Last Gen Memorial thread XBOX/PS3/PC/Wii

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Easily my favorite gen, we had some quality games when you look back at it.

Nostalgia much? Picture some of your favorites i missed.

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PS3 had the best games overall.

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Probably the worst generation of all time.

That generation lead to

  • Games getting dumbed down and consolzied for what once great franchise were (Splinter cell conviction/blacklist, Crysis 2/3, Fear 2/3, Rainbow six vegas, Hitman absolution etc)
  • Oversatured of shitty modern millitary FPS
  • Games getting shorter for focus on MP
  • Bloom, Bloom, Grey and Bloom
  • Too many cover based Shooters
  • Unfinished games with overprieced DLC
  • Literally every mediocre game gotten 9/10 especially by IGN and there was the reason why they were called 9GN.
  • etc

this generation may not be that great but its major improvement over last generation.

In this gen, we got Doom that alone better than anything of last generation not named STALKER, Hitman back to its roots, Metro becoming more Stalker like non linear unlike previous linear games, System shock 3 is coming instead of bioshock, Resident Evil 7 is better than 4 5 and 6. etc.

however like every generation. last generation offer some masterpieces and highlights

STALKER SOC and COP were some of the best games and most immersive games i have ever played. Last gen bring Deus Ex back. HR was amazing game. Crysis and Metro were great games too and graphics king for its time.

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@stuff238 said:

PS3 had the best games overall.

Preference really both consoles had great games.

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I miss the good old Wii days. Still my favourite system ever.

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IDK aboot best gen ever. Sure, we had some great games for all consoles, but as big a Nintendo fan as I am the Wii was my least favorite Nintendo console ever. Not least fave console, just least fave Nintendo console. Some amazing gems were in there, but it's library had way too many garbage titles.

The 360 had some great games but it was probably, no, it was the shittiest hardware ever sold to the public and they knew it BEFORE the console went on sale, and, MS almost didn't come in last place for such a heinous crime against gamers. To this day, I find myself wondering when my X or my launchBone will kick the bucket just because no reason.

Also Sony tried to cram controllers down our throat that don't rumble, something Nintendo brought us in the mid 90's and literally EVERY controller from EVERY company since has had. Sure, they eventually brought out the DS3 but c'mon.

Then again, maybe I'm just a bitter old crank. The best selling game ever made was crafted during this gen, and is still selling like hotcakes today. Several of this gens best titles are IMO current gens best titles just in new packaging.

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@PCgameruk said:

Nostalgia much? Picture some of your favorites i missed.

I'd rather post a video. Max Payne 3 was so underappreciated.

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Was definitely a pretty awesome gen... a few games from that gen are still in my top 10 fav games (ie. Bioshock, Portal 2, Red Dead etc).

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The Xbox 360 was by far my favorite console of that generation and would make my list of Top 5 consoles of all time (which is the only modern console that I would put on that list). It's controller is the greatest of all time, it's online service was amazing and came at just the right time for me since I had just moved to a different city from all of my friends and Xbox Live gave me a great way to continue playing games with my friends on a regular basis, and I loved all of the arcade style games that would get released on Xbox Live Arcade every week with free demos to try them all.

The Wii is the most disappointing Nintendo console ever for me and this is the only generation ever where the Nintendo console is not my favorite of the generation. I still enjoyed it overall, but too many otherwise great games were ruined by forcing waggle controls where they were not needed (I'm especially looking at you Donkey Kong Country Returns).

The Playstation 3 is one of the worst consoles that I've ever owned. It was outclassed by the Xbox 360 in every single way and this is the console where Sony really started to go down that movie-game path which is something that I really hate.

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Yeah what an amazing gen, thanks for reminding me !

My favourite game of last gen has to be Company of Heroes 2. Never saw a game hated on so much that I loved so much.

I'm still playing this game well into this gen, along with tens of thousands of other people.

@ezekiel43 said:
@PCgameruk said:

Nostalgia much? Picture some of your favorites i missed.

I'd rather post a video. Max Payne 3 was so underappreciated.

Love it so much. I really hope it gets a sequel one day.

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A truly glorious gen.

The X360 joins SNES and PS2 in my favourite 3 consoles ever, I've played hundreds of great games on there and still have a backlog! Great pad, online console gaming with seamless invites/voice chat, XBLA games and achievements, what a huge leap forward for consoles.

PS3 was a bitter disappointment for me but Sony's first party studios pumped out a lot of quality to compensate. Ditto Wii, heaps of weaknesses (barring a small number of very specific situations, motion controls are worthless filth) but much first party quality helped.

On PC, Steam finally took away most of the crap with installing, patching, wrong drivers, glitchy sound, crashes, random errors, blah blah blah that was the world of PC gaming beforehand, a great step forward indeed. With Steam, PC games "just work" (more or less!)

This gen just feels like a shinier upgrade. I'm enjoying it, but it's less exciting and innovative I think.

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last gen and before was great. This gen has given mainstream birth of lootcrates, worthless DLC and aggressive DRM.

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Last gen was the best gen as far as diversity of games go.

There were masses of great sandbox games, for example, from Infamous to Prototype to Arkham games to Saint's Row stuff. Current gen has nothing like it.

Shooters too; Halos, Gears, Resistance, Killzone, Metro, masses of awesome and unique shooters. Nothing like that available on current gen.

Racing games by dozens too.

I love playing on PS4, but when I want to play something with depth, I fire up 360.

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@PCgameruk No Last Of Us? Granted I am only playing it now tho.

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@henrythefifth said:

Shooters too; Halos, Gears, Resistance, Killzone, Metro, masses of awesome and unique shooters. Nothing like that available on current gen.

Doom alone is better than any FPS of last gen. except Stalker.

last gen FPS were mostly COD clones with few good ones like Stalker, FEAR, crysis, metro but they were early last gen games.

Gears of war? ruined third person games by adding stupid high chest wall cover.

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It started off really good at first but became worse at the end. Last gen gave us day one dlc, drm, forced online multiplayer, online passes (which thank god they are dead now), first person shooters that try to copy Call Of Duty, and too many movie cut-scenes in games. Last gen really started each of those cancers that are in the 8th gen today. 6th gen in my opinion was the last good generation that didn't have any of those bullshit. I mean don't get me wrong there was a lot of awesome games released during the 7th gen that I liked and the graphics were a huge leap, but man did it also give us a lot of bad stuff that we have in current gaming today.

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I loved last gen. This gen bores me to death, but I haven't played Doom or Stalker so what do I know.

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I preferred the DC/PS2/GC/XB gen.

Just felt like I had more fun back then.

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@Gamerno6666 said:

@PCgameruk No Last Of Us? Granted I am only playing it now tho.

Well i was going off my head, like i said picture games i missed.

No picture?

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It's hard to believe that the PS3 is over 10 years old. I can remember reading about it in the magazines back when it still had the curved controller. I didn't get one until 2009 but I had a lot of good times with it. I was going to get a 360 back when GTA4 was still an exclusive but when it got ported to PS3 and with MGS4, I went with the PS3.

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Great gen for sure. Not as good as the one prior to it, but still great. Still picking up new games that I missed out on from time to time.

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Good times. 360 was awesome outside of RRoD. What the hell happened?

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Ive heard of a Skate 4 in the works......e3 maybe?