Once again - What are you playing this weekend?

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#1 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

I will be finishing off Infamous 1 and starting 2. Its long overdue. Getting ready for second son.

Also will be playing Bf4 multiplayer on ps4.

So what are you playing this weekend?

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#2 Posted by Ghost120x (5253 posts) -

I tend to bounce around and play a little bit of each from my backlog.(usually like 40 minutes each)

Killzone shadow fall multi player

Bravely default


Castlevaina lords of shadow 2

Assassins creed 4

Tales of Symphonia HD (gonna take my time with this one since I already beat it on gamecube years ago)

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#3 Edited by Sweenix (5957 posts) -

Tales of symphonia HD

Assassins Creed IV

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#4 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (29702 posts) -

Played some Dark Souls just a while ago. Still going to through out the weekend in prep for Dark Souls 2.

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#5 Posted by digitaldame (5401 posts) -

South Park: Stick of Truth.

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#6 Posted by IgGy621985 (5449 posts) -

Football Manager 14

Ass Creed 4

Max Payne 3

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#7 Edited by freedomfreak (50012 posts) -

EDF2025. Maybe a bit of Samurai Heroes.

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#8 Posted by WitIsWisdom (4775 posts) -

Battlefield 4 recruiting for my clan VOW in preparation for H-Hour. www.vowunited.com

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#9 Posted by gameofthering (11117 posts) -

I was going to get South Park but Tesco didn't have it for the PC, just the PS3/360. So I don't know what I'll be playing.

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#10 Posted by Kuromino (1594 posts) -

Gonna play some Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. We'll see if I can finish it off before the weekend is over.

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#11 Posted by clone01 (27067 posts) -

South Park: The stick of Truth.

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#12 Posted by silversix_ (26347 posts) -

Got south park cuz of angryjoe's review and will be playing that for sure

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#14 Posted by Solid_Max13 (3588 posts) -

@Sweenix said:

Tales of symphonia HD

Assassins Creed IV

Awesome! :) I will be playing South Park as a second play through and some Nino Kuni!

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#15 Posted by GarGx1 (9577 posts) -

Thief probably

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#16 Posted by donalbane (16383 posts) -

I've been replaying the Metal Gear games leading up to the release of Ground Zeroes. I beat MGS3, tried to play Portable Ops but found out the hard way it's not Vita compatible so I just watched the cutscenes on YouTube, and now am working my way through Peace Walker on PS3. It's been fun. I imagine after Ground Zeroes I'll make an effort to try to play the MSX version of Metal Gear, but if it's too painful I'll probably just watch it on YouTube.

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#17 Posted by PiscesAnimeGirl (234 posts) -

Tekken Revolution

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#18 Edited by delta3074 (19951 posts) -

Frontline commando 2, boom tanks, ravensword 2, fable anniversary and skyrim.

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#19 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (9116 posts) -

Some Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze and Mass Effect 3.

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#20 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (12738 posts) -

Simcity 4. Can't believe there has been no Simcity game since 2003.

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#21 Edited by blackace (23576 posts) -

@marcheegsr: SP: The Stick of Truth, Metro Last Light, ACIV and hopefully Bravely Default.

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#22 Posted by Harisemo (4133 posts) -

Battlefield 4 (PS4)
Team Fortress 2 (PC)

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#23 Posted by happyduds77 (1688 posts) -


The Last Of Us


God Hand

Red Dead


The Last Of Us

Uncharted 3

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#24 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (9318 posts) -

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

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#25 Posted by whiskeystrike (12172 posts) -

Bouncing between Final Fantasy 14 and Dota 2.

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#26 Edited by Renegade_Fury (19722 posts) -

NiGHTS into Dreams, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, Metal Slug 3, and maybe some SSFIV AE.

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#27 Posted by wolverine4262 (20831 posts) -

I'd like to have South Park done today.

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#28 Edited by jimmarko21876 (428 posts) -

Resident Evil 4 HD and Team Fortress (as always) - PC

Knack - PS4. I know, lol Knack, but to be honest I am rather enjoying it. It's nice to play something outside of a FPS on console for a change. So far, I see no reason for a 4 rating but that may change. No bugs or broken controls found yet.

Lastly, I'm thinking about starting up the Dead Space trilogy again on X360. A thread mentioning it being over rated has got me wanting to play them again :)

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#29 Posted by mems_1224 (56917 posts) -

Ill probably float between these

Witcher 2
Payday 2
Black and White 2
Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Pokemon Y(finally got to Victory Road)
Darksiders 2(Maybe)

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#30 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (5131 posts) -

Darksiders II and some Left 4 Dead. Maybe some Modern Warfare 3 online on the Wii.

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#31 Posted by adamosmaki (10566 posts) -

civilization V as always

Also on the menu Southpark and Starbound

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#32 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (12738 posts) -

I need a new game for cheap for 360 or 3DS. :(

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#33 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

I think its an odd question, especially if its asked everyweekend.

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#34 Edited by Pikminmaniac (11212 posts) -

I'll be playing Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. I'm over 50 hours in and there's easily another 50 hours to be enjoyed. Currently I'm at 142% and I'm attempting the brutally difficult speed run golds at the same time.

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#35 Edited by Sword-Demon (7007 posts) -
  • South Park - beat it yesterday, but still have to do the side missions and whatnot.
  • Bravely Default - just started a couple of days ago.
  • Pokemon - catching 'em all.
  • Borderlands 2 - playthrough with Krieg
  • Bayonetta - was playing through it to prepare for the second one, and it somehow ended up in my backlog.
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#36 Edited by locopatho (23140 posts) -

Finish off Mario 3D World, make some more progress towards my Tiger in World of Tanks, and half thinking about starting a replay of the Uncharted Trilogy too :3

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#37 Posted by RR360DD (13732 posts) -

Just finished AC4 Black flag so ill give Thief a proper start

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#38 Posted by GameMediator (75 posts) -

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

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#39 Posted by Alcapello (1396 posts) -

Only a few more days till Dark Souls II. Waiting...

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#40 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

A lot of people playing south park this weekend.

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#41 Edited by XboxDone74 (2116 posts) -

Killzone SF mp



The Last of Us sp and mp


Gow ascension mp

Probably do some invasions in demons souls also. Getting ready for ds2.

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#42 Edited by noodlevixen (480 posts) -

Nothing. I have carpal tunnel. :'(

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#43 Posted by idill23 (1135 posts) -

@marcheegsr: It did come out this week :p

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#44 Posted by TTUalumni13 (839 posts) -

Terraria and Killzone: Mercinary, if the weather is nice probably just a little bit of Terraria

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#45 Edited by AmazonTreeBoa (16745 posts) -

RAGE, but I am not sure I will game at all this weekend. Would prefer to go fishing all weekend if the weather permits.

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#46 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (23050 posts) -

Probably Mass Effect Trilogy.

Damn Far Cry 3 and FSX have been hogging all my play time so far.

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#47 Posted by shellcase86 (3497 posts) -

Still working on AC 4 (so much to do) and now just getting into Borderlands 2.

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#48 Posted by dommeus (9433 posts) -


Just bought Remember Me for £9, gonna give it a twirl

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#49 Posted by R3FURBISHED (12396 posts) -

South Park and GTA

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#50 Posted by marcheegsr (3113 posts) -

@dommeus said:


Just bought Remember Me for £9, gonna give it a twirl

I just beat that game last week. It's actually better than I thought, and the combat/combo system is pretty fun.