Looking forward, are you happy with the state of your preferred current/future gaming system?

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It's no secret, I'm a big Sony fan. But I'm also just a gamer. And I have to say, right now I'm super-amped. I feel really good about what's coming down the pipeline in terms of releases, both for the rest of this gen and heading into the next one. Here are a few things that are making me happy right now (Okay, more than a few; sorry for the overkill, fellas. Just know I could've added much more)--

Cyberpunk 2077. Looks freaking amazing. The E3 trailer may have shown little in terms of gameplay, but it still blew me away. Keanu was a great surprise, too.

Death Stranding. I love Kojima. I love weird sh_t. Need I say more?

No Man's Sky on PSVR. I've been dreaming of a VR edition of NMS since day one. To say I can't wait for this is a cosmic understatement.

...speaking of PSVR (I could list a bunch of upcoming titles on top of NMS, but I'll hold off), the PS5 will have support for it right out of the box, which means a huge upgrade in terms of performance. And Sony has patented wireless headset tech, as well as all kinds of other cutting edge VR stuff, including controllers, tracking, etc. They've mentioned working on haptic tech, eye-tracking, etc. as well. In other words, PSVR2 is coming at some point after the PS5 launch... (yeeeeeeee!)

Ghostwire Tokyo. The trailer was really creepy. Dripping with atmosphere. And I love Shinji as much as I love Kojima; and I love horror more than both of them. So this is a no-brainer for me.

DOOM Eternal. More demonic blood gutty metal goodness. Time to crank those headphones up. (and the difficulty setting ;))

Persona 5 Royal. Perhaps my GOTG is getting a huge upgrade, with new story and characters. Basically the P4G treatment, but this looks even bigger. Hell yeah.

FF7 Remake. I'm not a huge fan of the episodic format, but the game overall is looking great. Let's hope I can get into that new combat system...

FF8 Remastered. My favorite FF, remastered. I'm there.

Wasteland 3. Wasteland 2 was dope. Expecting this to be as well.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. I will indeed be sinking my teeth into this one. (bad joke)

Deathloop. Love Dishonored. This looks like that plus...weirdness. Love weirdness.

Elden Ring. From. Enough said.

The Outer Worlds. New Vegas is enough to ensure a day one buy from me.

The Last of Us 2. TLOU was my GOTG last time around (probably). Plus, I just need more Ellie in my life.

Dreams. PSVR. Walking through another person's adapted hallucination is both horrifying and highly intriguing.

.....and the PS5. Of course.

.....oh, and the Sega Genesis Mini!!!!!

Since you got through all that, here's a prize. Purple space cats.

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PC/PS4/Switch. I am so happy, I'm in Heaven but I'm in Heaven even more so with my gaming PC of course. But above all, I'm a gamer and gaming has always been my passion.

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Gaming's great, nothing to complain about.

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All good in the MS Win10 neighborhood. :P

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I’m happy at what my systems are offering

Xbox. Ps and google stadia

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@bluestars said:

I’m happy at what my systems are offering

Xbox. Ps and google stadia

I didn't think System Wars will ever get any Stadia gamers here. Interesting.

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Yes, PS5 will be, without a doubt, the best place to play next gen.

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PS4 and Switch gamer

I use my PS4 almost exclusively for Street Fighter V and it looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future. I'll definitely check out Samsho though.

Switch will be where my other gaming comes from

-Erdrick in Smash

-Super Mario Maker 2

-Luigi's Mansion 3

-a possible second dip with Dragon Quest XI

-Animal Crossing New Horizons

-Pokemon Sheild

-Breath of the Wild 2

I'm a happy camper

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For the moment, yes.

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Retro, PS4, Wii U, 3DS and PC gamer myself. And yes, aside from the fact that I don't see why Nintendo had to secretly use the Wii U as a beta test for the switch, I'm satisfied with my current hardware. PC is a refurbished HP Compaq 2600 SSF with a core I5, 8 GB ram, 2.5 TB storage capacity across 2 HDD's and a Nividia GT 1030 with 2GB DDR5.

And sure, I might build myself a new computer in the nest two to three years but it's not going to be much more powerful than what I have now. Something like an RX 280, Core I5 (I don't trust Ryzen after 2 failed builds,) 2 TB SSD and 16 GB DDR4 ram perhaps.

I Also might get interested in the switch, but it's gotta have close to 20 exclusives (Non Wii U ports). Currently I can see only see maybe... three, those being Pokemon Sword, Pokemon let's go Eevee, and maybe the Zelda, Breath of the Wild squeal. Also, Nintendo can't start making a new switch pro every two to three years as I can't afford to buy one that often, especially if Nintendo makes games that will only work with the newest pro models.

Not really interested in the Xbox scarlet or PS5, though if a decent PS4 becomes too costly to find and the PS5 is natively 100% backwards compatible with all of the PS4 games, I might consider buying it as a PS4 replacement.

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Ooh, purple space cats, thanks!

PC and Switch. Yeah, I'd say I am overall. Still want more from Nintendo, such as F-Zero, Paper Mario, Metroid and Pikmin though, but mostly I'm good.

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@davillain- said:
@bluestars said:

I’m happy at what my systems are offering

Xbox. Ps and google stadia

I didn't think System Wars will ever get any Stadia gamers here. Interesting.

We have our first official Stadia fanboy. What should we call him?

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Quite happy with my PS4. Will be making the switch (for some games) to PC soon tho. Will still have my PS4 (and next year, PS5) for the exclusives.

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Yes, absolutely. Xbox One has been my preferred platform this gen and I’ve been quite satisfied with it. While things can change Scarlet is shaping up to be my preferred system of choice next gen and so far I am liking what I’m seeing.

