Nintendo Teases Super Mario Galaxy 3

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Miyamoto: Just so there is no misunderstanding, I should point out that this doesn't mean we'll never make another Super Mario Galaxy game.

Koizumi: That's right. When we first started making Super Mario 3D World, Miyamoto-san asked me if this was going to be more like Super Mario Galaxy or more like Super Mario 3D Land. When we made Super Mario 3D Land, we had our eyes on the form of this game, so we made it this way without any hesitation.

Miyamoto: The same team can't make both at the same time. And we can't bring in a second party and slap the name Super Mario Galaxy on it. I suppose we could idealistically make both in Tokyo, but we want to do something new too, so there was that dilemma.

So it sounds like they want to do Super Mario Galaxy 3 too some time. That is pretty interesting to me.

This all comes from the Iwata Asks for Super Mario 3D World.

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Was bound to happen.

Will buy.
Enjoyed the first two immensely.

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What about an open Galaxy (better than open World), Galaxy game?

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EAD Tokyo is split into two teams, the first team which worked on Galaxy has been silent since Galaxy 2, they've overseen the Zelda remakes but their roles were minimum. The second team is the 3D team meaning Land and World. I'd expect Tokyo 1's game for 2016.

Good things come, to he who waits.

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Super Mario Utopia

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Oh no...

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New IP plz dont do another mario game for couple years...

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As much as I am looking forward to 3D Land I am even more excited to see the next game in line following the Galaxy style. Whether it's Galaxy 3 or a new setting I am just waiting patiently.

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Can't say that would excite me that much.

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Heh! ...whatever I'll believe it when I see it. :P

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Oh guess what? Nintendo teased us a brand new HD Zelda game for WiiU last year?

And what do we get? Nothing! Not a game title, not a trailer, not an in-game screenshot, its not even talk about!!

So screw you Nintendo for only teasing and teasing but not giving enough game for WiiU, stop focusing so much on 3DS, I know its a good handeld but just give the console a proper sequel for Zelda and Metroid already

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I want another PBR game.
Make it happen, Nintendo.

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@Sagem28 said:

I want another PBR game.

Make it happen, Nintendo.

Pokemon Battle Revolution?


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Come on Nintendo...Super Mario U-niverse.

It's not that hard.

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and you're happy about this? aren't you sheep sick of mario games, whether it be 2d or 3d??

pff, no wonder nintendo sticks to making Mario and Zelda people crave the same shit over and over

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That would excite me. Still need the second game.

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Everyone is expecting SMG3....obviously its going to be Sunshine 2

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@charizard1605: it wasn't that bad of a game. It just felt bare bones. It would be more reasonable as an eshop title for 15 bucks than charge full retail value.