Microsoft, The Ultimate Parrot of All Time - Part 2

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Hey, this is the continuation of my previous post. Since I got a really dumb reply from HalcyonScarlet (and wanted to, but cannot discuss further due to the thread being locked), so I will continue here. Here is the dumb post:

No, you're talking about that.

Firstly I'm a PC gamer, just not an ignorant little fanboy like you, who lives in some dreamland that Sony copies any less than M$. It took me less than 5 mins to find pics that embarrass your argument. I put no effort in, because your argument deserves no effort. It's a childish argument that holds zero weight and you're still yet to prove it, other than your own fanboy opinion. And the point of the pics is to show they all copy. And yes, Sony were known for that, these pictures are ancient, it was a meme. What is this, you're first gen?

So you could party chat on the PS2?

So the PS2 had an internal HDD? (a bay doesn't count).

And Dreamcast copied the PC online gaming. Which M$ already had a hand in. In fact the original (Direct)Xbox was based on what the PC was doing at the time including online gaming, even the types of games they brought were PC type western games. Microsoft has had a huge impact on console gaming. They helped turn what was a Japanese industry into a far more western industry.

You are joking with their controller innovations, tell me you're joking, the same controller for 3 gens with some feature changes. It was far from perfect. You could argue they set the standard for analogue sticks though, but they didn't invent that either.

I do thank Sony for DVD, but seeing as I don't have an Xbox One, I really don't give a shit about Blu Ray. But unfortunately for you Sony achievements are not Playstation achievements. Playstation had no hand in Blu Ray or DVD, or my Sony hifi either. Playstations achievement were making them big through sales, but that's where it ends, marketing.

Yeah, Kinect moved forwards on the idea of eyetoy, So? No one cares except you, we all know everyone copies. In comparison, eyetoy was a cheap piece of crap. It was literally a webcam that worked with software on a 2D plane. But kinect wasn't M$s version of the eyetoy, this was: Xbox Live Vision. A webcam which used software for motion on a 2D plane. Kinect used full motion hardware that worked in 3D.

Firstly, the pic that you find in less than 5 min is dumb, has so many error, and probably made by 7 y/o. I already pointed out all the wrongs and errors in the picture. Here I will copy and paste again my comment where I corrected your shitty meme:

LoL, those picture are nitpicking Sony, especially those crap about controllers. Sony innovate a lot in term of gaming controller. Sony was the first to create controller with handgrip, which is the standard for todays gaming, something that you enjoy with your shitbox. Also the first to introduce 2 analog stick on a controller instead of one (which does not make sense), and four shoulder buttons instead of just two, which is became the standard for todays modern controller. Something that you enjoy on your shitbox controller.

if there is anything that we can learn from those pictures you brought from googling in google image, its the fact that Micro$hit is the least innovative out of all gaming company, and never give any contribution to gaming controller other than copying others (see your shitty pictures again, and look at it).

Now about the last picture:

4 controllers are supported on ps1, and 8 player controllers are supported on ps2 (there are games who supported 8 players at the same time). So your image is invalid.

Achievement was invented by activision, not micro$oft

Party chat? you can chat on ps2 games too.

Ps2 is the first Sony console to supports internal HDD, not the ps3. Its supported that since before the original shitbox was released

Online service was first on Dreamcast, not on shitbox

So many error in just one picture, i think it was created by an 8 y/o Micro$oft fanboy.

Sony was never known for Copying. They are known for innovation like the CD, DVD, Bluray, Dualshock controller (that become standard for modern day controller that every fanboys enjoy), and etc. Micro$oft maybe known for copying and stealing (from Apple, Xerox Parc, Firefox, even from Nintendo), but not Sony. Whats this? you born in 2007?

A bay does count, who made up a rule that a bay cannot be counted? you?. Ps2 has HDD just as early as og shitbox

Yes, they are innovative. Dualshock 1 sets the standard for modern controller. Tell me any manufacturer that doesn't try to mimic the Dualshock 1 with two hand grips, 4 shoulder buttons, and 2 analog stick (instead of one like in 64), you won't find it. Everyone copied DS1. Playstation had the same controller across 3 gens because the Dualshock 1 design is genius, perfect, and timeless. Why would you change something that is perfect? The design lasts very long because its soo good, not because its bad. Now, Compare it to og Shitbox controller. The design is so shitty, to the point where they had to redesign the crap they made. Not to mention that it has too many buttons.

Sony's achievement is not Playstations achievement? wow, i can tell that your IQ is as low as a donkey with that comment. A dead and rotting donkey, to be specific. As far as I remember, you are the one who ranted on how Sony is not innovative in a long long ass paragraph. Yet when I brought you the things they invented, you proceed to made up a new rule that Sony's achievement is not Playstation's achievement?

Eyetoy was a webcam? really? what kind of webcam can play 3D games like Antigrav? I wanna know.

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The jerk store called, they're all out of you.

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Cows have always been the worst.

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The day PlayStation shuts down and its terrible fanbase goes away will be a great one. I still imagine they'd find ways to make it as if Sony won if that was the case though, that's how deluded they really are.

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Lol that’s a funny melt down OP, you should probably close down your pc and go outside and get some fresh air!

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What happened to the Flag button? Creating a thread to respond to a locked thread is against the rules.

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Mods can we ban OP already?

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@onesiphorus said:

What happened to the Flag button? Creating a thread to respond to a locked thread is against the rules.

What happened to the Flag button? I'm looking at it right below TC post!

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Go back to school

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Just another day at the cow farm. Nothing to see here.

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That is all. lol :P

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I liked the bit about the dead and rotting donkey. I mean the rest was keyboard sewage but the donkey bit was amusing!

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Why hasn't this guy been banned yet?

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Back in 2009-2010 Sony Playstation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 attempted to emulate the success of Nintendo Wii & DS simply having:

  • Motion gaming (PS Move & Kinect) copied off Wii remote
  • 1st party Kart racer (Modnation Racers & Kinect Joyride) copied off Mario Kart Wii
  • 1st party Sports game (Sports Champion & Kinect Sports) copied off Wii Sports
  • 1st party virtual pet (Eyepet & Kinectimals) copied off Nintendogs
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@Floppy_Jim said:

I liked the bit about the dead and rotting donkey. I mean the rest was keyboard sewage but the donkey bit was amusing!

I haven't seen you like forever! Welcome back.

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@freedomfreak said:

Cows have always been the worst.


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@davillain-: Thanks! Got lost on the Internet for a few years but burrowed my way back in to Gamespot. Some familiar faces still here I see.

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#19 Posted by Chutebox (44657 posts) - is wrong with you?

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it seems like we have a new cow in the farm

Bluestacks Lucky Patcher Kodi




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nice vache hhhhhh

see: Bluestacks


Lucky Patcher

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@freedomfreak said:

Cows have always been the worst.

We sure are.

We are number 1 in everything.

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@Ant_17 said:
@freedomfreak said:

Cows have always been the worst.

We sure are.

We are number 1 in everything.

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Mods on holiday?

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