New Console Graphics King 2013

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#101 Posted by sethman410 (2967 posts) -

How does it prove that ps3 showcases better graphics than 360 if it's such a linear game?

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#102 Edited by gpuking (3914 posts) -

Only 1 hour in and it already looks better than any xbox 360 games ever released. This is border line next gen, the lighting, shaders, effects and models are just on a different level.

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#103 Edited by Gaming-Planet (19134 posts) -

It's the power of the cell.

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#104 Posted by iampenguin (396 posts) -

@UNcartMe said:

I just finished Beyond Two Souls demo, and wow! Although the game is linear, it completely destroys any game i've seen on consoles. Even better than TLOU! Wow, just amazing, I can't believe how much talent Sony's first party studios have. Does this game finally prove PS3 > 360 graphics? STFU if you haven't played the demo yet.

And a biiiiig F&*K you. No I haven't played it yet.

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#105 Posted by SaltyMeatballs (25164 posts) -

GTA is the biggest technical achievement.

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#106 Posted by Lumpy311 (2009 posts) -


What a moron.

You actually think those awful environments are next gen? Consolites are idiots.

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#107 Posted by ISpeakFactJr (25 posts) -

I'm about 3/4 of the way through. Great game. Very pretty, but God of War 3 still holds graphics king title.

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#108 Edited by uninspiredcup (26123 posts) -

I'm playing Saints Row 4 on the pc atm. That actually had art direction and gameplay. Most importantly, it's fun.

David Cage should attempt that sometime, fun.

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#109 Posted by Lumpy311 (2009 posts) -

also, lmao at console games being the "king" of anything.

Unless it's the king of A movie games

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#110 Posted by daveg1 (20396 posts) -

yep looks like a good film

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#111 Edited by EducatingU_PCMR (1568 posts) -

Isn't this game being rendered at an odd res?

Aren't the black bars actually "cutting" the res? I would think is something like 1152x544 or something like that.

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#112 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (28915 posts) -

An interactive movie cannot be graphics king its as simple as that when your game has nothing but limited set pieces and no AI at work than of course you can dedicate everything to graphics you have literally nothing invested in other areas of the game that the cpu and gpu are used for all you have are linear set pieces where only whats infront of you is being generated.

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#113 Posted by Rocker6 (13358 posts) -

"Console graphics king is available only on our system!"

"I have the most powerful integrated GPU in the world."

"I have the world's largest micropenis."

Those are some of the things you really don't want to brag about.