Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes is 13 Minutes Without Cutscenes

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Spoiler Alert :p


The game begins with a twenty minute dialogue between Kazuhira Miller and Big Boss establishing the setting of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. Newcomers to the series will feel like they’re a veteran after watching this gripping cutscene. After the initial dialogue, Miller will then go through the controls of the game with Big Boss talking about buttons and controllers as if they were part of the in-game universe, a series staple.

After the fifteen minute tutorial, players will then be able to control Big Boss as he makes his way to Camp Omega. You will need to get Big Boss to the entrance of the camp which will take approximately one to two minutes depending on the difficulty setting. Afterwards, you will then be treated to a ten minute cutscene introducing one of the antagonists of the game, Skull Face.

This is the point where the open-world concept of Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain begin to take form. You have to make a decision on whether to rescue Chico or Paz first. It will take anywhere from two to three minutes to rescue either target. Once you get there, a ten minute cutscene will play for Chico while a seven minute cutscene will play for Paz. Afterwards, you will need to rescue the other person and watch their cutscene.

By this point, you’ve already played over half of Ground Zeroes. But it’s not over yet! You will need to escape Camp Omega after another seven minute cutscene showing the enemy forces discovering Big Boss. You will need to hijack a vehicle and meet up at the extraction point in less than five minutes otherwise reinforcements will arrive and kill Big Boss. Once you make your way to the helicopter, you can put down your controller and relax as you watch the ending cutscene.

The ending cutscene takes around twenty-five minutes with Miller debriefing Big Boss on his mission. We will not spoil what happens during this cutscene, but it directly leads into The Phantom Pain which will be releasing in 2014 or 2015. Hopefully people will have long discussions and make tons of theories about The Phantom Pain after finishing Ground Zeroes which could potentially make the gameplay in Ground Zeroes last even longer if people count that as gameplay.

Many people have criticized Ground Zeroes for being a glorified demo that people would normally get for free. However, many supporters have shot back saying that they gladly would have spent 30 or 40 dollars for the tanker chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2 if they had that opportunity.

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Rip off confirmed lol or not

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Can't wait for the Lets Play, and then the Phantom Pain.

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I would have spent some money on the Tanker honestly. Played that shit countless times.

Doesn't mean shit though, MGS2 had brilliant replay value, doesn't mean GZ will be the same.

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I can't, I'm sorry, I just can't

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First of all:


- Not gonna read that whole thing. (just in case)

Second of all:

If true, Youtube Walkthroughs it is.

- Unless reviews kick in and rave about it, then i'll most likely shell out money like i previously intended to.

Third of all:

13 minutes of non cut-scenes? Why didn't Kojima just make it into a movie then?

- Kingdom Hearts 1.5 did that for one of it's handheld spin offs; why not Kojima?

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This article is from a parody site.

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Lol, what in the ****?

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Parody site mofo.

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true. It's a parody website.

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@Xaero_Gravity said:

Parody site mofo.

Thank goodness.

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At least someone around here knows how to troll ~

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Yeah, parody site sure, but it's probably not too far from the truth.

Not trying to hate, I'm buying a PS4 in the coming weeks and GZ will likely be the first game I pick up. Just saying, the way they broke this down sounds like every MGS game.

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What in the actual ****?

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I believe it, MGS4 was like 75% cutscenes and 20% gameplay, and 5% install times.

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@Sweenix: MGS4 was like 80% cutscenes lol. Isn't MGS5 open world? just don't rush through it, ill be exploring and messing around lots.

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Correction: Over 5 million people spent $40 on Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. Making it the second highest selling PS3 exclusive. Only bested by Gran Turismo 5.

And IIRC, the initial version of the game came with something like 24 cars and 2 tracks.

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Parody Website. Its fake

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@charizard1605: I would have spent about $10 on the tanker in mgs2. I'm not sure about this one. Think I'll wait for phantom pain goty edition that includes it with DLC.

