Is Wasteland 2 the real Fallout 3?

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Posted by uninspiredcup (25358 posts) 3 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Is Wasteland 2 the real Fallout 3? (5 votes)

Yes 100% no qeastion about it. It's not even a qeastion when you think about it. Of course it has, no need for a poll, this is factually based based specifically based on fact. 60%
No, Bethesda Fallout 3 is Fallout 3, due to being called Fallout 3 20%
Why did they rebrand it cif? 20%

Hello my friends. I wonder, if a game is tagged and licensed as something, should it automatically be considered the proper sequel due to the rights?

I ask this because, well. Even though Wasteland 2 isn't titled "fallout 3" it is being created by the people who made Fallout 1+2. And appears to be closer to these titles While Falllout 3 is a console shooter inspired by Oblivion.

Do we consider Wasteland 2 to be the proper Fallout 3 even tough, it isn't actually the license of Fallout or do we consider FPS console game proper Fallout 1+2 sequel?

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Stop with these topics. One in a blue moon is fine, but one every 2 days is over over kill.