Netherrealms fixes Worpion

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MK11 is a mess of badly communicated animations and instant-spam attacks, rewarding banging buttons as players scream like whale about to be harpooned by hungry Japanese sailors.

It's been patched to fix one of the games worst, cheapest characters, including loo spam, who was another top tier characters most players would get destroyed by.

Big Mortal Kombat 11 balance patch nerfs the game's most annoying move

NetherRealm has issued a big update to Mortal Kombat 11 that makes sweeping changes to all characters.

The headline for many will be a nerf to Scorpion's Hell Port and air Hell Port, considered by many to be one of the game's most annoying moves. This teleport sees Scorpion appear behind his opponent for a strike that can lead to a high damage combo if it's not blocked. It's such a fast move it's hard to react to, so to combat it you have to predict it, which isn't always possible.

Scorpion's teleport is so maligned it's become something of a running joke among those who soldier through the Kombat League, Mortal Kombat 11's seasonal ranked mode. Scorpion is certainly one of the most popular characters in the game, and at most ranks you run up against him often. And the Hell Port and air Hell Port spam is real.

So, onto the welcome nerf. Both the Hell Port and air Hell Port are now high attacks. This doesn't sound like much on paper, but in practice it means all you have to do to counter the Hell Port is duck (and smash Scorpion in the chin with Mortal Kombat's famous uppercut).

With little sympathy for Scorpion mains, the Mortal Kombat community is already having fun with the nerf.

Other balance changes of note include a nerf to Lui Kang's annoying Dragon's Breath, which now has 10 less frames of blockstun on the first hit with reduced pushback, Cassie Cage, widely considered one of the best, if not the best character in the game, has been depowered slightly, and Geras, whose Crushing Blow requirements are so easy he has been able to decimate his opponents in three hits since launch, has been hit hard.

But the most dramatic changes are buffs to the game's worst characters, such as Kotal Khan, Shao Khan, Raiden and Kollector. I started the game with Shao Khan but soon ditched the stacked supervillain for more viable characters. I think with the huge number of buffs to pretty much his entire moveset, I may give him another shot.

All in all, this balance patch marks a significant update for Mortal Kombat 11 (there are even new brutality win poses for each character), and will hopefully result in a better spread of characters used in the Kombat League. At the very least, we should be able to rinse those Scorpions.

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Grandmaster Hasashi's Hell port move was hardly the problem, (well it technically was, won't lie about that) this here what get's me:

  • The amplified Blazing Nitro Kick whatever for Jade is a stupid change.
  • Jax still looks ridiculous.
  • Johnny and Kano are still trash.
  • Skarlet just got dirted and was done so dirty, I'm pissed!!!
  • It is a happy day for D’Vorah players, kudo to them.

It looks like I don't know for sure if I finish downloading that half of my Sonya's combo no longer works meaning, I will be switching to Jax by the looks of it and going back to Kabal & Cetrion as well.

They keep adjusting the wrong things, I don't get it? Everyone who plays MK11 or visits their forums like me knows what to adjust. I honestly don't get it? The irony is I had to switch from Raiden to Jade this KL, in hopes they'd surely buff the incredibly obvious things. Nope! Ed Boon, you had one JOB!

Edit: I'm actually just waiting for Nightwolf and after watching his gameplay, he's gonna be my main kharacter which I'm more hype then the patch to say the least.

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@uninspiredcup: Just got done playing MK11 few rounds with Grandmaster Hasashi. Scorp can't use teleport willy nilly anymore since it's a high now. It's now easier to punish than it already was. He still does insane damage but then again, that's Ed Boon's favorite kharacter we are talking about. If that wasn't bad, Geras wasn’t nerfed enough but he's hardly a threat if you know how to get around him.

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Might have to reinstall MK11 it's definitely on my GOTY list.

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@davillain-: I stopped playing it a while back. Got a good couple of dozen of hours worth, but the PC port was very bad and the animation were just, bad imo.

When you're playing a fast game the silhouette should absolutely communicate to the player instantly what is going on, in MK you're just running around like a chicken without a head until you learn the animations through repetition.

I mean, I like learning in fighting games, it's part of the fun. But not "what am I fucking at".

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Don’t let MK11 being trash distract you from Cup providing straight up scrubtalk.