

Yeah, this confirms it. PS5 will rule the world next gen.

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#17 Posted by PC_Rocks (2472 posts) -

Patcher...why people still listen or give attention to this clown?

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#18 Posted by DarthBuzzard (163 posts) -

I've got a prediction. Pachter's prediction will be dead on arrival. There you go.

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#19 Posted by Heirren (1447 posts) -

Its what people wanted. 8 year generation. People see the console purchase as a product which will last a long time.

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#20 Posted by Calvincfb (1590 posts) -


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#21 Edited by lundy86_4 (53359 posts) -

That's an outlandish claim lol. I fully expect them to hit the $500USD mark, likely with a $100 or so loss per unit... That is unless we see them really cut-back on portions of the unit to reduce costs drastically.

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#22 Posted by 2Chalupas (7083 posts) -

Playstation's new leader seems a bit of a dumbass, but there's no way they are THAT stupid to repeat the PS3 mistake (pricing themselves out of the mainstream market). $800 would be marketplace suicide.

They could get away with $500, but I really think $399 is still the sweetspot. So that means the machine has to start out with a build cost around $400-500 depending on how much day 1 loss they are willing to take. If the build cost is $800 or the MSRP is $800, they might as well close up shop because it would be guaranteed to fail on all fronts (market share, 3rd party support, profitability).

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#23 Posted by DaVillain- (36901 posts) -

Pachter is a living meme at this point, because despite being a Professional Analyst (if you can call it) he's laughably always wrong about every major prediction he makes. He just conjures up controversial predictions for attention. That was the only reason Gametrailers ever used to keep him around. If Pachter says that something will happen then you can guarantee that it won't, but at least he was right about PS Vita but that's about it.

Also, Pachter said something really bad about PC gamers in the past and that piss alot of PC gamers, he get's hated the most from PC Community lol.

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#24 Posted by ProtossRushX (5424 posts) -

How can it be DoA if im buying it day one that means its alive and well and flourishing like a tree planted in the ground

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#25 Posted by Howmakewood (5925 posts) -

Its amazing how someone still pays him.

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#26 Posted by Sgt_Crow (6091 posts) -

He’s still around? Oh wow...

Has he ever been right in the past two decades?

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#27 Posted by BassMan (10366 posts) -

Well, if it is DOA, I will just exchange it for another one. ;)

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#28 Posted by warmblur (2512 posts) -

I can't believe people still listen to Pachter.

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#29 Posted by XVision84 (16220 posts) -

How is this news? Sony isn't pricing the PS5 at $800 lol. I might as well announce "human civilization will be destroyed tomorrow if mars crashes into earth" and have news articles written about me too :P.

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#30 Posted by ThatDBFan (350 posts) -

I highly doubt they wanna repeat the PS3. Anything over 500 bucks is doomed to fail.

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#31 Posted by MonsieurX (39127 posts) -

Pachter deserves the same treatment as vgchartz

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#32 Posted by FinalFighters (3196 posts) -

why even waste your time creating this thread with this nonsense?

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#33 Posted by RicanV (2615 posts) -

Echoing the sentiments above - Pachter is widely known as a joke to the industry. His worth is in generating buzz through his atrocious predictions. I am not sure if he does actual "analyst" work anymore.

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#34 Edited by GoldenElementXL (3241 posts) -

I’m on my phone so I can’t link at the moment, but there are multiple outlets now reporting that the PS5 may be a premium device that is targeting enthusiasts. A “premium” console will most likely be $500+. And using places like this board for reference, we all know console gamers don’t like spending money.

And hey, Pach nailed his Switch Lite prediction. Maybe he’s going on a hot streak

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#35 Edited by ellos (2036 posts) -

I'm all for a 500+ price tag if the specs are impressive enough to justify it. I don't believe and trust Sony that will be the case though. I could maybe see it happen when streaming takes over or a cheaper sku accompanies it. They simply had no choice with ps3 Kutaragi went crazy.

There getting you all hyped about ssd and loading times hiding the cheapest thing about the console. I would not be suprised if the gpu is cheap barely stronger then X to make up the price.

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#36 Posted by Pedro (34907 posts) -

It would be hilarious and stupid for the PS5 to be greater than $500.

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#37 Edited by Ant_17 (12535 posts) -

@goldenelementxl said:

I’m on my phone so I can’t link at the moment, but there are multiple outlets now reporting that the PS5 may be a premium device that is targeting enthusiasts. A “premium” console will most likely be $500+. And using places like this board for reference, we all know console gamers don’t like spending money.

And hey, Pach nailed his Switch Lite prediction. Maybe he’s going on a hot streak

I think a 5yo would guess this Nintendo move, since they do it everytime.

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#38 Posted by Heirren (1447 posts) -


Console gamers dont like spending money? Id say they spend more than pc gamers. Accessories, memberships, and its not at all uncommon for people to own multiple consoles. Then theres that whole collecting scene which i just dont understand.

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#39 Posted by Basinboy (13897 posts) -

At that price, probably. But they’re clearly trying to steer PS toward a more premium user experience, so hard to conclude that they won’t price it that high.

That said, they’re not going to. Sourcing the same chips as MS means they’ll be in the same ballpark.

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#40 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4859 posts) -

Maybe somebody wants Sony to dip in stock before the PS5 comes out so they can make some dough. You know, manipulating stock prices by feeding bad information. Imma buy some stocks right now!

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#41 Posted by Fedor (5142 posts) -

Console gamers will freak out if they have to spend more than $500... It will be hilarious.

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#42 Edited by adsparky (1408 posts) -

They will be really stupid if they do that.

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#43 Posted by Chutebox (44632 posts) -

Bad news for lems

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#44 Posted by Heirren (1447 posts) -

Yall are crazy. People WANT the price to be higher. People would rather have the system, which will have an 8 year cycle, have better hardware.

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#45 Posted by Fedor (5142 posts) -

@heirren: Lol, sure they do.

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#46 Posted by GoldenElementXL (3241 posts) -


1 - Console gamers don’t like to spend more than $399 for consoles.

2 - Console gamers bitch about $60 games and micro transactions.

3 - Recent polls on this site have illustrated how many of you don’t actually have the online subscriptions. I wonder if that’s why so many here claim to hate multiplayer games and love narrative driven single player games

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#47 Posted by FireEmblem_Man (19735 posts) -

LOL, Cows praised Patcher about the Switch going to be dead with PS5 coming out, now they say he's a liar and a bad analyst when he predicts the PS5 to be $800

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#48 Posted by Heirren (1447 posts) -


The market has changed. I recall people saying theyd prefer if the ps4 cost a bit more in exchange for better hardware.

Microtransaction complaints are not about the money.

Console gamers buy 60 dollar games. Where did you get the figure to make such a bold claim?

Do you have membership numbers?

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#49 Posted by DragonfireXZ95 (25366 posts) -

I would actually be down for that if the hardware is better than we anticipate. I was planning on skipping the PS4 completely and picking up the PS5 at launch to play all of the PS4 exclusive games at decent res/fps.

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#50 Posted by KBFloYd (21845 posts) -


you had a good run cows. lol