is Tomb Raider:DE on ps4 worth it

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#1 Posted by hardyz200 (543 posts) -

I already own it on ps3, finished it and loved it. it id currently $30 on the psn store and im just wondering is there much difference and is it worth it.

Thanks much :)

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#2 Posted by uninspiredcup (25861 posts) -

No. Scam.

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#3 Posted by handssss (1907 posts) -

Only if you never played the other version (which is now free if you have ps+ and a ps3)

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it's still the same great game as the PS3 version with only enhanced visuals, really you should just be asking yourself whether you think enhanced visuals are worth the extra $30

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#5 Posted by JangoWuzHere (19032 posts) -

No, paying $30 for a visual upgrade of a one year old game upgrade would be crazy.

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#6 Posted by getyeryayasout (11536 posts) -

It's the same game, just better looking.

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#7 Posted by TheShensolidus (224 posts) -

This is all going to depend on how much you enjoyed the original release. If its a game you've said to yourself or know you wouldn't mind playing it again, then maybe the lower price point is enough to bite. The game does look noticeably better in areas. Smoother framerate, higher resolution models, higher native resolution, and better hair... its a cheap price at half off, but you just KNOW it'll be lower in a few months time.

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$30 on PSN for the PS4 copy? Never played it so for me this is a steal, DLing soon as I get home from work....

In fact ordering now so it's there when I get home...

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#9 Posted by blamix99 (2685 posts) -

if you love the game of course it's worth it, the PS4 version is better than the X1 version and PC

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#10 Posted by Salt_The_Fries (12477 posts) -

If you haven't played it - then yes, for this discounted price - very much so. But since you HAVE, then BIG FAT NO. And if you think about it, if you'd really strip it out of those numerous collectibles, there isn't that much of a game to begin with, even if I REALLY LIKED IT FOR WHAT IT WAS...

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#11 Posted by sukraj (27450 posts) -

looks very nice on the xbox one.

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I can't really answer for you since I didn't play Tomb Raider last gen. However, I can say that if you didn't play Tomb Raider last generation, absolutely get the game. I hadn't played it and loved the game, probably my favorite title this gen so far next to Infamous.

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#13 Posted by the330and419 (245 posts) -

I bought it a few weeks ago before these price drops (ughhhh), but so far its been pretty good. I haven't finished it yet cause I've been working like 50 hour weeks but im gonna try to get it done this Sunday. I would only buy it if you haven't played it before like me. I will say however though that the game looks fantastic on ps4 and im loving the 60 FPS. Its so smooth.