Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Releasing 3/19

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#101 Posted by caryslan2 (2430 posts) -

[QUOTE="-Patrick_92-"]:lol: I'm not crying buddy, I don't even care about Monster Hunter, never even played any of them. Good for Wii U that it has a Monster Hunter game, I'm not trying to say anything against it. I just don't know much about the game other than Monster Hunter Tri was on Wii, thus just making it a port. I'm just assuming when people ask for a HD Monster Hunter they want a brand spanking new Monster Hunter game built from the ground up on a HD console. LegatoSkyheart


The last bit wasn't aimed at you. It was aimed at those crying that they want Monster Hunter HD when it's right in front of them.

Honstly, how much better can this game be if it was made ground up? It's Monster Hunter.

It's not a matter of how much better a game could be if it was built from the ground up, its more of the issue that Capcom looks very, very lazy. People have demand an HD Monster Hunter game for years, and Capcom's answer is to take a Wii game and give it a new coat of paint. That's their answer to people who want an "HD" Monster Hunter, and it just makes them look out of touch.

And to be honest, why is Monster Hunter 4 not a Wii U exclsuive? Could you imagine the potential that game could have in Japan? That could have easily been the HD Monster Hunter that people have been wanting for years.

Thing is, this just makes people question even more what's wrong with Capcom this generation. Yes, technically we got an HD Monster Hunter. But at the end of the day, its a Wii game with a fresh coat of paint and some extras tacked on. Capcom may have techincally given us an HD Monster Hunter, but they did it in the laziest way possible.

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#102 Posted by HaloPimp978 (7329 posts) -

Wanna give this a try. Love MH so I will get it whenever I get a Wii U.