New Xbox One Update Boosts Console GPU Power

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These responses always make me chuckle. I don't care what the mathematical difference in pixels is between 720p, 900p, and 1080p are. I have a passing interest in how much different the games look. And, when I see 720p vs 1080p when I am playing the game (not staring at screen shots on some website), I really do not notice a difference. When I look at 900p vs 1080p, i don't see a difference at all.

So, all that extra powah of the PS4 being touted by cows really doesn't amount to much. The colors, polygons, textures, and most importantly gameplay of the multiplats of PS4 and Xb1 are the same.

Resolution-gate is a minor issue.

ah poor stormyclown, either blind or just ignoring the differences to be able to worship his piece of plastic, so sad :(

Keep your mouth shut, cud chewer. Even the devs say this resolution thing is fanboy bullshit.

yeah, let me guess, the devs that bring 792p to xbone? xD

keep that asshurt stormyclown

Shut your piehole, cud chewer. I really don't give a crap what people like you have to say.

Wait... i forgot. I don't give a crap what you say to the point that I am supposed to just ignore you because you are too dumb to debate with. My bad.

Troll on, cud chewer. Troll on. I guess there are some people in SW will will care what you think.

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Sunset Overdrive and Destiny are already utilizing this.