Oculus Rift dev kit 2 $350 and UE4 tools for $19 monthly sub

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No consumer version release date confirmed but they said before the end of this year. The price of the dev kit seems like a good indicator on what the consumer version might cause because normally they wouldn't cost more than their dev counterpart. You don't have to be a developer to buy it.

Oculus Rift

"A new model of the Oculus Rift Developer Kit—simply called Developer Kit 2 or DK2—we be available for pre-order today for $350 with an estimated shipping date of July. Compared to the original virtual reality headset prototype, Developer Kit 2 has a higher resolution screen (960x1080 per eye), generates no motion blur, and includes positional head tracking using a CMOS sensor.

Positional head tracking means that, rather than just tracking head rotation, it also tracks the head's movement in space relative to a starting point. Leaning forward or moving laterally in the original prototype, for instance, would cause the world to feel like it's stuck to your face, while the new headset translates those motions into movement in the virtual world."

Unreal Engine 4

People who are interested in making a game can use it for just 19 dollars a month. Not a bad price if your a small time developer

"At a GDC 2014 press briefing today, Epic founder Tim Sweeney announced that Unreal Engine 4 is now available for game development, but not just for big studios. Access to the binary development tools and the UE4 source code is now included in a $19/mo subscription plan. Developers will also pay Epic five percent of any revenue earned from UE4-developed games.

"This pricing model is an update of the Unreal Engine 3 model, which made the Unreal Development Kit available free, but charged a $99 licencing fee to release a commercial game and a 25 percent royalty fee on any revenue earned after $50,000. Despite losing the $50,000 buffer, the new UE4 model's smaller royalty fee is much better in the long run. For instance, with the old model, a developer earning $100,000 would have paid the $99 licensing fee plus $12,500 in royalties. With the new model, that developer would pay $228 a year for the subscription plus $5000 in royalties—less than half the cost of UE3 development"

And for some reason GS won't let me upload pictures

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350 for a dev kit not too bad can't wait for a the consumer one. Really looking forward to seeing what small time developers do with the engine.

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There is already a thread discussing the new Oculus Rift. If there is new information then please add it to that one to try and avoid repeat or similar topics