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Whoever (some kid name Jack?) wrote this must have been a kid or baby when MGS2 was released because people did in fact buy the MGS2 demo for $50, more than the author insinuated ($30-$40)."...many supporters have shot back saying that they gladly would have spent 30 or 40 dollars for the tanker chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2 if they had that opportunity..."

Those same $50 MSG2 demo disc buyers also got a free bonus game with the MGS2 demo called Zone of the Enders. It was well known by the industry back then, by retailers, those that were in the industry at the time, but jeez, I guess that was over a decade+ ago so I suppose this young parody author wouldn't know anything about that, which just ruins the joke. He may as well joke about other historical events without doing research.

Parody site or not (more obvious when you click Jack's name), that joke is a complete misfire due to ignorance of the time (2001) and the fact people I know in RL had no desire for Zone at all, but purchased ZOE just for MGS2 demo. MGS2 btw, was a technological marvel at the time as the PS2 was cutting edge at one point in time, believe it or not.

Kojima learned and confirmed the draw of Metal Gear Solid then and this selling a demo solo is the next logical step. I don't like it, but as a huge, huge fan, I'm going to get my mits on that disc one way or the other, playing it on the best hardware I can find day one...of course, if I can get that copy cheaper, I'll be very happy. I'm disappointed with this approach, so my excitement has been dulled...and yet, it's still Metal freakin' Gear, so I got to get it before the spoilers start poppin' up. Part of the enjoyment I get is the speculation and wonder after I complete these early pieces.

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Who didn't see this coming ?

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lmao p4rgaming, I love it when people get caught out by them.

Game Informer did say that people at KojiPro clocked the main mission in five minutes though. Considering you could do that with the MGS2 demo and I got a month of playtime out of that, I'm not massively worried.

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@Xaero_Gravity said:

Parody site mofo.

good, i was a sad panda when i read this.

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Parody article or not, its pretty despicable that Konami and Kojima are shipping this glorified demo for 40 dollars,

Will wait for The Phantom Pain

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Even if this is from a satire website, that'd be so typically Japanese. First, excrutiatingly prolonged and needless exposition, and then tutorial right after it.

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@Zaibach said:

Parody article or not, its pretty despicable that Konami and Kojima are shipping this glorified demo for 40 dollars,

Will wait for The Phantom Pain

Well $40 is the maximum, $20 is the minimum, depending on platform and purchase method.

Either way, I do see where you're coming from. It sounds shitty at face value. At the same time I don't know why people are so shocked. MGS games are short. Take out the cutscenes and you have a series of games that average 10 hours, a little more or less depending on the title. And that's a first play through. Subsequent plays are half that time, or less.

I'm not sure why people expected something more from the intro mission to an MGS title.

I agree that it's just best to wait for the full game though. Unfortunately I'm an impatient bastard with money to burn.

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Doesn't sound far off.

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How the hell am I going to find time to complete this?

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I still have a copy of the MGS 2 demo

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@lamprey263 said:

I believe it, MGS4 was like 75% cutscenes and 20% gameplay, and 5% install times.

MGS1 can be beaten in just over 1 hour. Had like 3+ hours of cutscenes.

MGS2= 1,5 hours. 5.5 hours of cutscenes.

MGS3= 1 hour 20 something minutes. 3-4 hours of cutscenes.

MGS4= 1,5 hours.. 9+ hours of cutscenes.

You do the math because I am way to lazy. Your welcome.

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Oh dear..

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They just could have released it in movie theaters. Perfectly fits into a 2-hour movie duration.

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Best troll thread on SW in a while.

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lol I actually believed it when reading the OP, until the comments. I will skip this, or wait until it is like <£10.

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crazy p4rgaming

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Would have been funny if true.

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13 minutes?

yeah right. it will be less than half that length at best.

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And people did not believe me months ago, when I said I played the near finalized version and I said it was about 2 hours with cutscenes.

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Charging for a glorifide demo is low. And I'm a big MGS fan and this is just poop of them.

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Well it lasts longer than me so I can't complain.

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@whiskeystrike: lol

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shut up and take my rations kojima

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I hate hoax/joke sites.