List Your Unpopular Videogame Opinions

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I'll start off with a couple of my own.

1.) Uncharted 2 is better than The Last of Us

2.) Link to the Past is better than Ocarina of Time

3.) Sony 1st and 2nd party developers are vastly overrated

4.) The Half Life series, while good in some ways, is overrated

5.) The Dualshock 4 is no better than the Dualshock 3 and they both pale in comparison to both 360 and Xbox 1's controller

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I had a much better time with GTA4+expansions than GTAV.

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Remember Me = good

MGS2 = bad

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I think the Wii U is one of Nintendo's best consoles and might even end up being their best if they continue to support it as they have for 4-5 more years.

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I enjoyed Tomb Raider 2013 more than any of the uncharted games

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Uncharted 2 is NDs best game

enjoyment of playing games needs no standards

GTA5 was the best game I played last year

Halo still entertains me

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The ps4 has very little going for it.

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3DS is overrated. The games, for the most part, are fun and well designed, but nothing really special. Pretty much just moderate updates to established franchises.

PC gaming is a mixed bag. The advantages are overblown and having backwards compatible with 10 year old games isn't that exciting.

The Vita is far more feature rich and has more games than it ever gets credit for.

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X game is a masterpiece. Don't think I'll make that list.

Wii is a masterpiece too.

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@clyde46 said:

The ps4 has very little going for it.


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@clyde46 said:

The ps4 has very little going for it.

I agree with this right now, but I think hopefully that will change. Sony hasn't really done too much to impress me thus far. Infamous was good, but I wasn't inclined to go back and complete the good path.

With The Order being delayed until next year and nothing noteworthy on the system as of yet I'll be waiting a while before I pick up my Dualshock.

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1) Both the X1 and PS4 2014 releases look like a wasteland of mediocrity (yes, yes, I know about Watch Dogs). I hope E3 gives us something to look forward to.

2) The X1 should have stuck to it's guns when it came to the once a day check in and secondhand games blocking. I am a cow and believe Sony should have done the same but what choice did they have? Console games are way too expensive right now.

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10 years later I cant find a game with better MP then halo 2

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  • Cutscenes are a perfectly acceptable way for some games to tell their story
  • A Link to the Past is not the best Zelda game, nor would I put it in my top 5
  • Halo 4 is the best entry in the series
  • I really don't like stealth games
  • New Super Mario Bros U, while disregarded as just being another "NSMB" entry, is one of the best 2D Mario games.
  • I haven't been able to get into Super Mario World no matter how much I want to. I don't think it controls well and it just doesn't click with me.
  • Final Fantasy XII is an incredible game and my favorite entry in the series
  • I didn't have that much fun with Bayonetta or Vanquish, and I hated Mirror's Edge
  • Jak 2 is an awful game
  • A Link Between Worlds was a great game, but not Game of the Year material. It relies too heavily on being what A Link to the Past was rather than shape its own full identity. Enough stuff had changed with the game, and definitely for the better, but it felt a bit lazy/phoned in to me.
  • Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 were two of the best entries in the series, surpassed only by HeartGold & SoulSilver
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is my favorite game in the series.
  • Everything Platinum Games has put out has been incredibly underwhelming/not fun to play
  • Kingdom Hearts 2 is better than the original
  • The gameplay in Uncharted is a ton of fun and feels great, I've never understood people saying it's boring
  • Uncharted's set pieces are also exciting to play through and enjoyable to navigate
  • The Wii U is a great device. The gamepad feels nice, Miiverse is an incredible way to do a close-knit community and its integrations into Nintendo's games has been wonderful, and while the game library is lacking, what is there is solid and it'll be exciting to see if Nintendo attempts to fix any of their problems in the future at E3.
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- Most classic PC games from pre-2000 are shit.
- Dreamcast sucks. Saturn >
- Super Mario Sunshine is better than 64
- LoZ: Skyward Sword is my second favourite Zelda after Twilight Princess
- Dota 2 is better than 99% of games released today
- Most of Sony's first party games are uninteresting
- Final Fantasy V is the best game in the series

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Stealth games are not fun

Assassins Creed and Mass Effect are over-rated

GTA V is amazing

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  • zelda and mario games arent that fun (exception are the mario rpg games)
  • cod 4 is the best in the series and mw3 is better than mw2 or any treyarch games
  • battlefield series has boring mp
  • 99% of indie games arent innovative. 2d platformers/ puzzle games is nothing new
  • kotor 2 is better than kotor 1
  • ps3 was a better console than 360
  • no one should pay for online gaming especially since its p2p
  • handhelds suck....
  • halo is not that good of a franchise
  • gears is overrated
  • video games is not art, its entertainment
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1. Crysis isn't open-world. The boundaries are fairly close and not even that cleverly disguised. Same goes for the original Far Cry.

2. I have a dislike for "features" such as seeing outlines of enemies through walls or even the whole concept of a minimap. To me, this takes away the surprise factor which is important in a game. It reeks of newbie-ness. If I have the option to turn them off, then all is forgiven.

