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You’ve been given the power to fast forward to the end of a development cycle for any one game to get a finished product.

Must be a game in development, doesn’t matter how far.

What game would u take with your “game genie “😁😆 powers?

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Hmm.. Dragon Age 4 and all its DLCs.

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Cyberpunk, obviously.

However, if we are including rumors as the potential for a game to be in development, then Half-Life 3.

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Phoenix Point

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Hard to go past Cyberpunk.

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Halo Infinite.

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Star Citizen of course, what an easy question

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I’d probably go with Halo Infinite.

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I would try and sell this power, cause i can wait.

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Elder Scrolls!

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@Ant_17 said:

I would try and sell this power, cause i can wait.

^ This sounds like the best option :D

The one I'm looking forward the most is the Disgaea Remake which releases in October, which is really close.

I guess if I had to use it myself I'd go with this:

@tryit said:

Star Citizen of course, what an easy question

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Parts 1-3 collection.

This game won’t be complete until 2030 so I would love to have it now.

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Either Final Fantasy VII Remake with all episodes or Shenmue 3

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TrashScam Citizen. Just end it already.

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Start citizen.

either it ends up being an absolutely awe inspiring game (online and off) which really pushes the technical boundaries to deliver a wonderful gameplay experience (not just the pretties). the galaxy is packed full of content. each planet is nearly an entire games worth of fun content in and of itself. it just ends up being one of those games where, once released, other devs and publishers sit back and think "well s%^t...back to the drawinf board. what we are making is complete crap compared to this". it ends up being the firefly, BSG and star trek (and babylon5..sure why not) of gaming.

or it ends up as fire in a trash can. either way i want to know!

also....i really really hope its the former. the AAA sector needs a severe and brutal kick in the backside.

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

Hard to go past Cyberpunk.

Yup. Or the Next Halo for me.