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I swear it seems last week everyone was trashing the state of gaming. Now it's all good I guess.

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PC, PS4, and Switch. Couldn't be more satisfied and plenty to look forward to.

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Stadia 4k60 hdr master race bitch

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@bluestars said:


Stadia 4k60 hdr master race bitch

Okay, cool. So, we've got cows, sheep, lemmings, hermits, and....Stadia 4k60 hdr master race bitch.

Fits perfectly. Very poetic.

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@bluestars: Hope you don't have a data cap, Stadia 4k master race bitch.

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Thank you google for the free 10.7 t-flop pc

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No fedor, this is the year 2019 not the 1800’s ya whoppa

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Yup, still happy with PC, and the fact that it actually has ALL genres represented.

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Yea, still happy with my PC and PS4 Pro. I have so many good games to play on them.

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PS4 has tons of games. PlayStation is the king of games. PS5 is going to be awesome and dominate next gen with another 100 Million sold.

It’s great to be a PlayStation fan.

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With gaming moving to agnosticism, I am a happy camper.

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@XVision84 said:

PC, PS4, and Switch. Couldn't be more satisfied and plenty to look forward to.

Same here. Totally satisfied what I have now as far as gaming goes. To bad MS doesn't have that passion for it's games.

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I'm happy with my Switch and PS4 overall, but not most Sony exclusives this gen. As far as PS5 goes I'll probably skip it because of that, and because of their new management direction.

Next gen I'll probably get a Scarlett or maybe just stream games with Stadia, and whatever Nintendo does.

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I'm a filthy hermit; love my high-end PC. I've dabbled with different consoles this generation while still gaming on PC and as of now it's just the PC & my Playstation 4 Pro. If the Switch ever announces an upgraded version I might bite but the Switch I did own in the past I gave it to my girl. If anything, rather wait and play them emulation style hehehe. Although Pokémon Sword & Shield may cause me to cave cause I love me some Pokémon...

Rest of the year they have some heavy hitting games I'm interested in. The Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3, Blair Witch, Conan Chop Chop, Ni No Kuni: Remastered, Modern Warfare, Breakpoint, & Death Stranding. I was hesitant of Death Stranding when I first saw the game last year but this last trailer was legit and that Decima engine? Might be the best looking console game this generation; dethroning Horizon: Zero Dawn in my opinion. I might hold off on Death Stranding until a PC version is announced or pick it up for the Playstation 5. Definitely going to be rocking the PC/Playstation 5 combo going into next generation.

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I will have the new Xbox, the new PS, and the Switch. I will have a nice gaming PC for MMOs. Yeah I can say I will be covered and happy!

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Of course I am. PC is the greatest!

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Not happy.

This gen, SONY has been turning every game into manstream pulp. Which is a bad trend.

Take GoW, for example. Past games were great, but on PS4 the game is painfully bland mainstream.

Or Gran Turismo; used to be hardcore, serious racing simulation, but this gen it was turned into mainstream arcade racer of zero content.

SONY is doing the same with every exclusive ip it owns. And I'm getting mighty tired of it. Time to switch camp methinks.

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Switch/XB1 X combo is perfect for me going forward...

Then I'll upgrade to the new rumoured Switch model, and eventually Xbox Scarlett (although maybe not at launch).

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Pretty nice post...

Um I guess...

Iv'e been gaming awhile now and there's always a lot of changes both sou outside and inside...

Internally I've made a lot of changes... tossed a lot of garbage that was sitting there even though I might of liked it once...

Basically just accounting for time and preferences... I'm not a collector I'm just interested in stuff that I like to play and keep itnerested.

I also got rid of some rarer stuff that maybe I could of at least sold for a decent change... but that markets changed a lot now so who knows

So I finally did something which was replace my long lost Sega Genesis... that said I don't have anyg ames for it now bea because I threw them all away...

I also replaced my PS1 since I still play those games sometimes and want to do so again...

In terms of recent systems I ditched my PS4 I couldn't handle the lack of releases and other things they're just not that interesting and it's not enough to prp propel a system at this point....

I'm thinking about reinvesting int he PS3... maybe getting a better one since I had a fat one that melted down....

My handhelds were virtually all a burden to me I got rid of all of them except the game boy advance for some reason I can't really pin down... I have the micro since my SP broke awhile back...

It's a bummer also because I have some DS and 3DS games sorta lying around with nothing to play them on.

There's also the Wii U which still sits in the prime home TV position... mainly because I wasn't sure to do about random stuff like Tokyo Mirage Sessions and a few Wii games I hadn't finsihed like

The last story.

I don't know, I give it all like a B-, I;m not really sure what I'md oing but I also feel strangely satisifed all the same.

I think my overall game and console game count is the lowest it's ever been... I used to have upwards of 100 games or so including old manuals/game boy etc...

That was the apex obviously I started low... now it's in a more manageable range anyway.

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@davillain-: Yeah their lineup is really thin. I've been having a good time with forza horizon though!

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@Litchie: a new Paper Mario would be great

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@xantufrog said:

@Litchie: a new Paper Mario would be great

Totes. Not any PM though. Wouldn't want something like that Sticker Star or Color Splash abominations. Give us The Thousand Year Door 2, please.

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I am happy with the most powerful console out now.

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@bluestars said:

I’m happy at what my systems are offering

Xbox. Ps and google stadia

Wow... I'm actually surprised. I honestly never thought I'd see an actual Stadia fan... Interesting.

@bluestars said:


Stadia 4k60 hdr master race bitch

Cool, but how about something shorter- Something like... "The all knowing"?

On a less serious note, how about... "Floppers"?

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@xantufrog said:

@Litchie: a new Paper Mario would be great

IN a simpler purer way that would basically be my answer as well .