Letdown 3 LOL

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Looks like you can’t even party up with your friends for the multiplayer. What an absolute mess of a game. Even with all the extra development time (remember when multiplayer was promised to be released in 2016) they still could not implement an absolute bare minimum multiplayer feature.

4/10 hype

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Is this about Crackdown 3? Because I'm not clicking that and you sure as poo couldn't bother to mention said game in your OP.

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@freedomfreak: seems like your brain figured out what game I was talking about pretty dang quick.

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@pdogg93: All that could mean is that you can't have a private party while playing. Lots of multiplayer modes on XB1 do not support that.

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Stop beating a dead horse.

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Nothing says insecurity like creating thread after thread about a game you don't want on a system you don't own.