Oh, Sony lost their current-gen exclusives - Detroit is coming to PC ( as well Heavy Rain and Beyond ) on Epic Store

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#51 Posted by UnrealGunner (1058 posts) -

If you even want to call these games

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#52 Posted by DragonfireXZ95 (25376 posts) -

@saltslasher: "Who would play them without trophies....or even achievements."

What you said indicates that they aren't worth playing without achievements. In my eyes, that means that the game is bad and isn't worth touching at all.

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#53 Posted by JoshRMeyer (10446 posts) -

PC getting PlayStation leftovers. Must buy on Epic store or wait another year to play. Sounds like a win for PC gamers lol. If it's going to PC, why not Xbox also? Hmmm

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#54 Posted by Robbie23 (367 posts) -

I thought PC gamers hated "movie games"

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@robbie23 said:

I thought PC gamers hated "movie games"

They aren't released yet... You might want to see what the sales figures are like. Personally, I might give Detroit a try, but on sale.

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#56 Posted by warmblur (2529 posts) -

@robbie23 said:

I thought PC gamers hated "movie games"

Not me I love movie games.

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#57 Posted by aia89 (2827 posts) -

It really is a great time to be a Pc gamer. So my games that once used to be console-only titles are now heading to Pc.