Nintendo Q3 2013 Report

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  • Nintendo Q3 Operating Profit: Aprox. 220 million
  • Nintendo Q3 Net Income: Aprox. 100 million
  • 3DS HW Sales: 7.75 million
  • Wii U HW Sales: 2 million
  • Pokemon X & Y: 11.6 million
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: 2.16 million
  • Nintendo expects to sell 400k Wii U units in the next quarter

Wii U Hardware 5.86M LTD
3DS Hardware 42.74M LTD

The investor briefing is tomorrow.


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@mehgat0n: im glad the wiiu is doing better. it got stuck on the 3.9m sale for a while.

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@pc-ps360 said:

@mehgat0n: im glad the wiiu is doing better. it got stuck on the 3.9m sale for a while.

It was at 4.2 or 4.3 million last month.

Anyway, I have a BAD feeling about that investors meeting. I know a lot of people want Iwata out, but really, the problem is that these investors would find someone to sell Nintendo out in a heartbeat, as a good chunk of them care nothing for game quality or what gamers actually want.

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They need a strategy for the Wii U 5 million over a year now when MS and Sony are almost at that within 2 months is pretty horrendous

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Iwata also halved his pay and Miyamoto took a 30% cut, along with a couple other members at Nintendo. Pretty admirable move.


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@nintendoboy16: i thik the problem with wiiu was 2013. nintendo messed up big time they haad that full year and they barely released anygames. either mario kart or smash should have been released this year along side donkey kong country returns. nintendo delayed alot of games and who known when bayonetta is getting released.

they wasted a full year also wats stopping them of releasing gamecube games on the eshop res'd up. hopefully they will do better this year but apparently first quarter is dry season this year also with only donkey kong. and i have a feeling bayonetta will berealesed the end of the year and x will get moved to end of 2015

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Nintendo needs to do something with the Wii U pronto

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These numbers are pretty promising. Hopefully Nintendo can manage to stay in the black during Q4. Ending the fiscal year with a net gain would be pretty big for them.

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Man I normally don't get mixed up on profit stuff like this, but didn't they say just recently that they are getting screwed over on their operating costs and are in the negatives? I think I might be forgetting something, making shit up, or both.

Edit: Oh wait, this is just one quarter. I was probably thinking of a yearly loss.