Nintendo or Sony - who has the best 1st party as of right now?

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Posted by SolidGame_basic (24468 posts) 24 days, 13 hours ago

Poll: Nintendo or Sony - who has the best 1st party as of right now? (127 votes)

Nintendo (Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Luigi's Mansion) 60%
Sony (God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, Dreams, Days Gone, Gran Turismo, MLB) 40%

I'll admit, Sony kills it when it comes to third person adventure games, but other than that, I think Nintendo is great at what they do. Sure, it's the same IP's every gen, but they always find ways to make them relevant and good. It's a tough choice. Because I value versatility, I'm going to give Nintendo a slight edge on this one. What say you, SW? Who has the best 1st party between Nintendo and Sony?

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@Jag85: Like I said, the basic concept behind BOTW was a throwback to the free-form exploration of the original NES Zelda. The basic concept behind BOTW was a back-to-basics approach. The world of Hyrule in BOTW was essentially a re-imagining of the first Hyrule from the original NES game. There was no clear gameplay mechanic when they first began the BOTW project, other than that it was going to be an open-world game similar to the original NES Zelda. And then the physics and mechanics developed along the way.

We're going to have to agree to disagree about BotW then.

The main issue I have with Nintendo's design philosophy is when a gameplay mechanic is conceived of with no context in mind as to how it will be applied until after its inception it feels to be restrictive, and Nintendo's new IPs seem to support this belief. Super Metroid's a good example in contrast: all the mechanics serve the overall game concept, and there's nothing necessarily noteworthy or unique about any particular one. Since the mechanics serve the concept instead of vice versa, this opens the game up much more to explore its overarching idea in many respects and not be so bound to one main mechanic the game was built around that may preclude that.

So I'd much prefer a game's idea to be established and then the mechanics to be dictated by that structure in defining its gameplay. Some of Nintendo's best and longest enduring titles have followed that philosophy using mechanics that weren't all that unique, but when implemented from a utilitarian approach to gameplay systems, offered experiences that held incredible depth and nuance.

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@evil_loli: I see you have bias towards dav and I see how that clouds your judgement. I've been talking with him for 4yrs and I know what he's like, so I will stick to my opinion :)

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@FireEmblem_Man said:
@nepu7supastar7 said:


Are you saying Metroid doesn't sell? Because it does!

I want a new F-Zero, but you don't seeing bitching and crying about it on the forums.

Hey! I've been crying and bitching like an idiot on these forums about wanting a new F-Zero. I was also bitching about not getting any Metroid games before they released Samus Returns, at the end of the 3DS's freaking life.

They let Metroid lay dormant for years, then decided to make Federation Force as a "we really don't care about you fans", before they made Samus Returns. They announced MP4, only because lots of people were bitching about it. Even though they were in such early stages that they didn't even know what they wanted MP4 to be. And then they scrapped everything, making us wait for several years more. Yeah, Nintendo have not taken well care of Metroid lately at all.

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#104 Posted by robert_sparkes (3315 posts) -

Nintendo definitely have quality offerings this gen but I think overall Sony has the better in quantity. Saying that the PS4 gen is ending soon.

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#105 Posted by TuMekeNZ (149 posts) -

Own both Pro and Switch and love what Nintendo is bringing... but I prefer what Sony offers overall.

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The answer is in the install base overall. You look at the top 10 console\handhelds of all time and you see who is king of kings and lord of lords in the gaming industry. Google & Apple dont stand a chance.

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I voted Sony for this Gen

GOW, Spiderman, HZD, and Bloodborne (I'm counting this) are damn good games.

Nintendo is great too, but I wasn't into BOTW, so Mario Odyssey is the only stand out game for me.

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I got 17 platinum trophies none of them are that hard just time consuming. But i am proud i got the wake badge in apex legends

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Nintendo by fucking far.

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Sony by far for me

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I can’t choose. They’re both responsible for some of my favorite games this gen.

Breath of the Wild, Fire Emblem, God of War, Spiderman, and countless others.

Wouldn’t want to miss out on either.

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Sony has made great strides during the PS3 generation to get their first party to not entirely suck, but let's not pretend they are Nintendo level yet.

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I don't even own a Switch but I gotta give it to Nintendo.

Yeah some games might be kiddy but they are fun as **** also so who cares.

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2019 is not Sony's strongest year, but I still picked them. Truth be told, there haven't been many exciting exclusives this year from neither Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft. 3rd party is where you find the good stuff.

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I only own a PS4 but If it were just down to the games, I'd say Nintendo because I know how high on pure fun factor their stuff is. However, with PSVR in the mix, it tips the balance in Sony's favour. VR experiences like Astrobot or Firewall Zero Hour combined with games like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Bloodborne just make PS4's first party package sweeter overall.

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Switch probably has the better year PS4 has the games that interest me more.

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Sony. I never really cared for Nintendo’s first party games, ever. The only one from the Switch that has my interest is Zelda. I finished Mario, which was fun but I don’t see myself playing it again.

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@x_hedon: Hi, Kvally.