3. I hate rail sequences with a passion.

4. Much as I like the Uncharted games, they're flashes in the pan with little reason for me to replay them again. They're $20 games at best.

5. Flight Simulator X is the only real open-world game around. I can take off from an airport and head east. If I fly long enough, I'll eventually approach the airport from the west. All other so-called open-world games are just sandboxes of varying sizes.

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  • Mario games are overrated
  • LoZ Twlp, LoZ MM and LoZ SS are leagues better than the overrated LoZ OoT
  • TLOU is the best game of gen 7
  • The Elder Scrolls >>>>>>>>>>> Failout
  • GTAV is the best GTA game
  • Vanquish is one of the worst games I've ever played
  • Battlefield > CoD
  • Uncharted 3 > Uncharted 2
  • Big Boss > Solid Snake
  • WoW is not the best MMO ever
  • ND are the best devs
  • Bioshock Infinite was pretty horrible
  • Dark Souls 2 > Dark Souls > Demon Souls
  • FF12 is the best FF game since FF9
  • DMC (2013) is the best DMC game
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  • Halo series is horrible
  • Gears Of Wars got ruined after the original
  • Jade Empire is amazing
  • Resident Evil 4 is the best game in the series
  • Saints Row 1 was better than most gta games, also got ruined afterwards like gears.
  • Darksiders isn't as good as people say
  • Skyward Sword being one of the best zelda games ever
  • Metroid Prime is an average game at best, also not as good as previous entry
  • TTS is by far the best version of MGS
  • Left 4 Dead is terrible
  • Dead Rising series is mediocre
  • Metroid Other M is awesome
  • Heavenly Sword was great
  • 3D Dot Game Heroes one of the best games ever made.
  • DMC was great
  • Heavy Rain was enjoyable
  • Dead Island one of the best zombie games ever made
  • Velvet Assassin is criminally underrated
  • Batman Arkham series is a shallow game that gets loved because of the license, if any other game had the same mechanics it would be shredded.
  • Amnesia is horrible
  • MGS4 is one of the best MGS games if not the best
  • Alan Wake is awesome

Just a few, I could give out more examples.

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The Souls games suck

Sony's 1st party isn't good.

Gears of War Sucks.

DmC is the best Devil May Cry game

Skyrim is the best game from last gen.

Fallout 3>>>>>>>New Vegas

Crysis 1 is the worst game in the series.

Bioshock sucks and Infinite is waaaaaaaaay better

Wind Waker is one of the worst Zelda games.

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- OOT is overrated (ALTTP is the best Zelda)

- FF6 is not the best FF game

- FF8 was a good game

- Halo is a mediocre fps, always has been

- Nintendo should go third party

- Microsoft should get out of the console industry and focus back on PC gaming like it did in the 90's

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lol we can go on for day with this.

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The entire GTA series is boring and is only popular because it glorifies violence for little kids.

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@wolverine4262 said:

Remember Me = good

MGS2 = bad

that's in fact a popular opinion...

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asscreed series the most overrated series this gen ( well now past gen )

Stalker clear sky = best stalker game ( bugs aside )

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The Uncharted games are honestly ridiculously uninteresting. ND should stick to TLOU. Sony first party as a whole isn't very good. Yoshi's Island = best platformer ever. Super Mario 64 is terrible. DmC wasn't that bad. RE5 is a fantastic game and so was Revelations.

Maybe not unpopular but Sonic Generations is ballin as hell.

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1. Alan Wake was a great game.

2. The Dual Shock Controller simply sucks and I haven't been able to use it since the PS1 days before the Xbox "Duke" controller launched.

3. The MMO genre is a waste of time.

4. Gamers are their own worst enemy.

5. On-rail cinematic games are lame, and artificially increase the cost of AAA titles by diverting resources into myopic offshoots.

6. Most JRPG characters are ridiculous and can't be taken seriously. How many 12-year old, metrosexual, rainbow hair protagonists can you take?

7. FEAR 1 had the best gun-play of any FPS I have ever played.

8. Crysis 1 is overrated and hardly "open-world".

9. Nintendo makes the highest quality AAA titles

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King of Fighters is better than Street Fighter.

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Dark Souls 2 is the best of the franchise. By far the best and biggest pve and most diverse pvp.

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I feel the Xbox One is vastly superior to the PS4 in every way but screen resolution. Features, content, OS, games, controller, ect are all better IMHO on the One.

Mass Effect 2 is one of the very best games of all time. Top 10 at least.

Kinect has a ton of potential.

I think Nintendo should go third party for 3-5 years and then release a new Nintendo console developed and focused on the world today and where its going, not where its been.

I think the Playstation division will either become its own separate company from Sony or be sold to someone within 5 years.

I don't think VR headsets will take off in a significant way game wise. It'll make its mark, but be a niche at best.

I have zero interest in all hand-held games.

