Official PS4 issues/non-issues

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Poll: Official PS4 issues/non-issues (30 votes)

HDMI problem 13%
Overheating problem 17%
So far so good no problems 40%
PSN is running great 0%
PSN is just awful 13%
Other (explain) 3%

So I'm looking at going next gen in March gonna do the same for X1. Let me know if you have any issues or problems with PS4 or PSN. Or if it's all good and just blown out of proportion.

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#1 Posted by Netherscourge (16364 posts) -

I've been playing KZ for 2 hours online and offline on the PS4.

No problems at all. Console has been on the whole time except 1 restart for the system update.

And NO - it doesn't wobble! If you push it down HARD on the left side, the right side comes up 1/8th of an inch. But it sits perfectly still during normal operation. No wobbling or vibration or anything.

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#2 Posted by BluRayHiDef (10839 posts) -

I have to wait until Tuesday for mine to be delivered. Damn.

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#3 Posted by Heil68 (57848 posts) -

I've played 11+ hours between last night and today with zero problems.

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#4 Edited by Samus3D (1953 posts) -

Well, played Knack and the pS4 started screeching like an pterodactyl.

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#5 Posted by caseystryker (5421 posts) -

Did you really think you'd get honest votes on System Wars? Looks like 34% of the consoles are defective straight out of the box. Oh no.

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#6 Edited by I_can_haz (6511 posts) -

Zero problems here. Been playing online in KZSF, sharing videos, sharing pics, and right now I'm playing BF4. Good times and probably the smoothest launch I've ever had. Setting up everything took like 5 minutes and I was ready to game. No installation or any of that lastgen crap. PS4 runs very quite too and barely gives off any heat.

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#7 Edited by blackace (23576 posts) -

Well some of you are the lucky ones, as many others are having serious problems.

What cracks me up is people are ready to send their systems off to Sony for 2-3 weeks to get them fixed when this might just be a firmware issue.

It's quite obvious that the firmware being loaded onto the PS4's isn't causing problems for everyone, unless you guys all installed new HDD and replaced the 500GB one. That's what I plan on doing. Most gamers who have done that haven't had any problems.

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#8 Posted by JohnF111 (14187 posts) -

Lol every let will give a bad vote even though they don't own it, every cow will give a good vote even if they have problems... Take these votes with a bucketful of salt.

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#9 Edited by Ne-Plus-Ultra (281 posts) -

So far it's been great. Played COD Ghosts last night for about 5 hours, the game looks great, and runs buttery smooth, the PS4 is fast, and it's wonderful to be able to stop playing, do whatever you want, then get back into gaming immediately, also PSN is now fast, it logged in to PSN quick and after that everything responded as soon as I pushed a button. Also, there is no wobble. Oh I almost forgot, the DS4 is fvcking awesome, with the tighter sticks it gives you much more precision. Can't wait to see what Naughty Dog can do with this. So far this gens looking much much better now.

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#10 Posted by Ne-Plus-Ultra (281 posts) -

@blackace: Well I don't know about everyone else, but I Installed the update with a USB drive, I just thought that with so many people logging into PSN for the first time there could be some problems, so it seemed like the best bet would be to avoid that just in case.

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#11 Edited by xxyetixx (2822 posts) -

Oh I know it will be off, but there are some decent posters on here that will give honest valid info, just have to wade through the idiots.

I'm really just looking to see how PS4 and X1 are then make a decision and purchase something.

I won't lie I'm leaning towards X1 really want Killer Instinct, and play most multiplats online. So which ever system offered the best online experience is gonna be the one I probably go with if there's no difference I'll probably save $100 and go PS4

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#12 Posted by mgfarmer (392 posts) -

I've had no problems at all. Mine is working great.

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Other - I don't have a PS4, that's my problem.