Microsoft's XBL Gold scam screwed them over this gen

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XBL Gold is a scam. We all know that. It was anti-consumer, but no one can deny that it was a giant cash cow for them last gen.

Unless you're a basement dwelling, antisocial hermit, the online experience is an essential part of current gen consoles. The problem for Microsoft? Everyone wants the PS4 as their primary console.

Well, that's okay, since people can just buy the Xboner as their secondary console, right? Wrong. Very few people are willing to be multiconsole-owners this gen because they don't want to pay for both LIVE and PS+.

Isn't it ironic? The scheme that was supposed to make billions for MS is now going to net them billions of losses. We all know what MS needs to do. Remove multiplayer paywall, but they'll never do that.

Who said God doesn't exist? He's punishing Microsoft right now.

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that's amazing how invested god is in the console war

i thought he had other interests like being really lovely: Hosea 13:16

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Sorry Tc, but I will have to lock this thread because you need to have 500 posts to create a thread on this board.This thread does not promote discussion also and it belongs in your blog. Please don't bring religion references into this board especially if they aren't really helping the point you are trying to make.