I have zero interest in gaming on a PC.

I don't think Grenade Launcher is near as insane as he often appears :)

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I like games that are generally panned by gamers.

Remember Me, Lolipop Chainsaw, Army of Two, Enslaved, and others like it I really enjoy.

I also enjoy most video game stories.

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Inversion had the best plot twist of last gen.

It's neither popular or unpopular, due to the fact that nobody played it. Yeah, I went there.

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  • Halo is crap
  • MGS is overrated
  • MMOs are shit
  • Most of Nintendo games are crappy and kiddy
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Tlou is boring. That's all I have for now

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Xbox >>> Playstation 2

Mass Effect 1 is the best in the series

Halo 4 >>> Halo Reach

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Now that Microsoft has played their hand with what they really want to do with the XBox as far as always-connected services and DRM tethered software licensing, we will probably see them bow out after this generation. There's nowhere for them to take that business from a revenue growth perspective and their ideas were publicly slaughtered on a global scale. It's over and no one wants to talk about it.

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The PS4 overrated as hell.

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Lollipop Chainsaw is one of the greatest games ever.

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1. The Last of Us was very meh.

2. Final Fantasy VIII is the best FF.

3. Tomb Raider 2013 is the best game I've played in several years.

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Uncharted 2 is one of the most over rated games ever
The entire gears franchise is drivel
Aside from some of the Kart games, I've never enjoyed any Mario title
Graphics really don't matter
Football manager is one of the greatest franchises in history. Yes, its better than the one you just suggested.

Probably lots and lots of others but can't be bothered to think of them right now.

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Sonic R is a great game

Naughty Dog sucks at everything other than storytelling

Halo multiplayer is WAY overrated

Right now the Vita> 3DS

Wii U exclusives > PS4 and XB1 exclusives COMBINED

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When people comment negatively on gameplay and then when asked they list a bunch of online FPSs as 'True gameplay', I disagree heavily without remorse or restriction.

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Duke Nukem Forever was a great game

Of the Final Fantasy's I'v played; 2,4,7,10,12 and 13...12 and 13 were the only ones that weren't bad games.

Halo is a mediocre series

The Dark Souls games are also mediocre.

As is Assassin's Creed

The Resident Evil games, prior to 4 were terrible.

I don't think Kaz Hirai is a god.

The Wii U isn't a bad system

I can't say for certain whether The Last Of Us deserved GOTY last year on Gamespot as I haven't played it yet.

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1. Half-Life 1 > Half-Life 2

2. Opposing Force > Half-Life > Blue Shift

3. I like Dynasty Warriors (although it is only unpopular in the west, it is a COD-popular milk cow in Japan, hence why they keep coming).

4. I liked Dynasty Warriors 6 and thought the new combat system had potential if they just fixed some major problems (different charge attacks depending on where you were in your normal chain attacks, not forced to constantly be in battle and never get hit ever to keep your move set, items and horses are shared between characters, etc.)

5. Skyrim > Morrowind (Morrowind is a decent RPG and has a much better world and lore, but Skyrim is a better game although with how different it is I consider it a different genre and spin off at this point).

6. Devil May Cry 1 > 3 + DmC: Devil May Cry is a decent game in its own right and better than DMC2.

7. Before gen 7, consoles > PC. With the introduction of DLC and focus on online play even other local co-op gen 7 was the worst than to ever happen for consoles and now PCs >>>>>>>> consoles in every way.

8. I'm uninterested in Nintendo games so I don't play them, but I also respect for what they've done for the industry and don't hate them or consider them 'kiddy crap'.

9. As long as the fans like it and willing support it I see nothing wrong with any level of milking.

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Halo: Reach is possibly the best Bungie Halo game.

Final Fantasy XII was very good

The Souls games are terrible rubbish

The X1 is far superior to the PS4 in terms of games

The older Resident Evil games are more enjoyable than RE4 in 2014.

Burnout Paradise was awful.

I don't care about VR at all.

Mario Kart is crap and has always been crap.

The story and characters in The Last of Us were super predictable and forgettable.

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@ladyblue said:

  • Gears Of Wars got ruined after the original

a lot of people agree on this especially those who've spend hundreds of hours playing the original. i was insanely disappointed with the sequel and completely lost faith in gears series after the third came out. one of my best online experiences on the 7th gen were in 06-07 in gears. Good memories

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A few more.

Skyrim is one of the very best RPGs of all time. IMHO top 5 ever.

Crackdown is one of the top 5 best open world games of all time.

Halo 3 is the best Halo ever.

Saint Row 1, story-wise, is by far the best Saints Row game.

Outside of ND and the dev who does God of War, I think the rest of Sony's first party devs are greatly overrated.

I cannot stand MMO's.

I honestly think all three companies will have a stellar E3, and the overall mood of gamers will be "How am I going to be able to afford all of this." I don't think anyone's E3 will bomb this year.

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Gameplay is the most important part of Gaming.