Is Titanfall a good substitute for games like BF and CoD?

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So hence the question is titanfall a good substitute for BF and CoD or does it fall behind such shooters. Your welcome to bring up any other shooters other than BF and CoD but please don't mention any ones that flopped..

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Yea for something like CoD but I still enjoyed BF4 more

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Nope. I played it for a few days during the beta and went right back to BF4. It got old too fast for me.

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COD yes. It's basically a very good call of duty mod. For BF4 no. If you like BF4 for what BF4 is Titanfall basically offers none of that.

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from what i know so far i think all 3 can co-exist.

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I would say COD yes but BF4 no

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Yes its a good game with flaws like the rest since it offers some unique but not really innovative from the rest

And for any sony fanboys hating on it you guys need a remainder that the game has much better reception than your more recent shooter

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I got it recently on sale and I cant believe how quickly I got bored of it. I'm at level 10 and have so little enthusiasm about going back for more.

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@CroidX said:

So hence the question is titanfall a good substitute for BF and CoD or does it fall behind such shooters. Your welcome to bring up any other shooters other than BF and CoD but please don't mention any ones that flopped..

No, imo TF is way too barebones and has an element of shooting bots that works against the competitive nature of those other two games. It doesn't have the cooperative nature of BF at all. It's just 6 vs. 6 humans with 40+ bots running around. It does have bots so even people not typically good at FPS can jump in and pick off some bots. It has far less weapons and modes as well. It has the novelty of the titans though, but it's not compelling enough for me. It also have a very lackluster online only "campaign" which was a joke (TF online SP is just MP cycling modes), which is a shame because a universe like TF could have been interesting.

In the end, I put in a few weeks and went back to other shooters. It's a fun game, but it feels like a $15 DLC or mod you would download for COD than an actual game for $60.

It seems to me that TF is trying to win over new fans, not really current FPS fans, but people that usually avoid them or don't play them much. The easy kills, less weapons, the barebones modes/'s like more appealing in an arcadey way. I have found a lot of TF's biggest fans aren't really big, hardcore competitive FPS players, which makes sense because they wouldn't have elevated standards gained by tons of FPS experience and competitive mindset. Is that good or bad? It depends on what you are looking for in a game.

You know what the problem is? TF came out of the oven WAY TOO Early, it was a neat concept and it's simply underdeveloped. I've played games a year early and I see where the devs want to go with the game. However, whatever the deal was with EA or Respawn or M$, it feels way too rushed. I expect a sequel to be much, much, much, much more well-rounded, satisfying, and feature rich. If not, there is always TF3.

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After playing it at a friends house I have to say it's pretty good. It's a good FPS on it's own merits not taking anything away from COD or BF4. The mech play is very good from that standpoint and the whole vertically gameplay is cool. So I think it adds a lot of new stuff to the fps genre.

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It's a COD killer, no doubt.. you get much more enjoyment from it then you do COD but as for BF4.. no. Nothing beats the size of those battles (except EA's servers of course).

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its similar to CoD, but BF4 is more realistic, which is why I like it the most.

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I played a little BF4 on PS3 back in December. Never got into COD, was more a L4D and Halo player. Titanfall has been the most online shooter I have played in a long time.

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Its the perfect substitute for CoD. They're essentially DLC's to each other if it makes any sense. Has nothing to do with BF tho

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I've never really been a Cod fan but I really enjoy Titanfall. It's fast furious action, ya there is bots but they just cut the titan re spawn time and give you xp. I used to be into unreal tournament and quake 3 arena so I like fast twitchy fps and Titanfall does it well. BF4 is a different animal it's realistic and conquest, when it works, is a spectacle. It's worth picking up

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Titanfall is fun that's all you need to know. I can't compare them because I don't play Battlefield or Call of Duty.

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Titanfall is way more fun to play than either of those games in my opinion.

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havent played cod ghost so i cant comment on that, but titanfall is a much better game than bf4. if you dont mind things like shooting people, moving, projectiles such as rockets and vehicle shells working and pretty much every single mechanic in the game being being decided by sheer randomness, u can consider bf4.

and bf4 is NOT realistic, its much further removed from reality than titanfall. im willing to bet we will have mech robots long before we have bullets and rockets that can completely defy the laws of physics and gravity, and MUUUUUCH longer before we have standard issue army wear that can protect a soldier from 6 consecutive sniper rifle bullets.

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In a way Titanfall is a substitute for COD, I mean the games have gone to shit since the West and Zampella incident at Activision, Titanfall is their new venture, the COD series has gone to shit without them and Titanfall is the COD creators' new game. As for Battlefield, I've long preferred Battlefield MP over COD MP, and probably will for a while to come.

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COD , yes . BF , no .