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#51 Posted by Kali-B1rd (2213 posts) -
@scatteh316 said:
@ajstyles said:

This was a terrible year for switch. There was a massive game drought the entire year.

Just because Smash and a Pokémon Port/remake came out in the last week or so doesn’t mean we forget the last 12 months were complete trash for switch.

There is nothing worth getting for most gamers.

This year saw the release of a niche rpg(octopath) and uhh..some overrated indie game(Celeste) that only praise because of the agenda instead of gameplay. You can also this game on any platform.

So really. What did switch owners play from December 2017 to December 2018?

Because when I walk into the game store, I see a tiny shelf of switch games and nothing to play.

Nintendo fanboys are famous for overpraising their system because they get 1 decent game per year.

Its been like this since the N64.

^^ He's right you know....... complete lack of Nintendo's heavy AAAE hitters for nigh on 12 months.


Yea exclusives were not top notch, but all the people crying about "Nintendo 3rd party support is going to suck" were flat out wrong and there are PLEANTY of games on the system which you can play portably that just wouldn't of happened in previous generations.

I'd pick Diablo 3 up on the switch over a PS4 anyday ... **** 4k.

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#52 Posted by KBFloYd (21859 posts) -

you forgot all the 3rd party stuff

starlink (starfox game in disguise)
warframe (with gyro motion aiming)
fortnite (with gyro motion aiming)
wolfenstien 2 (with gyro motion aiming)
monster hunter generations
civilization VI
octopath traveler

a lot of fighting games too:
dragonball fighterz
snk heroines
SF 30th anniversary collection
baz blue cross tag battle

sports games:
nba playgrounds 2
nba 2k19
mutant league football (indie)
RBI baseball 18
tennis world tour

game show quiz games board games:
wheel of fortune
Risk/monopoly/trivial pursuit 3 pack

acclaimed indies:
overcooked 2

retro goodness:
snk anniversary collection
capcom beat em up bundle
sega classics collection
atrai flash back classics
rtype dimensions EX
nintendo online NES games
crash bandicoot insane trilogy

straight ports:
ark survival evolved
payday 2
dark souls
south park stick of truth&fractured but whole
valkeria chronicles 4

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#53 Posted by Speeny (1784 posts) -

When I think about it the exclusives we got for this system this year it’s pretty decent. Not enough to keep me busy but it was good enough. 2019 will be a bigger year though.