New ideas for shooters, welcome they are not.

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Flop, Starhawk is, and reason, fresh ideas is.

Need for fresh ideas there is not. Saturation, problem it is not. Give us what we want shooters they do.

Starhawk, flop it has. Fresh ideas, build and battle is, and 'difficult to lear' they say. Shows this does, that fresh ideas wanted they are not. Well implemented system, reviews they say, and yet give low scores reviews they do.

Financial flop, starhawk will be. Gameplay like this, gamers want not. CoD and BF, gamers do want. Simplicity, the key is. High selling shooters, Halo, CoD, BF, gears, uncharted, mastered simplicity they have. Innovation, needed it is not. Kill studios it will, and bad for industry it is. Indie games, innovation belongs, as buy it few people do. Multiplayer, dead it will be. Hardcore players, only play they will.

CoD and generic shooter, give us more! More enjoyable it is, gameplay easy it is, simplicity nice it is. Fresh ideas want nobody.

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Fresh ideas = risk.

Risk = hell no from publishers.

Risk = Plenty, you find from devs, indie.

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y ok